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Accelero Xtreme III

AMD / NVIDIA Graphics Card Cooler for Enthusiasts

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USD 119.95
USD 119.95
Overclocking in Virtual Silence - Is This New to You?
"Huge boost in GPU cooling..."

"A heck of an upgrade ..."

"Lower temperature and a significantly reduced noise level..."
Superior Cooling Perfomance
5 premium quality copper heatpipes and the award-winning MX-4 thermal compound (pre-applied) conduct heat from the GPU efficiently to the 84-fin aluminum heatsink, meanwhile, the three 92mm PWM fans create massive airflow to bring unparallelled cooling performance, even when higher performance is required under overclocking. HardwareLuxx tested the Accelero Xtreme III in which it reduced the GPU temperature on a Gigabyte GTX 670 by 27 degrees more than the stock cooler did.
Cooling Performance on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680
Accelero Xtreme III
(at 2,000 RPM)
Stock Cooler
(at 2,500 RPM)
69.9 °C
Low Noise
The Accelero Xtreme III cools very efficiently thanks to three ultra-quiet PWM fans.

Overclockers has shown us the Accelero Xtreme III is 32 dBA quieter compared to the stock cooler.

Thanks to the PWM control, the speed of all fans will adjust according to the temperature of the GPU and thus the noise level remains minimal as always. Click here to see how the PWM control settings can be changed according to your performance and noise preference.
Noise Level on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680
Accelero Xtreme III
(at 2,000 RPM)
0.4 Sone
Stock Cooler
(at 2,500 RPM)
3.7 Sone
Enhanced RAM and VR Cooling
The Accelero Xtreme III comes with 31 RAM and VR heatsinks to keep your RAM and VR at optimal temperatures. The thermal adhesive facilitates heat dissipation of RAMs and VRs and offers a strong and lasting bond.
RAM and VR Cooling Performance with Thermal Adhesive
Thermal Adhesive
Generic Thermal
Tape(thickness: 0.15mm)
It features a versatile and interchangeable mounting system with 31 RAM and VR coolers in different sizes and shapes to accommodate a wide range of graphics cards. Its compatibility with CrossFire and SLI is perfect for multi-VGA setups.
New Fan Controller
An improved fan controller and the use of additional filters guarantee a smooth operation with both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. Through software, the temperature-fan speed curve can be adjusted. No matter whether you are a hardcore-gamer or a silent enthusiast, you get the temperature and noise level exactly where you want it to be.
Max. Cooling Capacity
300 Watts

Heatpipes: Ø 6 mm x 5

Aluminum Fins x 84 (Thickness: 0.3 mm)
92 mm
Fan Speed:
900 - 2,000 RPM (Controlled by PWM) x 3 fans
Noise Level:
0.4 Sone @ 2,000 RPM
Current / Voltage (per fan):
0.12A / +12V DC
Power Consumption:
4.32 Watts
Size & Weight

AMD Radeon
R9 290(X), 270(X), R7 265, HD 8870, 7870(XT,GHz), 7850, 6970, 6950, 6870, 6850, 6790, 5870, 5850, 5830, 4890, 4870, 4850, 4830, 3870, 3850, 3690

GTX 980, 970, Titan(Black), 780(Ti), 770, 760(Ti) , 750(Ti), 680, 670, 660(Ti), 650(Ti,Ti boost), 580, 570, 560(Ti,SE), 550T i, 480, 460(SE), GTS 450, 250, 240(OEM), GT 740

The compatibility list is based on AMD and NVIDIA's reference board layout only. ARCTIC holds no responsibility for in compatibility on non standard cards. Please refer to for the height restriction drawing and the latest compatibility list.
Packaging & Box Content

Shipping Information
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The Accelero Xtreme III is a professional solution. A long radiator, three fans and the excellent thermal compound make it an all-in-one package. Perfect to reduce the temperature quietly and efficiently. We give him the Gold Cup Award.
We award ARCTIC the "Must Have" award. The Accelero Xtreme III cools the GPU with ease, further more it tames AMDs latest graphics card and gets a 20% increase in performance in terms of FPS. Overclocking up to 1150Mhz with a VR... [more]
The Accelero Xtreme III reaches a noise level of 50 dB(A) at 12 Volt and 36,5 dB(A) at 7 Volt - A significant difference to the stock cooler with 61 dB(A) at "Uber"-Mode and less performance in terms of FPS.
Accelero Xtreme III is significantly very efficient with its cooling performance. It ables to maintain the temperature below 50C at load. Adding the fact that this cooler is really quiet (it's virtually inaudible during low speed).... [more]
Accelero Xtreme III is a great cooler, with high efficiency and it runs very quietly. At this price point, this is a monster of this caliber.
PC Update
Accelero Xtreme III showed great results from the test. This is a powerful solution that can cool even the hottest video card down to a cool temperature. An impressing factor is that the high performance does not lead to higher noise... [more]
The Accelero Xtreme III and the Accelero Twin Turbo II are older coolers, who have earned a good name in the market by excellent cooling performance despite very low noise level. This is not the first time that these coolers are also... [more]
"Once there was a graphics card living happily with a factory cooler. One day, the owner found that the graphics card wasn't cool enough. It wasn't too hot, but not cool enough. So the owner started to look around for a new... [more]
"20% increase in performance"
"The ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme III is a very powerful VGA cooler, which cooled our video card almost as well as the best performance cooler that we have tested so far.(74C to 36C)."
"ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme III is a significantly improved solution, dropping temperatures by a whopping 15c and reducing noise emissions a little further."
In favor of Accelero Xtreme III speaks the vast majority of cards on the market.The cooler is well made, everything fits perfectly. The Accelero Xtreme III is awarded as the powerful universal cooler graphics cards on the market (lowers the... [more]
"ARCTIC hits a home run with its Accelero Xtreme"
The results of the ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme III are more than excellent. The cooler is extremely quiet and powerful.
"If you want to improve on heat dissipation and overclocking potential of a graphics card, then the Accelero Xtreme III is the ideal solution, having wide range of compatibility, and lower emission levels."
Bits and Chips
"I must say that both the cooling system, Sapphire HD 7870 GHz Edition, and the MSI N670 PE 2GD5/OC, are quite serious contenders. In contrast to the reference solutions chipmakers, which also contain quite extensive packages... [more]
"Accelero Xtreme III is undoubtedly a high quality product that is designed for computer enthusiasts, who want to increase the comfort in gaming by reducing both the noise and GPU temperature, thus... [more]
PC Foster
Computer Power User
"Blew the numbers out of the water"
"Without a doubt, this cooler is as good as it gets for an air cooler. There is no other way to get this kind of cooling at the price of US $119.95. While this may seems steep, a high-end water loop will cost several times this amount... [more]
Flying Suicide
"Accelero Xtreme III has great compatibility with many cards, about 98% of the market such as ATI and NVIDIA, as well as being compatible in SLI and CrossFire. In our tests we used a high end graphics card GTX580 series. The difference... [more]
Profesional Review
"The product of the ARCTIC is on the market at about 65 euro, and offers in exchange an exceptional performance, beautiful design with excellent quality materials. The differences with the stock cooler are considerable, both for... [more]
The Overclock Hole
"Low noise level and simple installation, AX III is one of the best coolers we tested so far!"
Clube do Hardware
"Made for silence and performance"
"With simple installation, the Accelero Xtreme III can significantly cool down your graphics card by 34C in complete silence, this is very suitable for overclockers or people who seek for a quiet solution."
"ARCTIC has not only improved the best VGA cooler on the market, but has also presented an even more efficient one (Accelero Xtreme III). Justified by the performance and its first grade built quality, the Accelero Xtreme III is worth for... [more]
HW Master
"Accelero Xtreme III is a spectacular full speed fan 244-watt processor could not even get warmed up to 60 degrees!"
Zhelezo (IRON)
"The Accelero Xtreme operates both quietly and coolly. Its fan headers plug right into the graphics card for convenience and control, and the combination effectively brings down temperatures even in the face of aggressive... [more]
Tom's Hardware
Real World Labs
"One of the best aftermarket solution"
"Accelero Xtreme III is much better with 10 degrees lower than the Twin Frozr. Its noise performance ratio is better than all the other cooling systems we tested so far."<br /><br />"We even want to install... [more]
59 Hardware
"ARCTIC has once again proved itself creates high-end VGA coolers. Modified Club 3D cooler had no chance against this cooler in both cooling and noise aspect... [more]
"The cooling system ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme III demonstrates exceptional performance far exceeding even when stuffed with leading manufacturers non-reference coolers. In this Accelero Xtreme III is very silent, betraying their presence,... [more]
"Impressive compatibility, with unlimited cooling performance and quiet operation. A cooler without comparison! Accelero Xtreme III comes bundled with everything you ever need to completely cover your graphics card with heatsinks. Top... [more]
"The best performance cooler we have tested"
"The Accelero Xtreme III gives a huge boost in GPU cooling, as well as giving you some peace and quiet. "
"The Accelero Xtreme III is very powerful as well as being silent, we even look twice to see if the fans are really running that silence"
"Accelero Xtreme III offers performance at the very top of the air cooling solutions, while keeping a silent operation the Swiss manufacturer has accustomed us with"
Inside Hardware
"ARCTIC has once again proved itself creates high-end VGA coolers. Club 3D cooler had no chance against Accelero Xtreme III in both cooling and noise... [more]
"Demonstrates exceptional performance"
Cool effectively at low noise level with up to 27C cooler than the reference cooler, widely compatible with many latest graphic cards.
Hardware Luxx
An excellent cooler offers high performance at low volume with high compatibility and easy installation.
Radeon 3D
"As expected, the ARCTIC Accelero Xtreme III achieved desirable temperatures by reducing almost 25 degrees in full load( 73C to 49C)."
"Accelero Xtreme III is made for silence and performance enthusiasts. ARCTIC should be commended for the improvement of several well-known shortcomings of previous views"
"Dropping temperatures by a whopping 15C"
"Accelero Xtreme III is one of the best aftermarket cooling solutions,and its silent."

"Throughout testing I found myself looking at our test... [more]
Real World Labs
On FurMark, GPU temperature: AXIII 64C vs. TFIV 69C;
On BF3, GPU temperature: AXIII 48C vs. TFIV 54C

Acclero Xtreme III... [more]
Tom's Hardware Guide
"The Accelero Xtreme operates both quietly and coolly. Its fan headers plug right into the graphics card for convenience and control, and the combination effectively brings down temperatures even in the face of aggressive... [more]
"The Accelero Xtreme III blew the numbers out of the water, idling at 30 C and peaking at 51 C. Noise output remained effectively low."
Computer Power User
"A cooler without comparison!"

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VRM and Ram Cooling on AMD R9-290(X)

All necessary heatsinks are included with the Accelero Xtreme III. Assure that the heatsinks are not colliding with the mounting clip.

Fan speed irregularities on Nvidia graphics cards

Nvidia graphics cards with their latest drivers may be misinterpreting the fan speed of our coolers and thus the reporting through software is wrong. Further Nvidia is no longer controlling the fan speed depending on PWM values based on the GPU temperature. E.g. if you set 30% PWM, Nvidia translates it into 1050 RPM. Independent whether you run a 40 mm (10,000 RPM max) or a 140 mm (1,500 RPM max) fan and independent of their maximum fan speeds, Nvidia will drive both at exactly 1050 RPM.

Nvidia's inability interpreting the fan speed signal might make the graphics card's controller spin the fan up and down. AMD boards control the fan speed consequently according to the GPU temperature and thus this cannot happen. With a fan controller software like Precision X this issue is controllable in the best way. There is to be aware that the percentages are not corresponding to PWM values but to fix fan speeds set by Nvidia. We recommend you to follow our suggested control curve precisely.

Compatibility with AMD R9-280(X), 7970 and 7950

The Accelero Xtreme III is compatible to the above mentioned boards if the GPU was manufactured after February 2013. Please put a ruler on top of the GPU and check whether there is a gap between the ruler and the GPU. If there is a gap, the GPU was manufactured before February 2013. In this case please use the Accelero Xtreme IV-280(X).

How to unplug the PCI-E power connector?

Pin assignments of ARCTIC VGA coolers

Main Cable Set
Pin No.
RPM Signal
PWM Signal

Sub-Cable Set
Pin No.
RPM Signal

Note: Please assure that the pin assignment is identical to the cooler on your graphics card. We have this far no knowledge of any graphics card manufacturer not following this standard. If it should still be the case, you can with help of a needle remove the pins from the plug and rearrange them.

How to use the 4-pin adapter?

Under what conditions do you need a 4-pin adapter?

Your graphics card

1. is using a non-standard cooler socket (e.g. 5-pin, flipped polarity) or
2. is using a passive cooler as the stock cooler

How to connect the 4-pin adapter?

The differences between 7V and 12V socket*

7V: Moderate fan speed. It gives the best balance between cooling performance and noise level. It is recommended for normal usage.
12V: Full fan speed depending on the fan design. It gives the best cooling performance and it is recommended for high duty usage.

*The fan speed is fixed regardless of the GPU's condition.


1. Ensure your PSU has spare power source and plug in the 4-pin adapter.

2. Connect your ARCTIC graphics card cooler's power plug to the preferred socket.

Please note: Make sure the connector is plugged into the corresponding socket (i.e. A 3-pin plug should be connected to a 3-pin socket and a 4-pin plug should be connected to a 4-pin socket). If the plug is connected to the wrong socket, the motor will burn immediately due to incorrect polarity.


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