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Alpine 11 Rev.2

Intel CPU Cooler for Quietness

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USD 10.99
USD 10.99
The Alpine 11 Makes Your Office or Home PC Quiet
Are you suffering from increasing noise of your dusty and ageing stock cooler?
Or are you a system builder who needs a price competitive yet quiet cooler for mainstream PCs?
The Alpine 11 is your choice - quiet, efficient and quickly installed!
Excellent Cooling Perfomance
With 95 Watts the maximum cooling capacity of the Alpine 11 is sufficient even for highend CPUs. The 92 mm PWM fan and an optimized heatsink let the Alpine 11 outperform the Intel stock cooler in regards to its cooling performance and noise level.
Cooling Performance at Intel Core i5-2500K
Alpine 11 Rev.2 (at 2,000 RPM)
51.3 °C*
Boxed Cooler (at 3,000 RPM)
54 °C*
Ambient temperature: 25 °C | *Heat spreader temperature
Ultra Quiet
The combination of a low noise impeller and the patented fan holder makes the Alpine 11 virtually silent even at full fan speed.

Thanks to the PWM control, the speed of both fans adjusts according to the temperature of the CPU and thus the noise level remains at an absolute minimum which qualifies it as a silent cooler. Click here to see how the PWM control settings can be changed according to your performance and noise preference.
Noise Level at Intel Core i5-2500K
Alpine 11 Rev.2 (at 2,000 RPM)
0.4 Sone
Boxed Cooler (at 3,000 RPM)
2 Sone
Wide compatibility
Easy Installation
The Alpine 11 supports a wide range of Intel CPUs. Its simple mounting system is designed to fit most of the current CPU platforms which makes this air cooler to have a broad usability.

Alpine 11 is compatible with Intel's socket 1150, 1155,1156 and 775.
The unique mounting system via push pins offers excellent stability and is applicable within a few minutes. The pre-applied ARCTIC MX-2 thermal compound makes the installation a quick and clean process.
Intel Socket:
1155, 1156, 775
Max. Cooling Performance:
95 Watts

Aluminum Extrusion


92 mm
Fan Speed:
900 - 2,000 RPM (Controlled by PWM)
36 CFM / 62 m³/h
Noise Level:
0.4 Sone @ 2,000 RPM
Current / Voltage (per fan)
0.16 A / 12 V
Power Consumption:
1.8 Watts
Size & Weight

101 (L) x 97 (W) x 84 (H) mm
Net Weight:
370 g

105 (L) x 110 (W) x 101 (H) mm
Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
500 g


The PC is reporting a low fan speed during booting.

Your PC may send you a CPU Fan Speed warning when starting the PC if the fan speed is lower than the default minimum value. If you do not wish to receive this warning in the future, you may enter the BIOS to reset the minimum value or disable the function completely.

As shown in the example below, you can adjust the settings under Power -> CPU Fan Speed warning. By setting the value to 800 RPM, you should avoid any warnings of this kind in the future.



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