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Breeze Color

USB Desktop Fan

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USD 16.99
USD 16.99

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USD 16.99
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Black Blue Red Purple Grey White
Bring Farbe auf deinen Schreibtisch - mit dem ARCTIC Breeze Farbedition ist für jeden das Passende dabei. Egal ob lila, blau, rot, silber, schwarz oder weiß, mit diesem USB Ventilator verschaffst du jedem Raum den extra Farb-Kick. Auch unterwegs sorgt der ARCTIC Breeze für eine frische Brise. Der ideale Begleiter für warme Sommertage.
Überall genießen
Das 1,8 m lange Kabel macht das Aufstellen des ARCTIC Breeze überall problemlos möglich. Zuhause oder bei der Arbeit, der ARCTIC Breeze ist ein praktisches Accessoire für jeden Schreibtisch.
Regulierbare Ventilator Geschwindigkeit
Die Geschwindigkeit des Ventilators kann mit dem Drehknopf am Fuß reguliert werden. Der Breeze funktioniert mit jedem USB Anschluss, egal ob am Computer, Laptop oder USB-Ladegerät.
Flexibler Hals
Der flexible Hals dieses USB Ventilators kann nach Wunsch bequem in jede beliebige Richtung gebogen werden.
Stabiler Stahlfuß
Mithilfe des Stahlfußes steht der ARCTIC Breeze auf allen Flächen stabil. Dank der zusätzlichen Gummi-Pads rutscht der Breeze nicht weg und hinterlässt keine Kratzspuren, selbst bei empfindlichen Oberflächen.
Size & Weight

92 mm
Fan Speed:
800 - 1,800 RPM
Voltage / Current:
5V / 0.2A
Power Cable:
Ÿ1.8m USB power cable

Shipping Information
Item Number:
Silver: ABACO-BZP0301-BL

Black: 87276700717-8
White: 87276700718-5
Purple: 87276700720-8
Blue: 87276700721-5
Silver: 87276700575-4

BCC Hardware
"Quiet at any Speed"
"The ARCTIC Breeze surprised me in several areas. It's quiet at any speed and looks great. Not only that, but it actually moves a decent amount of air that is noticeable and helps keep you cool when sitting at your desk."
Cool down in the hot summer days with the ARCTIC Breeze. Always on your side, while surfing the internet or gaming. Due to its flexible neck it can be adjusted at any position. Thanks to the rubber pads it leaves no scratch marks. The big... [more]
We were very pleased with the performance of the ARCTIC Breeze Color. The USB desktop fan is very quiet and cools you down well at the same time. Because of the anti-slip rubber pads it standing stable anywhere. We give the Breeze Color the... [more]
Rasta Breeze is great product for everyone who is looking for a refreshment on their desktop for a reasonable price. There are many different color styles of this product, one more convenient for corporate office, other with more cool... [more]
HD Televizija
ARCTIC is well-known for their PC cooling solutions, but this time, the company don’t want to cool down your hardware, rather then a user itself. Arctic Breeze Color Edition is a colorful and easy to use solution for those of you, who... [more]
The ARCTIC Breeze Color is a great USB fan and simple to handle. You can easily rotate the neck in all directions and regulate the fan speed. The perfect breeze for hot summer days!
Eeriness (eSport)
The ARCTIC Breeze guarantees a great refreshment on hot summer days. Easily connected to your laptop, PC or tablet, the fan provides a cool breeze for a reasonable price. The colorful design and the silent speed control make the fan a real... [more]
I´ve never seen something like this and the Breeze is really good to create an air blow. Well suited for gamer, so the fingers don´t sweat.
Elektronik Test
"ARCTIC has created one of the best USB accessories and they have done it with the ARCTIC Breeze."
Real World Labs
"We tested the ARCTIC Breeze and were pleasantly surprised by the almost imperceptible noise level and great airflow."
"After using the Breeze for about a week at my desk I can definitely say that this has kept me much cooler, and hardly produced any noise on high speed."<br /><br />"Compared to the Thermaltake Mobile Fan 12,... [more]
"If you work around computers, have a power hungry computer, a stuffy room or just want to keep cool for when hot weather might arrive then the ARCTIC Breeze USB desktop fan is an awesome buy." "I found the Breeze is not... [more]
Love how you can power the fan even though the computer is in sleep mode!
"At a distance of about 55cm and at low RPM, the ARCTIC Breeze generates a good airflow and it really does its job. This is especially useful during long period of time sitting in front of the computer."<br /><br... [more]
You will get a fresh Breeze with the new edition of the ARCTIC Breeze.

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