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Hard Drive Silencer

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USD 9.99
USD 9.99
"Excellent Performance, Easy Installation, Low Price, Nice Design..."
"Excellent results in terms of silence and vibration absorption..."
"Quiet, temperature controlled cooling fan..."
Enhanced Airflow, Efficient Cooling
Temperature Control
Vibration Absorption
The HC01-TC is an excellent cooling solution to prevent your 3.5" hard drive from overheating, and thus extends its durability. "The remarkable performance allows you to reduce the temperature significantly", said
Cooling Performance
35 °C
Senza cooler
48 °C
Ambient temperature: 24 °C. Stress test with IO Perf.
Data Source:
Temperature control technology is used to ensure your hard drive works under optimal temperature and remains as quiet as it should be (as low as 0.1 Sone). Meanwhile, it protects the data in your HDD against damage or loss due to overheating.
You can hear the difference! With foams to eliminate vibrations caused by the hard drive during daily operation, the buzzing noise is greatly reduced.


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