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Hard Drive Silencer

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USD 15.99
USD 15.99
"Excellent Performance, Easy Installation, Low Price, Nice Design..."
"Excellent results in terms of silence and vibration absorption..."
"Quiet, temperature controlled cooling fan..."
Enhanced Airflow, Efficient Cooling
Temperature Control
Vibration Absorption
The HC01-TC is an excellent cooling solution to prevent your 3.5" hard drive from overheating, and thus extends its durability. "The remarkable performance allows you to reduce the temperature significantly", said
Cooling Performance
35 °C
Senza cooler
48 °C
Ambient temperature: 24 °C. Stress test with IO Perf.
Data Source:
Temperature control technology is used to ensure your hard drive works under optimal temperature and remains as quiet as it should be (as low as 0.1 Sone). Meanwhile, it protects the data in your HDD against damage or loss due to overheating.
You can hear the difference! With foams to eliminate vibrations caused by the hard drive during daily operation, the buzzing noise is greatly reduced.
Product Information

40 mm
Fan Speed:
1,600 – 4,000 RPM (Temperature Controlled)
HDD Case Material:
5.25" Standard Device Bay
3.5" SATA Hard Drive x 1
Size & Weight

186 (L) x 145 (W) x 43 (H) mm
508 g
Packaging & Box Content

200 (L) x 155 (W) x 45 (H) mm

Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
580 g
Xtreme Hardware
"A product with excellent ratio between performance and price"
"ARCTIC has again introduced a product with excellent ratio between performance and price.The layout is nice and most importantly the fan is quiet. If you have any temperature problems with your hard drive, then this is the product for you."
"HC01-TC is an affordable way to add some extra cooling and silence to a component that doesn't get enough attention in this area. The HC01-TC did help to reduce vibrational noise from my hard drive and also managed to shed a few... [more]
Dreamware Computer
"Our tests clearly show that the sink is effective in reducing the emitting temperature. The price is affordable, thus we highly recommend this product."
Info Hardware
ARCTIC HC 01-TC has good design, since the thermal regulation works just fine so the fan is not noisy at all. Further, it is able to dampen vibrations thanks to its soft pads. Vibrations will not be transferred to the chassis itself. The... [more]
"The HC01-TC keeps our notebook temperature up to 46 C, which is an acceptable result. This is actually good for Pro-users, which you can control the fan speed via power cable. For people who is necessary to have a notebook cooler,... [more]
ARCTIC's HC 01-TC does its job as it promised. It is able to reduce the hard drive temperature from 45°C to 37°C. The metal chassis with sound absorption foam allowed the hard drive to run virtually silent during operation.
"Speaking of fan and airflow, ARCTIC HC01-TC did a great job at it. There are openings at the front of the case for good amount of air to come in and fan in the back does a great job taking hot air out. This is great air circulation... [more]
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