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Dual USB Car Charger

2 Ports In-car Charger for USB Devices

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USD 12.90
USD 12.90
It is very annoying when your USB gadgets run out of battery while you are on the roads. Need not to wait until you reach your destination, you can charge the gadgets while you drive with ARCTIC's Dual USB Car Charger!
Always Have Two USB Devices Powered
You no longer have to decide whether to charge your Smartphone or another USB device first. Just simply plug them both in the two USB ports of this in-car charger and charge them at the same time!
Allows Fast-Charge of Apple's iPad and iPhone
Works With Any USB Powered Device
This in-car charger supports fast charge on iPads and iPhones. The less time you spend on charging these USB devices, the more time you can enjoy them.
We have tested it on smartphones from Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Motorola, Nokia Lumia, RIM Blackberry, Sony Xperia, LG, Zune and Cowon. Besides it charges any kind of USB powered device up to 2.1A.
Space-Saving Design
Worry-free Charging Experience
In contrast to bulky in-car chargers in the market, this in-car charger is designed to be just-fit and occupy a minimum of space. While a large protrusion on the cigarette lighter port could be annoying, with this in-car charger you definitely will not have such issue!
Thanks to its short circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection, you can rely on this in-car charger to charge all your USB devices worry-free.
Size & Weight

45 L x 25 W x 25 H mm
Net Weight:
14 g
Output and Input
Output (Voltage, Current):
DC 5V, 2.1A (Port 1)
DC 5V, 1.0A (Port 2)
Input (Voltage, Current):
DC 12 V, 1 A

155 L x 46 W x 166 H mm
Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
150 g

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