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Freezer i11

Compact Performance CPU Cooler

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USD 39.99
USD 39.99
Improved where it counts
Based on the Freezer 7 Pro, the Freezer i11 has been improved airflow, cooling performance, noise level and transport-proofness. Whether you are an expert at installing electronics or this is your first time; the Freezer i11 is just a few minutes away from being installed.

Cooling Performance & Noise Level on Intel Core i7 4930K (Full load)
Freezer i11
40.3 °C*
(2,000 RPM)
0.3 Sone
Freezer 7
51.55 °C*
PRO Rev.2
(2,200 RPM)
0.5 Sone
75.2 °C*
boxed cooler
(3,000 RPM)
2.0 Sone
* Maximum CPU core tempertaure = 95 °C
Airflow Reinvented
Fluidic analysis and long testing hours allowed us to push the fan efficiency boundary further. This is leading to greater airflow and cooling at lower noise level; which not only mutilates the stock cooler performance but also leaves our Freezer 7 Pro far behind
Importer Airflow
Virtually Silent
PWM control and efficient cooling allow a very low fan speed and thus a silent cooler without the worry of an overheating CPU. Rubber spacers between fan and heatsink eliminate any rattle or vibration sound
Incorporating a functional, secure backplate to the installation allows this cooler to be one of the safest. Whether you need to move your PC around or leave it in one place, you can rest your mind knowing that the Freezer i11 will always be safely attached to your CPU.
Multi-directional mounting
Extremely versatile to fulfil your preference on the airflow pattern within the PC case, you can mount the Freezer i11 in any way you want to get the exact airflow you need.
Intel Socket:
1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 2011, 2011-3
Max. Cooling Capacity:
150 Watts
Recommended for TDP up to:
130 Watts

Direct Touch heatpipe Ø 6 mm x 3 (double-sided)
Aluminum fins x 45 (Thickness: 0.4 mm)
Bearing of Freezer i11
92 mm
Fan Speed:
500 - 2,000 RPM (Controlled by PWM)
74 CFM / 125.7 m³/h
Noise Level:
0.3 Sone
Current / Voltage:
0.16 A / +12V DC
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Game and Tech/Modding
"High level of silence"
The nice presentation of the ARCTIC Freezer i11 comes together with a high level of silence and an easy installation process.
Through its numerous aluminum fins, the Freezer A11 provides much surface to emit the waste heat from the CPU which is absorbed by the three copper heatpipes. The fan can be controlled via PWM and does its duties quietly.

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