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Home Charger 4500

Charge 4 USB Devices at Once

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USD 24.95
USD 24.95

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USD 24.95

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Even More Power
With the Home Charger 4500 you can fast charge four of your USB devices at the same time. With four ports, all up to 2,900mA (combined 4,500mA), and the support of USB 3.1 your devices are fit for service in a blink.
Charge Your Devices Fast

The two black ports are able to fast charge Smartphones of every major manufacturer (Apple, Nokia, LG, Huawei, Blackberry, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HTC, Lenovo). The configuration of the orange ports enables fast charge of Apple's iPad and iPhone. Older devices can possibly be charged only at the black ones.*

*The Home Charger 4500 does charge Samsung tablets only in slow mode. Despite some Galaxy Tabs and Notes may show "not charging", they get charged in slow mode when switched off.

LED Lights
Every port has its own LED light that shows you if a device is being charged and how fast. Another LED signaling the function of the charger and if a total load of 4A is exceeded.
More Than Enough Power
With a total output of 4500mA, you can fast charge a combination of four Smartphones and tablets without overloading the Home Charger 4500. 86% efficiency does not just save you electricity cost; it also keeps the adapter's temperature low and makes it live longer.
Future-proof with USB 3.1
The Home Charger 4500 supports USB 3.1 (USB Power Delivery Profile 1). That ensures that your Smartphone or tablet of tomorrow is able to be charged with maximum speed.
Worry-free Charging
Thanks to its thermal, short circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection, you can rely on this wall USB charger to charge all your USB gadgets worry-free.
Size & Weight

EU Plug

US Plug

UK Plug

Charger Specification
AC 110-240V 50/60Hz
Output :
DC 5V, up to 2,900mA per Port, combined 4,500mA
All USB devices including Samsung Galaxy Smartphones
The Home Charger 4500 charges Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Note, Hyundai T7S, LG Optimus 7 and Odys Xelio only with <1A . Samsung Galaxy Tab and Samsung Galaxy Note are not showing that the device is charging
EU Plug
UK Plug
US Plug


EU Plug - 71(H) x 55 (W) x 80 (L)
US Plug - 55(H) x 52(W) x 80(L)
UK Plus - 106(H) x 57(w) x 156(L)
Shipping Information
Item Number:
EU Plug - APWCH-AC029-GBA01
US Plug - APWCH-AC030-GBA01
UK Plug - APWCH-AC031-GBA01
EU Plug - 0872767006928
US Plug - 0872767006911
UK Plug - 872767006898
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Technical Support / FAQ

What do the LED mean on my Home Charger 4500?read

Center LED

The center LED will light on when the device is plugged in the wall socket and it is receiving input voltage. When the Home Charger 4500 is delivering a total output of more than 4000mA, the center LED will start to blink as indication that you are nearing the maximum output.

Indivivual port LED

Each of the 4 ports got its own indication LED, it will follow the below pattern.

  • Slow Flashing :Charging output below 1000mA.
  • LED On :Charging output between 1000mA and 2000mA.
  • Fast Flashing :Charging output above 2000mA.
  • No LED :No devices plugged in or charge completed.


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