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P253 BT

Entry Level Bluetooth Headset for Sports

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Regular Price: USD 19.99

Special Price: USD 15.99

Regular Price: USD 19.99

Special Price: USD 15.99

The P253 BT wirelessly connects to your phone. Answer phone calls and listen to your music on the go.
Wireless Headset for Active Lifestyle
Immerse yourself in the well balanced sound of P253 BT without any wires. Equipped with the Bluetooth technology, Wireless music streaming becomes easy and accessible no matter what you do.
Built-in Microphone
Easy Access
Bring Your Music Everywhere
Make yourself completely hands free and enjoy music, movies, and even carry on phone conversations with the built-in microphone.
With the intuitive controls of the P253 BT, you can answer phone calls with a click of a button. Use the intuitive controls to change track, adjust the volume and answer phone calls.
The convenience of the foldable and lightweight Bluetooth headset allows you to carry them wherever you go.
Technical Specifications
Headphone Type:
Supra-Aural On-ear, Neckband
Driver Size:
28 mm
Omnidirectional, -42±3dB
Frequency Response:
18 Hz - 22 kHz
32 Ω
Bluetooth Version:
V3.0 +EDR Class 2. V3.0
20 m
Supported Profiles :
Rechargable Battery:
400mAh Lithium-ion Battery
Playback Time:
20 hours
Standby Time:
Up to 400 hours
iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry and other phones with Bluetooth connection
Laptops and Computers:
Laptops and computers with Bluetooth connection or Bluetooth adapter
Packaging & Box Content

72 (L) x 52 (W) x 132 (H) mm
Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
89 g
"Excellent value for money"
We were particularly impressed with the sound quality of the P253 BT. Truly excellent value for money and is well worth the money.
In conclusion I would say they are hands down the best pair of headphones I have used for the gym and for on the go. I can fully complete a workout and not have to worry about my headphones falling off or cables getting caught as the... [more]
From me a strong buy recommendation. Very positive: The packaging is environmentally friendly, only cardboard.
A good sound, long life and fits perfectly. For me a crystal clear recommendation.
"Ideal for laptops or mobile phones."
I'm totally excited about these headphones, use them with my iPhone 4s, very easy to use, I find the sound very well, sitting relatively easy, therefore no unpleasant pressure on the ears, while running they do not slip.
The headphones arrived today and I'm honestly blown away: processing, sound, operation have my expectations exceeded by 100 times, where do you find something today?

Our Technical Support is also available on mobile devices.

We recommend Neo Reader, available atOS


I connected my iOS device and I have no music, what to do?

Please check that your device is set to stream the music to P253 BT. If there is no P253 BT in the list, you are not connected. In this case please follow the instructions of our manual Link.

Music Stutters?

How do I put the P253 BT in pairing mode?

Push and hold the multifunction button (about 7-8 seconds) until the red and blue light flashes alternatively.

I cannot connect my headphone to my computer, what do I do?

Use the Bluesoleil software to Unpair your Bluetooth device, by right clicking on the device icon and select Unpair. Right click again on the device icon and select 'Delete'. Right Click on the orange ball to switch off the Bluetooth on your computer. Now repeat all the steps in "Connect Your Bluetooth Devices" in your manual to reconnect your device.

My computer cannot find the drivers, what do I do?

It is worth noting that not all Bluetooth Dongles & Devices are compatible with Audio products and you should check your Bluetooth device's manual first. Some PC's and laptops running Windows operating systems may need special software to use the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) technology that Bluetooth Audio Devices use. We recommend always using a dongle with Bluetooth 2.1 or higher to avoid any problems with older Bluetooth versions and help avoid incompatibility issues. Please ensure as well that your Bluetooth adapter is using the most updated drivers.

When pairing the P253 BT, a pin-code is requested. What is the code?

Normally, there is no need for a pin-code. In the older devices you might have to enter "0000".

Why can't I get my Bluetooth headset to pair with my Macbook even though it pairs easily with my iPhone?

If you previously selected 'Browse Device' when trying to pair your headset, you need to instead select 'Set up Bluetooth Device' and your headset should pair with your Macbook.

When the sound is out of sync (when connecting multiple headset), what do I do?

Stop your media player and resume the film (pause does not work). This is most convenient when playing movies in the Windows Media Centre.


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