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Power Bank 4000

Backup Battery for Your Smartphone or Tablet

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Regular Price: USD 44.99

Special Price: USD 11.99

Regular Price: USD 44.99

Special Price: USD 11.99

Same Size, 3x the Capacity of an iPhone 5
The brushed aluminum top dresses the Power Bank 4000 with elegance and it earns you envious glances from the bystanders! With only 11mm thickness, the Power Bank 4000 easily gets into any handbag, laptop bag or even trousers.
Works With Any USB Powered Device
The Power Bank 4000 can charge any Smartphone or tablet computer from Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry, Sony and LG adding over 16 hours of talk time or 20 hours of Internet use. It also charges any kind of USB powered devices like Bluetooth headsets or wireless speakers.
Smart Charge Level Indicator
With the Power Bank 4000 you always know how much juice you have left in your battery and when you need to recharge it. Being out with a nearly flat Smartphone battery just realizing your power bank has no charge left? Never again!
Neatly Packed in the Travel Bag
Worry-free Charging
3 Years Standby
The mini travel bag protects the surface of your Power Bank 4000 from scratches of your keys or other small gadgets in your handbag or suitcase. It also packs the power bank and the included Micro- and Mini-USB slimcables together, so you are ready to charge your phone anytime.
An intelligent charge controller extends the battery life and a protection IC saves your Smartphone and the Power Bank 4000 from short circuit, over voltage and over current.
The Power Bank 4000 achieves 3 years standby time due to a low leakage Mosfet. This guarantees you full charge even you haven't used the power bank for a while.
Size & Weight

117 (L) x 54 (W) x 11 (H) mm
Net Weight:
107 g
4,000 mAh
Lithium Polymer
Output (Voltage, Current):
DC 5V, 2A
Input (Voltage, Current):
DC 5V, 800 mA
Charging Time:
6 hours
Standby Time:
3 years
Life Span:
Up to 1,000 cycles
Packaging & Box Content

186 L x 86 W x 26 H mm

Shipping Information
Item Number:
PBAPO-AC011B1-BL (Black)
PBAPO-AC011S1-BL (Silver)
PBAPO-AC011BL-01 (Blue)
PBAPO-AC011PK-01 (Pink)
0872767006164 (Black)
0872767006171 (Silver)
0872767006652 (Blue)
0872767006669 (Pink)
Gross Weight:
400 g
" A perfect partner for powerhungry smartphones"
A good design without an overpriced pricetag plastered onto it is the appealing factor here. There are a lot of competitors in this price segment, but I believe this product is in a good spot considering what you actually get.It charges a smartphone with a big battery in just about 3 hours with a bit of power to spare.
The Power Bank 4000 is the cheapest model on round-up test, but it's far from the least capable. If you need a small pack for emergencies, it's an excellent buy.
Custom PC
The Power Bank offers full performance as it uses the power fully. It can even hold up to 80% of the charged power for over 3 weeks.It is well designed and the product feels solid and nice. Surface is very stylish and solid. The price is... [more]
Elektronik Test
We were particularly impressed with the level of build quality offered by the Power Bank 4000 which surpasses almost every Arctic mobile product that we have reviewed in the past.
Custom PC
"Excellent Buy"
The Power Bank 4000 comes with stylish brushed steel design and great capacity. Its capable to charge up your smartphone two times or your tablet one time full.
With this Power Bank it very easy to load your mobile phone, laptop or USB device on the go. The Power Bank 4000 has a capacity of 4000A, this suffices for two mobile phone charges. The design is stylish, compact and robust and it fits... [more]
Vidi Magazine
The unit is very good and in a week of use has worked very well.
In conditions of need you immediately realizes that the ARCITC Power Bank 4000 will be an excellent solution. Take, for example to the... [more]
Xtreme Hardware
This product is extremely well priced especially given the size and sleek look. The 2A output is great and will charge your smartphone quickly even while in heavy use.
Arctic offers us an extremely useful item to all those who have a smartphone or tablet. The Poer Bank doens´t come with a limitless load capacity, but we think it is a good balance between capacity and dimensions.
ARCTIC Power Bank 4000 is the perfect on the go. If the battery of your smartphone or tablet is empty, you can recharge it quickly and easily with the Power Bank 4000. The product is compatible with all manufacturers and is very easy to... [more]
Eeriness (eSport)
A good design without an overpriced pricetag plastered onto it is the appealing factor here. There are a lot of competitors in this price segment, but I believe this product is in a good spot considering what you actually get.It charges a... [more]
It's possibly the cheapest portable backup battery we've ever reviewed, but that definitely doesn't make it cheap in quality or presentation. It's exceptionally durable with its aluminium top and compact design, and... [more]
Slinky Studio
It looks very stylish and shiny, and come in a very good size, more or less as a iphone 5 with 3 times of the power capacity. It is very light weight, an ideal item for the heavy-smartphone user.
The ARCTIC Power Bank 4000 has proven to excel in the market for large power supply for smartphone. The product is in fact able to let us record high efficiency charging to the point of being able to provide better performance than products... [more]
Inside Hardware
High efficiency on capacity, Good capacity price ratio , comprehensive accessories including two USB cables and traveling bag for you to carry around. The ARCTIC Power Bank 4000 earns the title of Editor's Choice!
PC Ekspert
This small tool is very useful. Released more than 15 days after the last recharge, it still able to provides a full battery to charge the smartphone.
In the test with an iPhone 5 the Power Bank 4000 convices with a solid battery performance of a emitted capacity of around 2,600 milliampere-hours. Thanks to the slim housing it can be easily transported, for example in the trousers pocket.... [more]
PC Max
We checked its compatibility, and all products tested are compatible. Nothing can resist to the Power bank 4000.
I am very very impressed. Overall it has really nice design. The Power Bank 4000 is easy to grip and it wouldn't even slip away through its rubber. The actual charging capacity is really good, it almost full charges of my iphone twice.... [more]
In practice, the Power Bank 4000 works fine. The capacity of the device is 4000 mAh, allowing you the most current smartphones can charge twice. The cables are not too long so they do not hang in the way, but if you need more length, you... [more]
The best thing I discovered was the 4000-S works precisely the same as a divider charger and even now and again charged my iPhone sooner than the definitive Apple charger might!"
Kudos to the Arctic team for their design.It's about the same size as a small smartphone. In fact, it is just about the same size as an iPhone 5 but with 3 times the capacity.
Digital Reviews Network
"Another strong mobile product offering from ARCTIC"
The ARCTIC Power Bank 4000-S is something that fits in your pocket with ease.


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