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PST Cable

PWM Sharing Cable

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USD 9.99
USD 9.99
Centralized Control
Efficient Cooling
Quick and Easy Setup
The PST (Patented PWM Sharing Technology) allows the CPU cooler to share the PWM signal with up to 3 fans. The multi-fan connection will synchronize the fan speed according to the CPU load to achieve centralized cooling.
Enabling all fans to run according to the CPU load in the BIOS, it ensures efficient cooling performance at the lowest noise level.
Quick and easy to set up, its good length is suitable for PC case of any size.
1 CPU cooler and 3 PWM fans
4-pin PWM plug x 1
4-pin PWM socket x 1
3-pin PWM socket x3
Size & Weight

Length: 24cm
Net Weight: 42 g
Packaging & Box Content
Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
100 g

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