P604 Wireless

Bluetooth Street Headphones

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Give the city crush your own soundtrack

The P604 Wireless is perfect to listen to your favorite music wherever you are. In the train, while shopping or on the way to work - with the P604 Wireless you replace the urban noise through rich sound. Powerful basses and clear trebles intensify your music experience without neglecting clarity of sound. Enhanced neodymium drivers capture even the slightest nuances and play back your songs as richly faceted as possible.

Escape from the pressure

The ultra-light design with no more than 142 grams makes the Bluetooth headphones comfortable all day long. Thanks to gently closing pads you only hear what you want to - without putting your ears under pressure. An adjustable headband exactly fits your head shape.

Get ready for the streets

Clear tones not only in sound: Stylish but decently in color design with graphic pattern the P604 Wireless becomes an urban statement.

Benefit from newest technology

Thanks to the latest Bluetooth chipset you can listen non-stop music up to 30 hours. Via NFC pairing the connection between the headphones to your devices is established within seconds. Enjoythe wireless freedom, listening to music and answering phone calls thanks to the in-built microphone and multi-functions buttons.

Technical specifications

  • Width: 144 mm
  • Height: 192 mm
  • Length: 79 mm
  • Weight: 0.3 kg

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