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Accelero Xtreme PLUS II

AMD / NVIDIA Graphics Card Cooler for Enthusiasts

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9.999,99 USD
9.999,99 USD
Overclockers or Gamers will not want to miss
its unmatched cooling performance
while doing it in total silence.
"Highly efficient, quiet and great compatibility! It comes with heatsinks, thermal grease and thermal glue included into the box and support PWM-based fan speed regulation. And all of this is capped by the 6-year warranty. Just a dream come true!"
"The Accelero Xtreme Plus II is the best cooler we have tested so far, it's maximum performance and quietness are priceless."
"It has a great performance which quietly and enormously lower the temperature of the VGA cards"
"Accelero Xtreme Plus II allows the hottest video card to work at full throttle while maintaining a reduced temperature and an excellent acoustic comfort. "
Superior Cooling Perfomance
Employing the award-winning design of the Accelero XTREME series, the Accelero Xtreme PLUS II comes with 300 Watts of cooling capacity, which gives plenty of headroom for overclocking. It is comprised of an 83-fin aluminum heatsink with 5 copper heatpipes to deliver superior cooling performance. Pre-applied with our flagship thermal compound MX-4, efficient heat dissipation of the components are guaranteed.
Cooling Performance at NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580
Accelero Xtreme Plus II (at 2,000 RPM)
52.6 °C
Stock Cooler (at 2,000 RPM)
79.8 °C
Ambient temperature: 25 °C
Low Noise
With three PWM-controlled 92 mm fans, the Accelero Xtreme PLUS II cools efficiently and silently. Thanks to the PWM control, the fan spins according to the temperature of the GPU. This means that the fans just spin up if necessary and will rest at minimum speed otherwise. PWM settings can be modified to fix the priorities between performance and noise. Click here to see how PWM settings work.
Noise Level at NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580
Accelero Xtreme Plus II (at 2,000 RPM)
0.5 Sone
Stock Cooler (at 2,000 RPM)
3.7 Sone
Enhanced RAM and VR Cooling
The Accelero Xtreme PLUS II comes with the non-conductive G-1 thermal glue which is used to affix RAM and VR heatsinks on the VGA board. It is especially formulated to offer excellent thermal conductivity with long-lasting adhesiveness of over 10 years. Moreover, removing the G-1 is as easy as removing a thermal tape.
RAM and VR Cooling Performance with G-1
G-1 (included)
0.75 °C/W
Generic Thermal Tape (thickness: 0.15mm)
2.56 °C/W
Ambient temperature: 25 °C | Tested with Accelero L2 Pro at 2,000 RPM
Aside from it being CrossFire and SLI compatible, the Accelero Xtreme PLUS II comes with a versatile and interchangeable mounting mechanism along with 31 RAM and VR heatsinks to fit different models. New accessory sets will be available to make the VGA cooler compatible with future models.

* The compatibility list is based on AMD Radeon and NVIDIA's reference board layout only. ARCTIC holds no responsibility for incompatibility on non reference boards. Please check the height restriction drawing before purchase.
Max. Cooling Capacity
300 Watts

Heatpipes: Ø 6 mm x 5

Aluminum Fins x 83 (Thickness: 0.3 mm)

92 mm
Fan Speed:
900 - 2,000 RPM (Controlled by PWM) x 3 Fans
Noise Level:
0.5 Sone @ 2,000 RPM
Current / Voltage (per fan)
0.12 A / 12 V
Power Consumption:
4.32 Watts
Size & Weight

288 (L) x 103 (W) x 50 (H) mm
Net Weight:
615 g
AMD Radeon
HD 7870, 7850, 6970, 6950, 6870, 6850, 6790, 5870, 5850, 5830, 4890, 4870, 4850, 4830, 3870, 3850

GTX 580, 570, 560Ti, 560, 550Ti, 480, 470*, 465*, 460, 460 SE, 285*, 280*, 275*, 260+*, 260*, GTS 550, 450, 250, 240 (OEM), 150 (OEM), GT 130 (OEM), 9800 GTX+, 9800 GTX, 9800 GT, 9600 GT, 9600 GSO 512, 9600 GSO, 9500 GT, 8800 Ultra (G80), 8800 GTX (G80), 8800 GTS (G80), 8800 GTS 512 (G92), 8800 GTS (G92), 8800 GT, 8800 GS (9600GSO), 7900 GTX, 7800 GTX 512, 7800 GTX, 7800 GT

*Additional Accessories Set is required for installation. Available at axp2.arctic.ac for USD $7.99 (incl. worldwide shipping). Shipping Time: 7 – 10 days.
Packaging & Box Content

292 (L) x 110 (W) x 60 (H) mm

Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
1,200 g
Hardware Overclock
"The Accelero Xtreme PLUS II is simply amazing!"
The Accelero Xtreme PLUS II is simply amazing! It was able to further lower the temperature by 21 degree and it was barely audible even at load. It really offers exactly what all enthusiasts looking for! We would like to give it the Editor's Choice and Overclocking Yeah award.
"At full load the temperature is reduced by 32% compared to the standard heat sink."

"The Accelero Xtreme PLUS II is remarkably silent even with three 92mm fans, in fact, the entire cooling system is hardly audible during full... [more]
Xtreme Hardware
"It has a great performance which quietly and enormously lower the temperature of the graphics cards"

"Accelero Xtreme Plus II- a very powerful universal graphics card cooler"
Aph networks
"Absolute all-star champion"
"If you have a GTX 570/580 and wish to overclock then I believe the best cooler around is the ARCTIC Accelero XTREME Plus II, as it has excellent performance (16C lower than Gigabyte Wind Force during full load), combined with sturdy construction and the fair price, it is well worth the investment."
Australian Overclocking
"I have to actually get my head inside the case, within 3" or so of the cooler to even hear them at all. Running them any lower can only make it better, and with the 40% or 1600RPM of the fans, I had to look to see if... [more]
"The Accelero Xtreme PLUS II is blameless. It is highly efficient, quiet and compatible with a large range of graphics cards. And it is capped by the 6-year warranty. Just a dream come true!"
A well made and complete bundle which you will be able to find even more than you need and very good performance on every levels as well at 7v and 12v. This Accelero Xtreme Plus II is the best cooler we have tested so far, which it's maximum performance and quietness are priceless. Impressive results from this cooler as it performed... [more]
"Impeccably quiet"
"In fact the Accelero pulled an additional 11 C off the core which the ASUS DirectCu could't handle. Throughout testing I found myself looking at our test system to make sure the fans were running, because even at full speed you cannot hear the Accelero at all, this is a "Must have" cooling solution."
Real World Labs
"Accelero Xtreme II stands out by lower the GPU temperature by more than 24C, when omparing with MSI Kombustor. ARCTIC has been able to present itself on the market with a cooler for hardcore gamer but also for overclocking enthusiasts."
HW Master
Highly recommended performance cooler, with whisper quiet operation. The new generation has been upgraded with an additional heatpipe, and it shows on the performance. Great value and a breeze to install.
"In terms of performance, the Accelero XTREME Plus II is an absolute all-star champion. There is no doubt in my mind that this VGA cooler can handle almost anything I throw at it without even breaking a sweat."
Aph networks
DV Tests
"Superior performance"
Chip.de shows the possibility of alternative cooling solutions for graphics cards with Accelero Xtreme Plus II and a detailed explanation about the installation.
"The Accelero Xtreme Plus II is one hell of a graphics card cooling solution. It is very easy to setup, and does an incredible job at the cooling the GPU while remaining impeccably quiet."
Reference Cooler: 38C in idle; 79C at load
Accelero: 32C in idle; 49C at load

With good materials, good workmanship quality, the Accelero is able to lower temperature by 30C with low noise, this enhanced the overclocking capabilities of the graphics... [more]
PC Ekspert
Not only does the Accelero Xtreme Plus II cool the videocard better than the reference model, but it is also far more quieter during load. The ease of install and the nice compatibility make it an even better value. And last but not least, don't forget the extra unleashed performance gain due to the much improved cooling.
Real World Labs
"A must-have cooling solution"
"The results were impressive. In Idle temperature was maintained at 39 degrees Celsius with the Accelero and 50 with the stock cooler. At 100% load, the Accelero could maintain the temperature at 63 degrees while the stock cooler cannot withstand such stress and was totally unstable even operating fans at 100%"
Accelero Xtreme PLUS II is able to cool the graphics card, yet remain slience. At load, it showed a surprised result of 24C difference comparing with stock cooler and the noise is barely heard.
The cooler works really quiet while in its excellence performance. Comparing to Sapphire Radeon HD 6970 Flex edition, which can only manage 80 C with 53 dBa, this cooler helps cooling down to 61 C with only 34.4 dBa. This cooler even performs better than Thermalright Shaman with 64 C, and this coolers cool down to 54 C, and only 40 dBa... [more]
"It is a great product that satisfy the needs of overclockers who do not want to go with liquid cooler, or those who are seeking for silence since they are fed up with noise produced by stock heatsink."

"The major improvement with Accelero is the noise, you can barely hear a sound even the fan is set to 70%."
Australian Overclocking
"The best cooler around"
Reference Cooler: Max. temp 75 in idle ; Max. temp 77 during OC
Accelero Xtreme PLUS II: Max. temp 50 in idle ; Max. temp 50C during OC

Accelero... [more]
DV Tests
This is a relatively powerful cooler which provides you with the quality of water cooling, but in a price which is far lower than water cooling. This cooler is also extremely quiet and gives good cooling performance in GPU environment comparing to water cooling. The huge compatibility of this cooler makes advantage in competing with other... [more]
Review Center
Stock cooler: (in idle) 37.0C / 42.1 dBA ; (at load) 50.2C / 57dBA
Accelero Xtreme PLUS II: (in idle) 35.0C / 37.0 dBA ; (at load) 35.0C / 37.0 dBAmore]
PC Overware
The real dark horse but was Accelero XTREME Plus II. Only tests can show real talent of this monster. Maintaining temperature at 45 C in overclocked Radeon HD 5850 is an amazing result, and proof that the ARCTIC can design excellent kits designed for graphics cards.
"The results were impressive"
"The results really do speak for themselves here Xtreme PLUS II provides a significant improvement on the stock cooler, especially on auto settings the difference here is 25 C! "

"I am pleased to say that... [more]
Xtreme Computing
Great performance! Accelero Xtreme Plus II owered the noise level significantly and in the same time dropped 27 degrees. Amazing!




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