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ARCTIC C1 mobile

Portable USB-Battery with solar pannel

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9.999,99 USD
9.999,99 USD
Solar Powered USB Power Bank
With the very competitive MSRP, the C1 MOBILE is a great option to give you extra runtime in a pinch and a good way for people who like to go outside camping or hiking with their gadgets.
It's a small and compact device - ideal for on the go. The integrated rechargeable battery has a reasonable capacity of 4440 mWh.
Amazing capacity at such a lightweight package!
Small, yet effective
Ideal Portable Back-up Charger
Dual Rechargeable Capabilities
Compact and lightweight, the C1 MOBILE is the perfect portable charger. It is particularly useful and convenient for outdoor use when no power sockets are around. Just take along the USB cable and you can easily power up your dying devices.
Equipped with a 4440 mWh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the C1 MOBILE itself can be recharged via USB cable and solar energy. While the USB cable charges the device more quickly, it is the solar panel that makes this charger incredibly handy and portable. Take the C1 MOBILE when you go hiking, sunbathing or camping to convert solar energy to practical energy for a wide range of handheld gadgets!
The size and capabilities of the C1 MOBILE is multi-compatible with many USB-powered devices. It works well with other ARCTIC's products, such as the portable speakers S111, the Bluetooth headset P311 and the Breeze Mobile. These viable options make the C1 MOBILE to be an all-around alternative for charging multimedia devices.
Size & Weight

110 (L) x 43 (W) x 12 (H) mm
Net Weight:
300 g
Battery Specification
4400 mWh
1,200 mAh
Voltage / Current (Input) :
Solar panel : 5.5 V / 80 mA
USB : 5 V / 300 mA
Voltage / Current (Output) :
DC 5.5 V / 500 mA
Packaging & Box Content

168 (L) x 137 (W) x 19 (H) mm
Mini-USB Cable x 1
Micro-USB Cable x 1
Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
200 g
BCC Hardware
"A very nice device to have around"
"The ARCTIC Mobile USB Charger with Solar Panel and 4440mWh Lithium-Ion battery is a very nice device to have around. If you travel or just going to the river for the day you don't have to worry about your cell-phone or mp3 player dying. All you have to do is plug up the ARCTIC Solar Panel Charger and your good to go in about 2 hours with or without sunlight - thanks to the Lithium-Ion battery. The ARCTIC Mobile USB Charger does simply what it says it does. It Charges!"
ARCTIC C1 is even more compact than model from 3Q but it has lower capacity. Nominal value of current is 500 mA - standard for USB 2.0. The highlight of the sample - solar battery, capable to issue up to 80 mA. To charge C1 will take more... [more]
PC World.ru
Dual recharge capabilities from solar & USB. Capable of charging any USB powered smartphone or other gadgets. Compact and lightweight, fits in small pockets. Built in place to attach a lanyard and/or carabineer.



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  • Mini USB 2.0 Cable
    4,99 USD
    Mini USB 2.0 Cable
    Für 10 Mal geringeren Spannungsabfall als ein herkömmliches Kabel
    Bessere Ladeleistung
    Funktioniert mit Computern und tragbaren Geräten
  • USB Power Cable
    9,99 USD
    USB Power Cable
    Extra Power für ARCTIC Breeze PRO, Hub 2.0 und NC


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