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M571 - White

Laser Gaming Mouse with Adjustable Weight Cartridge (800 dpi / 1600 dpi / 2400 dpi)

Verfügbarkeit: Ausverkauft

Regulärer Preis: 25,99 USD

Sonderpreis: 11,99 USD

Regulärer Preis: 25,99 USD

Sonderpreis: 11,99 USD

Anpassbares Gewicht
Gamer können das Gewicht der Maus durch vier Gewichte zu je 6,5 Gramm den eigenen Vorlieben entsprechend anpassen. Die spezielle Oberflächenbeschichtung bietet besten Halt und höchste Präzision im Spiel.
Multi-Shot Button
Einstellbare Empfindlichkeits-Ebenen
Mach das beste aus Deinem Spiel mit den Vor-und Zurück Daumentasten und dem Multi-Shot Button dieser Gaming Maus.
Die M571 kann auf verschiedene Empfindlichkeitsstufen von 800, 1600 bis 2400 dpi eingestellt werden um verschiedenen Anforderungen, wie z.B. höhere Empfindlichkeit für Online-Gaming oder niedrige Empfindlichkeit für das tägliche Surfen im Web, gerecht zu werden.
Funktioniert auf allen Oberflächen
Ergonomisches Design
Die Maus funktioniert dank präziser Laser Tracking Engine reibungslos auf allen Oberflächen.
Dank ihres ergonomischen Designs und spezieller Beschichtung lässt sich die Maus ohne Anstrengung bequem in der Hand halten- ideal für Gaming.
Windows OS
USB 2.0
800 dpi / 1,600 dpi / 2,400 dpi
Size & Weight

120 L x 81 W x 44 H mm
Net Weight:
138 g (mouse only); 164g (with 4 weights)
Cable Length:
1.8 m
Packaging & Box Content

213 L x 142 W x 71 H mm

Shipping Information
Item Number:
MOACO-M5711-BLA01 (M571-D)
MOACO-M5710-BLA01 (M571-L)
0872767003040 (M571-D)
0872767003057 (M571-L)
Gross Weight:
280 g
"M571 is worthy of the title "gaming mouse""
Overall the M571 is worthy of the title "gaming mouse" and comes in at a price point a lot lower than the competition. While it doesn't offer quite the same level of customization as other high priced gaming mice, it does come with a lot of useful features' variable DPI from 800-2400, a set of 6.5g weights and a 3rd mouse button. With a price tag lower than many other gaming mice, it's hard to overlook this M571 offering from ARCTIC.
The ARCTIC M571 gaming mouse offers ergonomics support for gamers, especially right handers. The weight can be customized to the ideal level of comfort. With an adjustable sensitivity up to 2400dpi, it's definitely enough for many... [more]
"The M571 is a very competitive laser gaming mouse for only $29. Although it may show the price in some areas, it's a strong performer in the ones that really count. The tracking speed is fast and responsive (and adjustable, of... [more]
Dreamware Computer
"We were impressed when we first looked at the ARCTIC M571 Gaming Laser Mouse. The M571 has got good looks from its ergonomic design, there's no need for software or drivers, but offers good DPI settings."
"All told the mouse is well constructed and a solid product at a reasonable price. I certainly would recommend it to gamers out there who really want a mouse that... [more]
OCIA (OverClock Intellience Agency)
Gear Diary
"You simply cannot beat the M571"
"After trying the M571 for a few days on our PC games, we can say that above the satisfied-looking ergonomic designed mouse fits well in the hand, making it easy to... [more]
"Installation was a breeze, truly plug-n-play. The M571 works smooth, it tracks nicely, and I've found myself preferring it over my G5, which I've long adored. It has plenty of buttons for use in games, and is comfortably... [more]
Tech Kings
"As indicated above, the ARCTIC M571 is a versatile mouse. This reviewer has always liked lightweight, non-sculpted mice best, appreciating the fact they can be used all day long without fatigue. But with that said, the reviewer found... [more]
"I found the M571 to be a comfy mouse due to it being higher, which in turn allows it to curve more gently on the right side allowing for a better resting place for your little fingers."
Xtreme Computing
ASE Labs
"We were impressed"
"For the price you simply cannot beat the M571."

"I can absolutely recommend this mouse to anyone looking for a budget gaming mouse that has all... [more]
Gear Diary
"The M571 is a very good mouse. There's not much to adjust. The level of accuracy is very nice as we have not seen any jump or drop on multiple tests. The M571 is ore than enough to play very well on most games."
"The M571 is a solid mouse, with good build quality and ergonomic design. All these excellent features for the price of just €20.65."
Info Hardware
"The ARCTIC M571 gaming mouse is a great entry level mouse for gamers. With the ability to set your preferred weight and with a conveniently located rapid fire button, gamers and enthusiasts will not be disappointed. The distinct curve... [more]
Big Bruin
BCC Hardware
"The double tap feature is very nice when gaming"
"The ARCTIC M571 Gaming mouse was impressive for the price of just $29.95 (MSRP).The M571 is a big mouse and fits our hand nicely, which was a surprise as we have had problems finding a mouse large enough to be comfortable. The... [more]
Tech Reaction
"Clearly, the M571 is a great deal. For twenty euros, you are entitled to an ergonomic designed mouse (for right handers of course!), it is relatively accurate and it also looks nice."
"The M571 Laser Gaming Mouse is very easy to set-up and use. It doesn't have any software to deal with and it doesn't cost a fortune! The easily adjustable DPI is very nice when changing from gaming to your desk-top. The... [more]
BCC Hardware
"After using this mouse for a week, we were impressed. You should be too. This is nearly unheard of for a good feeling gaming laser mouse. You can't buy a product like this from another company without the price being at least... [more]
ASE Labs
"M571 is worthy of the title "gaming mouse""
"In conclusion, the mouse ARCTIC M571 proved to be a good gaming mouse that definitely meets quality / price ratio.
"With the ability to change the weight of the mouse with the included 4 weights. The M571 is a very ergonomic mouse, accurate and is great value of money."


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