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Audio Relay

Wireless Hi-Fi Link (lossless HD audio)

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9.999,99 USD
9.999,99 USD
Hear and Control Your Music in All Rooms!
"the sweet and simple solution if you want a simple way to connect media to the HTPC to stream music anywhere"
"very convincing with the simple start-up and flexibility"
"It is refreshing to find an audio renderer like this which delivers a simple solution that just works"
"quality audio connections and play an extensive music collection without the use of media players"
Stream music or Internet radio from your mobile phone or your PC to your Stereo or active speakers in lossless HD audio quality - using the ARCTIC Audio Relay.
Play music/Internet radio from your phone to ANYWHERE
Browse your favorite tracks and radio stations on your phone and stream them in full HD audio quality anywhere at home*.
Play music from your PC to ANYWHERE
With your music stored on your desktop PC/laptop, simply pick the track, album or playlist and play it anywhere you want, without connecting your speakers to the computer.
Play music from your PC using your phone to ANYWHERE
With your music library stored on your desktop PC/laptop, Apps* like Remote AR from ARCTIC allow you to browse the same library on your phone and stream it wirelessly to your Hi-Fi system in various rooms.
*Recommended apps
Listen to music from Computer / NAS
Listen to music from Smartphone
Listen to Internet Radio
Stream Latidos
Bubble UPnP
Multi-Room Music Entertainment
Multi-room entertainment cannot be more simple and easy with Audio Relay. Your PC/DLNA server will act as your centralized jukebox-you can use your smartphone to browse it, create your playlist and play it in your room. Meanwhile, your spouse/roommate can do the same concurrently. Thus, there is only one library to organize and maintain and everybody can enjoy it anytime.
Get the Sound You Deserve
Are you still listening to your music on your PC and mobile phone through your laptop speakers and headphones, even at home? Audio Relay allows you to enjoy the very same music directly on your beloved Hi-Fi system in lossless HD audio quality (96kHz/24-bit). Get all that quality you need from your digital library, directly on your home music system.
Go Wireless
Quick and Easy Setup
Wide Compatibility
Thanks to its wireless capability, place the Audio Relay right next to your speakers without concerns about the availability of network wiring.
Audio Relay is compatible with all mainstream audio formats including MP3, AAC, WAV and WMA to make your music entertainment with this compact multi-room system a seamless experience.
The installation of Audio Relay is refined and simplified. Just connect Audio Relay to your home Wi-Fi network, you can sit back with your smartphone and enjoy the fun of browsing your favorite music at your fingertips.
Size & Weight

152 L x 70 W x 24 H mm
118 g
Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP*, Max OS X*, Linux*
Digital Media Server:
UPnP/DLNA Certified
* Additional UPnP/DLNA server software required
Remote App

System requirements:
iOS 4.2 or later / Android 2.2 or later

Packaging & Box Content
240 L x 75 W x 61 H mm
Shipping Information
Item Number:
DPAEQ-WA001-GBA01 (EU Plug)
DPAEQ-WA001-GBA02 (US Plug)
DPAEQ-WA001-GBA03 (UK Plug)

0872767004870 (EU Plug)
0872767004856 (US Plug)
0872767004863 (UK Plug)

Gross Weight:
700 g
Overclocking 3D
"This is one of those products that offers a particular talent and performs flawlessly"
"It's well built, comes with all the bits and bobs you need and, it's so easy to use that even your Granny could get it up and running in minutes."

"This is one of those products that offers a particular talent and performs flawlessly."

"For the pure simplicity of getting music from your PC to wherever you want it, we have to award the ARCTIC Audio Relay our OC3D Gold Award."
"With the price of most multi room systems running into the high hundreds ARCTIC have entered the market with a competitively priced product. Retailing at $132.60 USD or €102 EUR from ARCTIC directly, this product could be seen as... [more]
"The Audio Relay is small enough to fit just about anywhere within your entertainment system. One thing that makes the Audio Relay an even more justifiable addition to your home entertainment system is the way it sips just under 4... [more]
Tech Kings
The Audio Relay is a simple way for streaming audio. It has a very elegant design and very compact, you will never find it difficult to blend in with any environment. For a price of only 99,95, we give it 16/20 and Silver award.
"Playback starts almost immediately, without annoying delay noise or any kind of interference, even when connecting multiple devices to the same network."

"The Audio Relay device on our pc was very easy to use, a pleasant... [more]
"It is a tool that I have actually wanted for years."
The clean-and-simple look of audio relay is perfect for the job expected from the DLNA audio renderer, it possible to run the DMR pulling power from a home theater PC (HTPC), or really any device that supplies enough juice on a USB port,... [more]
Missing Remote
As for the Audio Relay I have to say it is a tool that I have actually wanted for years. For those with rooms for your PC, but say you are throwing a party, now you have the ability to fully control your music from anywhere.
"The idea for this device is simply awesome. You can access your music from your computers in another room on a home theatre system. Music quality is good and you do not loose quality over the wireless connection."
This wireless media extender gives you a good opportunity to enjoy entertainment everywhere at home.
Best of it
PC Foster
"MC001-BD is a highly successful product"
Audio relay has a compact size, therefore you can fit it in different corners at home. You can also use wifi or lan to transfer the signals to your audio system. It's easy to use and you can control it by using the downloaded apps
The ARCTIC Audio Relay does exactly what it promises, without losing the sound quality. The setup is easy and quick because of the good instructions.
The Audio Relay does a good job as a UPnP-AV playback station,(...).
MC001-BD is a highly successful product and recommended. ARCTIC” passive cooling system, which cools more than sufficient and allows you to watch movies or listen to music without any annoying noise. The dimensions are very compact... [more]
PC Foster
"This device is simply awesome"
A very interesting device that represents a new direction of the company ARCTIC. several songs can be played completely independent from multiple files in the multiple transmitters, creating in each room of the house, their own unique... [more]
Tech Labs.by
The ARCTIC Audio Relay is very convincing by its simple start-up and flexibility.
The Audio Relay is very easy to control with a great quality and excellent sound quality.
MP3 Flash
"The application is easy to handle, and after several days of use, we have not encountered any crash."

"We tried the audio relay to read mp3s in... [more]
Tech Kings
"Sips just under 4 watts of power"
Highly specialized, and only consumes little power (max 3W) for energy saving. It is well made, easy to use and contains some interesting solutions with the remote app
Pure PC
A very good idea fo home audio system and its compatibility with both Android and IOS. Its compact size and light weight makes it easy to fit in anywhere at home. Easy configuration makes it very easy to use and using windows media player... [more]
PC Overware
Audio Relay is the easiest way to enjoy your music without a MediaCenter or TV. It's also a perfect solution accompanied by a media server UPnP / DLNA and the tablet or smartphone can act as display / remote control.
HTPC Italia
Audio Relay supports analog and digital transmission over a Wi-Fi or wired network, with a good range, high sound quality and a continuous transmission without interruption.
Noticias 3D


How to build my music serverread

To get the best out of your Audio Relay, you can simply build your own music server by storing all your favorite music on a computer or network-attached storage (NAS). This is made easy with the following steps:

- For PCs with Windows 7 (e.g., MC001 Series Entertainment Center):

Enable the media streaming function in the Windows Media Player

- For PCs with other operating system (e.g., Windows XP, Vista, Mac or Linux):

Install a DLNA server software on your PC

- For network-attached storage (NAS):

Activate the DLNA server module embedded within most of the latest NAS servers (please refer to the NAS user guide for detailed instructions)

NOTE: You have to power on the music server whenever you stream music with the Audio Relay.

Once your music server is ready, you can store your music. It is important to organize your music files for easy access. For Windows 7 PC and most of the other operating systems, you can organize your music files by following the steps below:

What kind of user are you?


Windows Media Playerread

1) Start the Windows Media Player

2) Check the location of your existing music library. Select 'Organize' -> 'Manage Libraries' -> 'Music'

3) Copy the library location and open it in the Windows Explorer. Copy them all if there is more than one location or remove those which are no longer in use

4) Store all your music files into the above location(s).


1) Start Winamp

2) Select 'Libraries' -> 'Media Library Preferences'

3) Select 'Local Media' and double click the default media library directory on the right to copy. You may select 'Add folder' to add another directory

4) Paste the default media library directory in the Windows Explorer and keep all your music files in that location

5) Start the Windows Media Player

6) Select 'Organize' -> 'Manage Libraries' -> 'Music'

7) Add the library locations you have copied from Winamp. Remove those which are no longer in use

8) Click OK to finish.


1) Start iTunes and select 'File' -> 'Library' -> 'Organize Library'

2) Check 'Consolidate files' and click 'OK'

3) Select 'Edit' -> 'Preferences'

4) Select the 'Advanced' tab and check 'Keep iTunes Media folder organized' and 'Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library'

5) Copy the iTunes Media folder location path and click 'OK'

6) Paste and open the path in the Windows Explorer. Keep all your music files there

7) Start the Windows Media Player

8) Select 'Organize' -> 'Manage Libraries' -> 'Music'

9) Add the library locations you have copied from iTunes. Remove those which are no longer in use

10) Click OK to finish.


1) Start Songbird and select 'Tools' -> 'Options'

2) Select 'Manage Files'. Check 'Allow Songbird to manage files' and configure the naming structure of the folders below. After that, click 'OK' and restart Songbird. Your music files are then copied to the folder called 'Songbird Music' with an organized structure according to your preference

3) Click 'Browse' and right click on the folder 'Songbird Music' to select 'Properties'

4) Copy the location path to the Windows Explorer and keep all your music files there

5) Start the Windows Media Player

6) Select 'Organize' -> 'Manage Libraries' -> 'Music'

7) Add the library locations you have copied from Songbird. Remove those which are no longer in use

8) Click OK to finish


1) Start the Foobar2000. Select 'Library' -> 'Configure'

2) Double click on the path of the music folder(s) to open in Windows Explorer. Store all your music files there and copy the paths

3) Start the Windows Media Player

4) Select “Organize' -> 'Manage Libraries' -> 'Music'

5) Add the library locations you have copied from Foobar2000. Remove those which are no longer in use

6) Click OK to finish.



PCs with Windows 7

If you do not plan to install a DLNA server software, you can turn your Windows 7 PC into a music server by enabling media streaming in the Windows Media Player to instantly transform your Windows 7 PC into a music server:


1) Start your Windows Media Player

2) Select Stream -> Turn on home media streaming

3) On the media streaming options page, click “Turn on media streaming” (you may need to type in a password or provide confirmation)

NOTE: The option “Turn on home media streaming” is unavailable on the menu if streaming is already enabled.

4) Scroll down the list of devices identified on your network and customize the stream settings. If you have any doubts, do not change the default settings

5) Click 'OK' to finish

NOTE: In order to start streaming, you may need to allow the program to access your network

PCs with Other Operating Systems

You can convert any Windows or Mac PC into a music server by installing a DLNA server software by following these steps below:

TVersity: Free Windows version

Mediatomb: Free Linux version

TwonkyServer: Windows, Linux, or Mac version for purchase

NOTE: This method also works for all Windows 7 PCs.




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