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In-ear Headphones for Mobile Phones

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9.999,99 USD
9.999,99 USD
Der ARCTIC SOUND E361-WM Ohrhörer liefert in jeder Hinsicht hervorragende Klangqualität. Mit seinem einzigartigen Aluminium-Chassis und großen Treiberspulen leitet er tiefe Bässe und präzise Höhen direkt in Deine Gehörgänge.
Authentische Klangqualität
Der ARCTIC SOUND E361-WM ist mit einer großen Treiberspule ausgestattet, die für einen dynamischen und super-tiefen Bass sorgt. Das präzise gefräste Aluminium-Chassis garantiert die vollständige Schallübertragung in Deine Gehörgänge.
"Vergleichbar mit dem viel teureren Razor Megalodon..."
"Tolle Klangqualität mit Bässen ohne Verzerrung…"
+Starker Bass ohne Verzerrung
+Gute Klang
+Schicke Hülle
+Auswahl an drei verschiedenen Silikonkappen
Perfekter Passform
Strapazierfähiges Case für besten Schutz
Für die perfekte Passform werden beim ARCTIC SOUND E361-WM drei Sätzen von ultra-weichen Silikonkappen mitgeliefert. Dies erhöht den Tragekomfort und isoliert Außengeräusche effektiv. Erlebe das pure Klangerlebnis und genieße alle Facetten Deiner Musik.
Der ARCTIC SOUND E361-WM Ohrhörer beinhaltet ein Schutz- Case für den Transport. Diese kompakte, runde Tasche ist perfekt zur Aufbewahrung der Ohrhörer unterwegs.
Multifunktional und Multi-kompatibel
Steuere Dein Telefon
Der ARCTIC SOUND E361-WM ist auch als Version mit Mikrofon verfügbar. Dieses ist optimal für Telefonate und Online-Kommunikation mit Skype und MSN. Der Ohrhörer ist mit einem 3,5 mm TRRS-Stecker für die Übertragung von Mikrofon- und Ohrhörer-Signalen ausgestattet und eignet sich somit auch ideal für Mobiltelefone wie das iPhone. Für Geräte wie PCs und Notebooks, die nur den standardmäßigen 3,5-mm-Stereostecker unterstützen, befindet sich ein entsprechendes Adapterkabel im Lieferumfang.
Darüber hinaus enthält das Mikrofon einen Knopf, mit dem das Ausgabegerät gesteuert werden kann. So kann beim iPod / iPhone die Musikwiedergabe gesteuert und Anrufe durch einfachen Knopfdruck entgegengenommen werden.
Technical specifications
Frequency response:
18 Hz - 26 kHz
32 Ω
105 dB
Output Power:
Net Weight:
5 g
Cable Length:
130 cm
Input Connector:
Goldplated 3.5 mm jack
iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, and phones with a 3.5 mm jack
Portable media players:
iPod and MP3, video and DVD players with a 3.5 mm jack
Laptops and computers:
Laptops and computers with a 3.5 mm jack
Home audio:
Home audio systems with a 3.5 mm jack
Gaming consoles:
Gaming consoles with a 3.5 mm jack
Packaging & Box Content
Dimensions: 100 (L) x 40 (W) x 224 (H) mm

Shipping Information
Item Number:


Gross Weight:
115 g
"You will simply not believe the low end that is achievable with these earphones"
"You will simply not believe the low end that is achievable with these earphones. I have studied sound production and I have studied sound reproduction and frankly, I'm stumped by the low-end that's possible here; unless there is some sort of acoustic trickery going on behind the scenes, fooling the ear so to speak. But even so, it works and works fantastically."
"Overall, If you're looking for a decent set of earphones without blowing your budget, these ones are well worth considering their price tag, as the sound quality they offer is really satisfying, combined with... [more]
Mega Labs
"Music sounds great. I don't have any way to quantify, but I found them to have decent bass response and good medium and higher range sound, even when listening at very low volumes."

"I... [more]
The Gadgeteer
"The ARCTIC E361 are on-par with the best earphones I've heard from Skullcandy and other mainstream manufacturers. But none of the competition can match the practicality of the E361 as a multi-purpose headset,... [more]
"E361 was excellent, producing throaty bass without sacrificing clarity"
"Extremely pleased with ARCTIC's E361-WM iPhone buds! The angled speaker drivers are very comfortable, and "fit great" with medium size tips. Sound quality for both music and phone conversations is "terrific." People at the other end of an iPhone conversation report top quality delivery from the spoken voice.... [more]
"As far as audio quality is concerned, we must say that the level of detail and clarity delivered by E361 is excellent with clear highs even with the volume cranked up."
"They are awesome!"
"We rather liked the strong bass response and the crisp sound that comes from an earphone that doesn't have any pretentions of being a high-end audiophile product. The microphone makes it a very useful headset for smartphones and laptop. The neat casing and overall design just add to the final value. The E361-WM is already a... [more]
"Throw aside your hesitation to buy earphones from a cooling company, because ARCTIC has made a smashing first impression with the E361-WM earphones. Their performance rivaled everything I could put them against,... [more]
Dreamware Computer
"For the price I think they're well worth it for the sound overall, the build quality and the included extras. ARCTIC has done an admirable job in both the quality and design of their new E361-WM ear buds.... [more]
"When it comes to sound quality, it came as a pleasant surprise in how well the E361 held up in regards to some of the audio equipment used as a comparison. What is most notable is the range of bass that the earbuds... [more]
ASE Labs
PC Overware
"Your perfect companion for your mobile phone"
"In terms of sound quality, the E361 has excellent quality even the drivers are small. It has good noise isolation and allows you to hear some good bass and highs. Using the given adapter, you can use it on any device without any distortion. Oh, and not to mention that the microphone works perfectly for both conversation and voice... [more]
Noticias 3D
"Compared the E361 to a standard set of iPod earphones fitted with Yurbuds adapters, the difference was quite noticeable, particularly in terms of bass response. Sound via the E361 was excellent, producing throaty bass without sacrificing clarity. High tones remain clear despite the powerful bass, with the ARCTIC E361 you won't... [more]
"As a music lover, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality of the E361. The sounds were pretty well restored, the bass was emphasized but not too heavy, the mids and highs are also well... [more]
PC Overware
"It's comfortable and has fairly good sound isolation. This is an earphone which shows higher performance in presenting the mids and therefore it would be a good option for listening to male voices. This earphone is also compatible with PC communication applications such as Skype, which is far enough for end users to have both... [more]
The Gadgeteer
"These ear buds have a permanent place in my bag!"
"The bass is delivered clearly and it's easy to make out distinct parts of a piece of music. The microphone also works well and a person can easily be heard by someone to whom they are speaking using the phone... [more]
"On the comfort side of things, it was a top-notch listening experience. The angled ear-buds will fit inside your ears easily and are extremely comfortable. We have used some earphones that feel like they stretch... [more]
Tech Reaction
"The sound quality of the earphones is very good. The highs are presented nice and beautifully as promised by ARCTIC. The bass is slightly better than my other earphones, such as Creative EP-630 and EP-830."
"From Everlast to AC/DC to Led Zeppelin to Rush and Tool I was able to enjoy everything I heard...No matter what you listen to, you will enjoy these earbuds."

"Give these guys a really hard look if you are in the market for such a device; I know you won't be disappointed."more]
"The sound quality is great, not elite, but without a doubt great. It has a very full sound...it doesn't sound as if you have speakers in your ear, and it's being driven straight into your eardrum. Instead, it's more as if you are in a room filled with speakers, and you get a very full sound experience. This is very... [more]
Tech Kings
"The sound is good, with the highs, mid and bass well presented. It was much better than what we had expected. The E361-WM are good earphones, which should be ranged as a superior entry level or even mid-range earphones."
"The sound quality of this pair of earphones is impressive!"
"The higher bass frequency is impressively precise and well-rounded. Because of this, these earphones sound great with hip-hop or electronic music."

"The mid-range is well separated and clear,... [more]
"I tried using both sets through a variety of musical situations, ranging from Paramore to Coldplay, Lil Wayne to Metallica, and I was generally pleased. The bass hits very hard, though the mid-range was a little... [more]
"Even though it's difficult to find a good pair of earphones with balanced high and lows, the E361 are a valid exception. The bass is tremendously powerful, while outputting crystal clear highs."
"Well, after several days of intensive iPhone use, I'm happy to say the ARCTIC E361 stereo earbuds were better than I expected in terms of sound quality. The Aluminium casing makes the earbuds look classy and the build quality is pretty good. The included ultra-soft silicone cap does a great job of isolating the external noise.... [more]
ASE Labs
"E361 handle highs and mediums just as well as it does bass"
"The E361s pleasantly surprised me. Most earphones have either no bass or they have so much it washes out the rest of the music. I found them to have a nice balance of highs and lows and just enough mid-range to keep the voices crisp. I tested the earphones with rock, metal, country and rap on my iPhone with the EQ set to Rock. ... [more]
Gear Diary
Well made earbuds that sound good with all sorts of music, rendering clear detail, especially in classical music. Handy that there's a mic and skip control, and nice attention to detail.

Needs someone... [more]
"The sound produced is full and well balanced with a decent bass register. When coupled with an MP3 player, performance is also quite impressive. Treble and bass reproduction is good and the sound produced is... [more]
"From the point of view of these E361-WM earphones as purely a listening device, they certainly impress, with some of the best bass response and quality I've seen from any pair of earphone"
Elite Bastards
Tech Kings
"You get a very full sound experience"
On the PC, using the ARCTIC E361-WM with Skype worked well and even video games
sounded pretty good."

"They are at affordable price and with their nice accessories, such as the protective
case and splitter, they make a nice multipurpose earphone... [more]
Dragon Steel Mods
"The E361 and E351 earphones do a great job and are a great first product from ARCTIC. I'm honestly not sure what they could do to improve the overall product on a $50 pair of earphones. The audio quality is very good for the price and while they won't compare to some $200+ prosumer earphones, they do stand up and stand... [more]
BCC Hardware
"The sound quality of this pair of earphones is impressive! The bass is rich, which is great for bass heavy music listening, and the highs are accentuated and displayed clearly."

"The microphone... [more]
"I have to say, they are awesome. If you like bass, this is a must have. It also has outside noise cancellation so you can enjoy your music even more."
Tech Reaction
"Top-notch listening experience"
"The ARCTIC E361 is ideal for smartphones and it allows me to fully utilize the iPhone. The sound is excellent and it is comparable to those higher quality speakers, which allows you to fully experience."
59 Hardware
"We give these earphones a Big thumbs up! A perfect companion for your MP3 Player, CD Player, Mobile Phone/PDA, etc."

"The bass is just right when you find the sweet spot of positioning the earphone in your ear canal, with nice crisp high... [more]
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  • A721
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    2 x 3,5mm Klinken-Stecker
    1 x 3,5mm Buchse
  • A711
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    3,5mm Klinken-Verlängerungskabel
    5m Länge
    Vergoldeter Stecker und Buchse


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