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3-Pin fan with standard case

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8,49 USD
8,49 USD

"The best in the 'silent' category"

"Comparable with some expensive
fans and even outperformed
some of them"
Long Service Life
The Fluid Dynamic Bearing comes with an oil capsule that avoids lubricant leakage. Thus this bearing is as quiet as a sleeve bearing but comes with a significantly higher service life
Innovative Design Enables Quiet and Efficient Ventilation
The innovative design of the fan blades improves the air flow and facilitates a highly efficient ventilation. The impeller was designed with a focus on minimzing the noise level yet delivering the desired airflow and pressure.
Two Way installation
Blow warm air out of the case
Draw cool air into your case

Fan Speed:
1,350 RPM (@ 12V DC)
900 RPM (@ 7V DC)
650 RPM (@ 5V DC)
Air Flow:
53CFM (90.1 m3/h)
Noise Level:
0.3 Sone (@ 1,350 RPM)

Electrical Characteristics
Typical Voltage:
12V DC
Start-up Voltage:
2.7V DC
Cable Length:

Voltage Current
12V DC (Norminal) 0.24A
7V DC 0.14A
5V DC 0.10A
Motherboard: +12V DC
3-pin socket

Size & Weight

Standard 120 mm fan holes
Packaging & Box Content

Shipping Information
Item Number:
"Impressive price point"
ARCTIC fans are able to cool the system more quietly than the stock fans which aren't even very loud themselves. This was shown in our testing where we recorded a lower noise level for the system with the ARCTIC fans installed. One of the main advantages of these ARCTIC fans over other low-noise alternatives is the impressive price point that they come in at.
My Garage
"An excellent price-performance ratio"
This product respects the tradition of ARCTIC, offering excellent performance at a reasonable price. The design of the fan is appealing and the quality of the materials used in the construction of the product is exceptional.
My Garage
As with the 80 mm fans, it's the ARCTIC fan that performs the best in the "silent" category.
Hardware Info
Hardware Info
"The best in the "silent" category"
"ARCTIC F12 has a good balance between noise and performance at its 1000 rpm, and its completely inaudible at 800rpm."
Ideal for users in search of a silent fan for a very low cost.
A 120 mm stock CoolerMaster fan at high speed has about the same CFM value of F12 at mid speed, this is an excellent point for ARCTIC fan.
For MobileS
High level performace at a low noise level.
ARCTIC products are very silent and I would without any doubt purchase these fans in this competitive market.
The F12 series turns out a good alternative to the standard PC case fan. For the price, it's really cheap but the performance went really well in tests.
The F12 PWM is over 21dB quieter than the Silverstone FM121.
The fan is well decorated and the materials used are excellent. And do not forget that it has an engine with FDB technology, which is usually adopted in much more expensive products.
"The price ratio of F12 TC is phenomenal"



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