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Fusion 550 - EU

550 Watts Power Supply Unit

Verfügbarkeit: Ausverkauft

9.999,99 USD
9.999,99 USD

"Äußerst energieeffizient..."

"Eines der besten Netzteile auf dem Markt..."

"Ein großartiges Netzteil, das meine Erwartungen bei Weitem übertroffen hat."
Hohe Effizienz

Leistungsstark und energieeffizient: "Das Fusion 550-EU ist ein äußerst leistungsstarkes Netzteil mit außergewöhnlichem Design", so Tech Review. 550 Watt Leistung und bis zu 99 Prozent aktive PFC (Power Faktor Correction Rate) machen das Fusion 550-EU zu einem zuverlässigen Netzteil für alle Mittelklasse- und High-End Systeme. Im Test von Tech-Review schlägt das Fusion 550 seine Kontrahenten in Sachen Energieeffizienz um Längen.
Energieverbrauch bei Windows

Leise und kraftvoll
Ausgestattet mit einem 80 mm ARCTIC F8 PRO Lüfter und einem vibrationsdämpfenden Montagerahmen reduziert sich der Geräuschpegel auf ein Minimum. Im Test von planet3d liegt dieser selbst bei 110% Last nur bei 21dBA.
Geräuschpegel bei Fusion 550 / 550F

Sicher und zuverlässig
"Das Fusion 550-EU schützt Deine Hardware mit einer Reihe an Schutzvorkehrungen, wie zum Beispiel Überspannungs-, Überstrom- und Kurzschluss- Schutz."
Quelle: PC Lab.pl:

Das Netzteil, das Geld spart
Dank der integrierten energiesparenden Eco 80 Technologie ist das Fusion 550 laut Quietpc.com "das Netzteil, das Geld spart!". "Zu diesem Preis ist das Fusion 550 eines der preiswertesten 80 PLUS zertifizierten Netzteile mit aktiver PFC im 500- 600 W Bereich", dies ergab ein Vergleich von Legit Reviews.
Quelle: quiet pc and legit reviews

82 - 86%
Active 99%
Fan Speed:
700 - 2,000RPM by Intelligent Controller
Noise Level:
0.08 - 0.3 Sone
Power Good Signal:
100 - 500 ms
Hold Up Time:
>17 ms
>100,000 hours at 25 oC ambient temperature
Safety and Maintenance
CUL (Level 6) / CE / CB
Operating Temperature:
0-50 C
Operating Humidity:
20% - 80%
Storage Temperature:
-40C - 85C
Storage Humidity:
10% - 95%
Input Voltage:
AC 90 - 264 Watts (Auto Range)
Input Current:
3.0 A at 230 Vac, 6.0 A at 115 Vac
Input Fequency Range:
47 - 63 Hz
Output Power (W):
550 Watts
Size & Weight

Dimensions: 145 L x 40 W x 20 H mm
Net Weight:
43 g
Packaging and Box Content
Dimensions: 265 L x 190 W x 110 H mm
Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
2 Kg
"The Fusion 550R is nothing short of fantastic"
"When it comes to the acoustics performance, the Fusion 550R is nothing short of fantastic. You won't ever be able to notice the fan running except if the unit is heavily loaded for an extended period of time."
ARCTIC succeeded a very low-noise PSU that furthermore produces a steady electric tension. It convinces with a high efficiency factor.
Technic 3D
"This is another very quiet power supply that still manages to deliver excellent cooling performance. The maximum efficiency is among the best in this roundup, reaching 88% efficiency at medium load and 85% efficiency at 20% load."
The fair price is the big advantage of this PSU. For only 37 Euro there are usually not a lot other products you would intrust your computer.
ARCTIC enters the PSU market and got a good shot with their extraordinary design.
The ARCTIC Fusion 550R suprises not only with a very good energy efficiency as well with a very silent operation in idle and full load. The ARCTIC F8 Pro fan does really make a good job. <br />Oerall the ARCITC Fusion 550R get 98... [more]
"This PSU is VERY quiet, I can't hear it at all even after turning the video card fan off. When it comes to electricity usage, the Fusion 550R was about 5W less than the Coolermaster we compared. The fan really made this thing... [more]
"It's definitely one of the best buys"

"Overall impressions of the Fusion 550R is definitely good. This is a good performance product with a decent price, it's very quiet and has given you enough of... [more]
"In fact, it's probably one of the most stable PSUs we've tested around here." It appears to be very stable in terms of voltage as well as ripple and noise.
BCC Hardware
"The cooling fan of Fusion 550 is quiet and efficient, guaranteeing excellent cooling performance even at higher loads, while remaining almost inaudible. The ability to control two fans at the same power supply is highly commendable.... [more]
Inside Hardware
Inside Hardware
"Guaranteeing excellent cooling performance even at higher loads"
"At $60 it is arguably the best 500 W PSU currently available"

"I rather like how the fan looks. Performance wise the fan is excellent, it makes very little... [more]
This is a great little power supply for your MID RANGE system. The power factor levels are outstanding and this power supply would be absolutely great for offices and desktop as it wastes practically no power in idle and load and is also... [more]
Hardware Look
"The ARCTIC Fusion 550R is a great power supply and should be powerful enough for all but the most powerful of pc's. Even if you don't have a powerful pc but want some peace and quiet this could be the power supply for the... [more]
Xtreme Computing
Good Quality with a low noise level, very low energy consumption when IDLE.
Tech Review.de
"The ARCTIC Fusion 550R power supply comes with a new design with a small but powerful 80mm fan placed right next to the cabling, instead of the typical bigger 120-140mm fan. The specific design saves some space and also contributed to... [more]
"The Fusion 550 left me very impressed with just how quiet it really was. Being cooled by that single 80mm fan as I mentioned earlier, I wasn't too sure if it was going to be as quiet as they stated. I usually use my Seasonic... [more]
Dreamware Computer
"The Fusion 550R power supply delivers a balanced 500W output. ARCTIC showed off their skills in the field of cooling and applied it to the cooling performance of the PCB, using a very efficient and quiet fan."
Hardware For You
"I used the ARCTIC Fusion 550RF power supply unit for about two months without any issues. I couldn't hear the fan at all in the Thermaltake Element G case. Overall I was very pleased with the performance and stability of this PSU... [more]



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