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HDMI Cable

High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet

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10,99 USD
10,99 USD
Ethernet Capability
Ready for 3D Display
Advanced Multi-layer Shielding
Unlike other HDMI cables, our HDMI Cable is equipped with Ethernet to provide you with internet access at 100Mbit/s.
It meets the requirements for the latest technologies. You can use it to transfer signal from your 3D Blu-ray to a 3D-enabled TV and enjoy an IMAX-like 3D experience.
Specifically-designed to fully meet your expectations, this HDMI Cable is built with multi-layer shielding technology where it can further isolate outside interference for optimum signal transfer and shielding of electromagnetic energy.
Gold-Plated Connectors
High Strength and Resistance
In order to deliver better picture and sound quality, unlike the normal tin-plated connectors, the gold-plated connectors provide a more reliable contact and increased durability for low loss and low attenuation.
The additional nylon jacket strengthens its durability and damage resistance especially when the cable is working under hostile conditions, e.g. being pinched between two pieces of furniture for a long time.
Size & Weight

1.5 m / 3 m
Net Weight:
94 g / 171 g
Resolution Support
4K x 2K Resolution

Type A (gold-plated)
Packaging & Box Content
Shipping Information
Item Number:
1.5 m : AMHEC02-01001-A01
3m : AMHEC02-01001-A02

1.5 m: 0872767004795
3 m: 0872767004801

Gross Weight:
250 g
"4 times more than other HDMI cables"
"The resolution provided by this HDMI cable (4k x 2k) is 4 times more than other HDMI cables on the market.This also supports the delivery of high-definition sound signals (5.1/7.1). This cable is good for 3D graphics, gaming and videos."



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