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K381 - Black

Slim USB Keyboard with Office Keys

Verfügbarkeit: Ausverkauft

15,99 USD
15,99 USD
Schlanke USB-Tastatur mit Sonderfunktionstasten
12 Büro- und Emailfunktionstasten
Die ultra schlanke Tastatur verfügt über praktische Funktionstasten für Textverarbeitung und Emailanwendungen, die sie zum perfekten Begleiter für den Büroalltag macht.
Funktionstasten für den alltäglichen Gebrauch wie "Open", "Save", "Undo/Redo", "Send" und "Reply/Reply All" vereinfachen Dir das Abarbeiten Deiner täglichen Aufgaben.
Ultra schlankes Design
Ergonomisches Arbeiten
Dank ihres schlanken flachen Designs eignet sich die Tastatur auch für kleine Arbeitsflächen.
Das extrem flache Design ermöglicht es, beim Tippen die Handballen auf dem Schreibtisch aufzulegen, so dass Du Dich den ganzen Tag auf Deine Aufgaben konzentrieren kannst ohne ein Unwohlsein zu verspüren.
Dreamware Computer
"Same comfort and speed I get from my Mac keyboard"
"At the end of the day, the ARCTIC K381 is a great first keyboard from ARCTIC. It's low profile keys offer incredibly fast, comfortable and consistent typing. The slim keyboard design not only looks sleek on your desk, but helps to save a lot of space as well. For $25USD, it gives me the same comfort and speed I get from my Mac keyboard, just at a third of the price. I really have no major complaints with the K381 after my time with it."
"Aesthetically, the K381 keyboard is very elegant and it fits easily with office or living room environment. The keys are well positioned and its not easy to cause typing errors. The function "F key" makes it more practical... [more]
"Typing is comfortable, you can hear the noise of keys when typing, but it's not too disturbing.It's not tiring using the keyboard for typing.
When use it during game, for example the... [more]
PC Overware
"The keys just seem to flow when you type. "
"One of the strength for K381 is its compactness, which allows you to carry it easily and conveniently in a backpack as a secondary keyboard for the netbook."
"The chiclet keys make for easy use and good typing, even under multiplayer-deathmatch pressure. This is backed up by the minimal design that takes up as little space as possible on your desk or in your LAN-party bag."
"The device is compact and light, yet brings all of the features expected on a full functioning keyboard. The ergonomics are much better for me and the tactile feedback a big improvement over the keyboard I am replacing. Another... [more]
Gear Diary
"At only around $20 AUD the K381 is off excellent value, offering a great experience for what really is a small price, literally. If you're looking for a great keyboard with style and functionality but you're on a small... [more]
Australian Overclocking
Overclockers HQ
"Grab yourself a K381 as soon as possible"
"The ARCTIC K381 is an attractive looking keyboard with some good integrated functions. During my tests, I used it for several hours per day, for 3 days and to prove a point, I decided to use the K381 keyboard to type up this review.... [more]
The K381 are awarded 8 out of 10 in the review.

Quality: 8.5
Features: 7.5
Aesthetic: 8
Price: 8more]
PC Brain
"The K381 manages the minimalistic look while still being aesthetically pleasing. Its use of function keys and volume control keys, mean it's about as fully featured as you need from a day to day keyboard. Its low profile design... [more]
Xtreme Computing
"I think that ARCTIC have done an excellent job with the K831 for their first keyboard. For anyone looking for a very inexpensive, home/office keyboard, you... [more]
RB Mods
"The white K381 is real gem among the keyboards"
"At the end of the day, the ARCTIC K381 is a great first keyboard from ARCTIC. It's low profile keys offer incredibly fast, comfortable and consistent typing. The slim keyboard design not only looks sleek on your desk, but helps... [more]
Dreamware Computer
"The keyboard is rather pleasing to the eye with its Apple style. The keys are placed correctly, even if the input is a bit small."
"The K381 keyboard from ARCTIC has been made for environments such as office situations and mainly writing tasks. This is way it is mad without any flashy gadget or LCD screens on it. It's made to keep the weight down to keep it... [more]
Hardware Look
"Overall, the ARCTIC K381 is a nice keyboard. The K381 has an ultra slim design. Slim design and plug and play ability make the K381 a nice choice as a portable... [more]
Hi-Tech Legion
Tech Reaction
"You cannot go wrong with this purchase"
"The finishing of keyboard is good, and the typing experience is comfortable and nice."

"The 12 hotkeys worked perfectly. We particularly liked... [more]
GeForce Italia
"Using the keyboard all day, we discovered that typing, browsing, and using multimedia keys is comfortable."

"The ARCTIC K381 keyboard is nicely... [more]
RB Mods
"WOW! Black Friday has already arrived!!!"
"For general use, the K381 does well. General typing out emails, working on spreadsheets and writing reviews all are handled well with this keyboard."
Impulse Gamer
"When it comes to writing documents or texts with K381, it shows all its potential, especially in programs like Office which those hotkeys help improving ... [more]
PC Maximonet
"The Feeling with the keys is quite good, at least I liked. In fact, this review is being written using this keyboard, the spacebar problem could be staggering after... [more]
"The ARCTIC K381 is rather quieter than a normal keyboard, ultra thin design and small size make it a generally good choice for a travel keyboard."
Impulse Gamer
"A real gaming work out"
We were very pleased with the ARCTIC K381 keyboard. It is very nice to use and very comfortable, thanks to the accurate keys. The low... [more]
"Our fingers were able to work in harmony with the K381. PC users looking for an affordable alternative to the Apple keyboard will find themselves very satisfied.. A slim, minimalistic design with responsive and feature-packed keys... [more]
Tech Kings
"When it comes to straight comfort and typing the K381 is my first and in my opinion only choice. I have been using a keyboard much like this one for a long time now and it will be a pretty amazing keyboard that has to be invented to... [more]
Overclockers HQ
Compact, fits even when the abundance of space is lacking, this keyboard also has the advantage of large and clear keys.
Bits and Chips
ASE Labs
"If you like laptop style keys, this is the keyboard for you. ASE Labs recommends it"
It's definitely something that i would consider using as an everyday keyboard. It's mobile enough for be thrown in a backpack or briefcase. And it's big enough and comfortable enough for use on our desk everyday. So a great... [more]
"The K381 presents a relatively fine mix of features at a lowish price. At $24.95 the K381 is only a little more than your standard run of the mill keyboard. The design is more attractive than the very cheapest stuff on the market, but... [more]
"Makes gaming better"
"This is a great little keyboard and does exactly what we expected it would do."

"Overall, if you are in the market for a slim keyboard to help... [more]
Tech Reaction
"I went to one of the typing test sites on the Internet and did a 73 WPM with the ARCTIC and a 70 WPM with the Dell. So is it faster? Again, I don't know but it sure feels like it. And I just like typing on it for some... [more]
The Gadgeteer
"The keys themselves are easy to press and make typing, like this review, fun again. The keys just seem to flow when you type. I feel like I type faster with this... [more]
"After testing the K831 , I can definitely state that it is compact and portable. It is a versatile keyboard used only for casual typing and offered functionalities... [more]
"The flat buttons are really comfortable and go easy on the fingers, eliminating the need for hammering a button continuously if it doesn't respond. The shortcut keys which are bound with the... [more]
"ARCTIC have done an excellent job"
"The feel of the keyboard keys when typing is also something I like. The keyboard keys have good feedback on them in terms of the way they snap back after being pushed down. From a sound stand point this keyboard is a bit louder than... [more]
"The ARCTIC K381 is a very good keyboard for general typing with its low profile keys and has a nice springy feel that makes general typing and computer use easy. I do type pretty fast and the lower profile keys make fast typing a bit... [more]
"Pair this keyboard up with the M571 mouse to have an excellent combination for gaming. In addition to performing well, the K381 is small enough to take with you to LAN parties. While the minimalistic design may shun away some people... [more]
ASE Labs
"You get a comfortable keyboard that you could use all day with no discomfort. If you are on a tight budget or you are like me and have a cluttered desktop this keyboard could be for you.You do get what you pay for."
BCC Hardware
"The strong points of the ARCTIC K381 are its compact size and light weight, these factors make it an ideal companion for a HTPC or a SFF PC that's tucked away in a small corner. The K381 can easily be hidden from view and should... [more]
Dark Vision Hardware
"The K381 is clearly designed for desktop applications. The finishing of the keyboard is good in quality, typing is comfortable."

"The twelve... [more]
"Overall the K381 turned out to be a very nice keyboard. The MSRP of this board is 17,45 €, which is a bit of a bargain and makes it all the more tempting. The compact size and nice typing touch are the two main points, no doubt... [more]
"The design is good and it's convenience to carry due to its compact size. And typing is actually quite quiet. With such compact size, the K381 will fit perfectly for the HTPC or laptops. This all-in-one designed keyboard will... [more]
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