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MC001 Barebone

Media Center (Barebone Version)

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9.999,99 USD
9.999,99 USD
Entertainment Everywhere
Introducing the First Passively Cooled Home Entertainment Center
"MC001-BD is certainly one of the most stylish units we've had passed through our labs"
"Whether working, watching movies or a quick game World of Warcraft, the ARCTIC MC001-DVDS is a shining star in any room"
"MC001-BD is a highly successful product and is worth recommending"
Your World on the Big Screen
Entertainment never stops
With MC001, you may enjoy more by migrating all kinds of digital entertainment including movies, music and web-based applications onto your new HDTV simply with an HDMI cable. It's equipped with a Blu-ray* player as well to fulfill your pursuit for pure and true-to-life images and videos.

Furthermore, access to the world of unlimited digital contents anytime at home thanks to video-on-demand services available online such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

*DVD player also available.
Amazingly Quiet
Passive cooling captures the art of silence
It is passively cooled, without any fans running inside, to ensure virtually silent operation while maintaining the interior hardware under desirable temperatures. Vents on the aluminum chassis facilitate the air flow mechanism to guarantee optimal heat dissipation. You simply can't hear its existence under any noise-sensitive environment in your home, either the living room or bedroom.
Vivid and Realistic Graphics
Graphics which blow your mind away
The use of ATI Mobility Radeon Graphics brings high-definition pictures and videos with smooth and dazzling details which are so mesmerizing that you don't want to look away.

Besides, the ATI Stream Technology allows applications such as Internet browsers or media players to utilize the GPU to boost performance significantly.
Highly Versatile
Customize your own home entertainment hub
The barebone version allows you to fully customize your home entertainment hub according to your needs for memory, storage, optical drive and operating system.
TV Tuner Integrated
Maximize your TV experience beyond imagination
With the integrated TV tuner (DVB-T or ATSC), MC001 not only takes you to Internet TV, but also allows you to record and watch digital terrestrial TV and use the time-shift function to pause and watch your favorite show anytime with Windows Media Center. Furthermore,C001dds versatility to your TV habits by offering you convenient access to online services of all major TV stations. There you find infotainment, background information on broadcasts, current TV series, movies or TV shows you missed. Therefore, you can watch your favorite show and view information about it all on yourC001.
A True Beauty in the Heart of the Living Room
Sleek. Slim. Design Aesthetics.
The unique design makes theC001 true living room accessory. Designed in a sleek 1.5L aluminum chassis with a thickness of merely 4 cm, this compact system fits elegantly in any living room.
Abundant Connections
A full range of ports to do more
It is equipped with a full set of connection ports for greater flexibility in terms of media sharing and exteral expansions - Ethernet or wireless network connections, 7.1 surround sound ouput, full HD or VGA display and data transfer by memory cards or USB.
Low Power Consumption
Save the energy for a better environment
One of the most energy-saving home entertainment systems in the market, you can turn it on 24/7 without burning unnecessary power. The 64 bit Dual Core CPU (Atom D525) in combination with 4GB DDR3 RAM (3.25 GB operating system, 0.75 GB RAMDisk) and 80 cores from the DirectX 11 GPU (ATI 5430, 512 MB GDDR3) offer your applications the performance needed at the lowest possible power consumption. The 32-bit Windows consumes fewer resources and offers lower loading time than its 64 bit counterpart while performing at the same level for most applications. Moreover, thanks to a special software, the RAM above 3.25 GB is used by Windows as a cache.
Compare Entertainment Centers
Dual Core Intel Atom D525 (1.8GHz) CPU
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5430 GPU
DVD-RW drive 24x
Wi-Fi 802.11n
USB 3.0
TV Tuner (DVB-T or ATSC)
Size & Weight

Without Stand:
143 L x 40 W x 266 H mm
With Stand:
161 L x 65 W x 275 H mm
1.5 L
Hardware & Memory
Dual Core Intel Atom D525 (1.8GHz)
Intel NM10
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5430
512 MB GDDR3
4GB DDR3 1333MHz
(max. support 2 x 4 GB SoDIMM DDR3 800/1066/1333)
TV Tuner:

1 x 2.5" SATA II (maximum thickness 9.5 mm)
Optical Disc Drive
DVD-RW 24x
Form factor:
5.25" Slim
Compatible models:
Philips Lite-On PLDS DS-4E1S
Philips Lite-On PLDS DS-6E2SH
Philips Lite-On PLDS DS-8A4S
Philips Lite-On PLDS DS-8A5S
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
10/100/1000 Ethernet
Power Consumption
19V DC 60W
Onboard analog stereo high-definition audio (ALC892)
7.1- Dolby True HD or DTS HD Master Audio (HDMI)
Optical Digital S/PDIF audio output
Packaging & Box Content
205 L x 130 W x 329 H mm
Shipping Information
Item Number:
DPACO-MC10311-GB (EU Plug)
DPACO-MC11311-GB (UK Plug)
DPACO-MC12311-GB (US Plug)
DPACO-MC13311-GB (AU Plug)
DPACO-MC10411-GB (EU Plug)
DPACO-MC11411-GB (UK Plug)
DPACO-MC11401-GB (US Plug)
DPACO-MC13411-GB (AU Plug)

0872767004412 (EU Plug)
0872767004344 (UK Plug)
0872767004276 (US Plug)
0872767005525 (AU Plug)
0872767004573 (EU Plug)
0872767004597 (UK Plug)
0872767004580 (US Plug)
0872767005532 (AU Plug)

Gross Weight:
3,000 g
"The MC001 is one of the best purchasing decisions"
"This MC001 has been designed for general 'everyday' duties and high definition media playback, and when used in this manner it is perfectly capable."

"Connectivity is first class, with HDMI, USB 3.0, Gigabit Lan, 7:1 audio and wireless capabilities all offered by default. The inclusion of a quality BluRay player and Windows 7 operating system also mean that the end user has very little to tweak or install before it can be used."

"The ARCTIC MC001-BD is one of the best purchasing decisions if you are looking for a silent, high definition media device for a living or bedroom, but the hardware does limit it in other areas. A trade-off however that a specific audience will not mind making."
MC001-BD is certainly one of the most stylish units we've had passed through our labs. It will seamlessly integrate with your HTPC equipment and the slim-line style really makes it stand out, but in a subtle way. The included TV tuner... [more]
Whether working, watching movies or a quick game World of Warcraft, the ARCTIC MC001 DVDS is a shining star in any room. Whether in the office, bedroom or living room, the small size and the stylish appearance fit perfectly into any... [more]
"There is a delicate balance between selecting the right low-power components that will offer you the ability to surf the web, stream movies over the internet via something like Netflix or even from your vast files you currently have... [more]
"Entirely passive and quiet operation. "
"ARCTIC has leveraged their skills to cool the entire system passively extremely well. Overall the unit is not only compact, but also offers very capable internals with a Blu-Ray drive, 500 GB Hard drive and 4 GB of memory. Thanks to... [more]
"This MC001 has been designed for general 'everyday' duties and high definition media playback, and when used in this manner it is perfectly... [more]
Completely quiet, performance wise and at an average price of 450 Euros, ARCTIC MC001-BD offers an excellent quality/price ratio with two-year warranty.
59 Hardware
The ARCTIC MC001-BD is pleasantly well-equipped HTPC sold only 450 Euros, especially with the DVB-T board embedded in the latest models.
"ARCTIC MC001 DVDS is a shining star in any room"
"Without a doubt, the MC001 is an elegant, compact versatile and powerful multimedia centre."

"The MC001 enters the market as a redefined... [more]
"MC001-BD is a product of a high success and is worth recommending."
"ARCTIC applied a passive cooling system (on MC001), which is more than sufficient, and allows you to watch movies... [more]
PC Foster
ARCTIC MC001-DVDS is a complete multimedia PC designed to find a place in the living room, next to your TV and play any audio and video files. The absolutely quiet operation is achieved thanks to its completely fanless construction.
"ARCTIC has integrated a more powerful GPU, the Radeon HD 5430 (in MC001), which succeeds to defeat the 3D performance of the Zacate systems without problems and leaves the Ion2 in the dust.Some of the previously reviewed systems had... [more]
"Silent, feature rich, high definition media device"
Very user friendly product and great for the average user, it performed well for every-day use, started quickly with no lag time and play videos mostly uninterrupted. The appearance is small and sleek, it fits anywhere I'd like in my... [more]
"In the round-up tests, ARCTIC's MC001-BD does exceptionally well with its passive cooling, thus its much more quieter than the rest of the HTPCs."
Tom's Hardware
"The Swiss design team has created a small living room HTPC, which completely does its job quietly, and we're very pleased with the MC001."
The MC001 suprised us with its performance, thanks to the Atom. With the different versions (DVD, Blueray, Barebones), there's something for everyone.
59 Hardware
"Excellent quality/price ratio"
"The ARCTIC MC001 has more to offer than a PC or a multi media streamer, it's a refined entertainment centre which combines them both." This statement is... [more]
The ARCTIC MC001-BD is the Blu-ray model of ARCTIC's Entertainment Center line of Aton-based systems. Think of it as a slim PC that comes with Windows 7, CyberLink Power DVD 10, and Windows Live Essentials security software... [more]
Computer Power User
Everyone is assumed that the fans turn on during operation, but surprisingly, for MC001's silent cooling, there's nothing to turn on and it is quiet. The unit is attractively designed, it's neatly made and solid. It's a really nice idea... [more]
Pure PC
"The unit is lightweight and is easily placed on a small stand near the TV."

"It was really quiet when we used the unit to burn DVDs, the media centre is doing its job... [more]
PC Overware
"Certainly one of the most stylish units"
A High Speed PC with Compact Design.
Dealers Only
Entirely passive and quiet operation. Compact & easy to store. Flexible and lots of different input/output ports. Extremely low power consumption. Upgrade possibilities.
"The reception quality is really good on the TV tuner and the MC001 changes channels with a good flow and short response time."
HTPC Italia
The MC 001 DVDS scored with its silent operation, low power consumption and its extensive interface.


Is MC001 compatible with Windows 8.1read

Some heavy changes in Windows 8.1 make some of our drivers not working anymore, MC001 is not compatible with Windows 8.1.




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