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MC101 (A10)

Most Advanced Media Center (Full Version)

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9.999,99 USD
9.999,99 USD

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9.999,99 USD
It's the Most Advanced
Home Entertainment Center
Elegant aluminium design. Latest AMD APU Trinity A10.
Advanced 3DHD graphics. Massive 1TB storage.
Windows 7 Home Premium. TV tuner.
Many ports for extensive connectivity.
"The mini PC embedded with all the interfaces necessary for a Media Centre PC."
"Real powerful against any multimedia challenge, the MC101 is an excellent media center."
"impressed with its gaming potential"
"high quality material well worth its asking price"
Watch Movies
On Your Biggest Screen
With a HDMI cable, you can connect your MC101 to the biggest HDTV in your home and start playing your movies and TV shows on the massive screen. Surfing the web and flipping through your photo library, all in brilliant HD.
Advanced Graphics
For Real-Life Gaming
Features a fast and responsive AMD Radeon vivid 3D HD graphics (HD7660G), it defined stutter free gaming performance and enabled countless visual effects. Compatible for all latest games, find a list of the most popular games and their performance on the MC101 here.
"Impressed with its gaming potential"
Dual Passive-Active Cooling
in Total Silence
MC101 achieves a maximum heat dissipation in total silence. You can adjust the cooling solution upon your needs using one of the 3 suggested thermal profiles .
Store All You Want
With a 1TB hard drive, you can pack all your files! Boost up to 2TB or more with an extra hard drive.

How much can you pack in a 2TB storage?
Over 2,000,000 Photos
Over 625,000 Songs
Over 2,600 Movies
Elegant Aluminium Design
As Slim As a SD Memory Card
With its thinness as small as a SD card, together with an elegant class- brushed silver aluminum design. The MC101 fits in just anywhere in your house.
Extreme Processing Speed
Latest AMD Trinity APU
The latest Quad-Core AMD Trinity APU - A10-4600M well recognised with its improvements in overall PC speed. The processor clock speed increases from the 2.3GHz baseline to a maximum of 3.2GHz to deliver extreme performance when required. Keeps up with computers three times its size. (More on APU)

MC101 comes with 8GB / 4GB of fast DDR3 1,600MHz Memory.
Record and Watch TV Programs
The pre-installed TV tuner (DVB-T (HD) / ATSC) allows you to watch and record all Internet and terrestrial TV programs at anytime.
Consume As Low As 10 Watts
Packed with energy-efficient elements, its motherboard and APU processor consume as low as 10 watts when idle. It is perfect for energy saving.
Multi-Room Sharing
Stream Video and Audio
You can simply turn your MC101 into a centralised jukebox for your house with an ARCTIC Audio Relay and a speaker. The system allows you to stream your playlist and have it play anywhere, while someone else is watching movie on the media centre. Share your music everywhere with the most convenient way!
Become The Center Of Attention
You're well connected
Featured with the latest 802.11n wireless technology and a gigabit connection, you can broaden your social networks with just anyone! Surf the web, share the latest news, videos, games and shop online hassle-free.
Connect it to Everything
You will never run out of ports anymore! You can connect many devices just like that. Connect everything and work with convenience.
Size & Weight

32 mm (1.3 inches)
168 mm (6.6 inches)
226 mm (8.9 inches)
1.2 kg (2.6 pounds)
Hardware & Memory
AMD Trinity A10 - 4600M
8 GB (two x 4 GB) or 4 GB
Storage & Connection
mPCIe (mSATA):
free to use
SATA III 6 Gb/s:
HDD 1TB 5,400RPM
SATA III 6 Gb/s:
free to use
Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium ( Windows 8 ready)
802.11n Wi-Fi wireless networking;
4 IEEE 802.11a/b/g
Gigabit LAN WOL option in Firmware
TV Tuner:
8 channels audio codec
Support Blu-ray
HD audio through HDMI
Connections & Expansion
Packaging & Box Content
110 mm (4.3 inches)
286 mm (11.3 inches)
226 mm (8.9 inches)
Operating System
DC 12V EuP 2013 compliant (<0.5W)
Shipping Information
Item Number:

0872767005815 (4GB - EU)
0872767005839 (4GB - UK)
0872767005822 (4GB - US)
0872767006034 (4GB - AU)
0872767005907 (8GB - EU)
0872767005921 (8GB - UK)
0872767005914 (8GB - US)
0872767006065 (8GB - AU)

Gross Weight:
2.36 kg (5.2 pounds)
"The performance of the MC101 is impressive"
"If you are looking for a small system, the MC101 is definitely worth considering. It delivers a good performance in a very subdue exterior and compact size."

"The performance of the MC101 is impressive. With the MC101, the stuttering is nowhere to be found.We absolutely loved the ability to multi-task on the MC101. It is fast enough even compare to more expensive systems."
"The MC101 looks really nice with its modern aluminum chassis. For a HTPC, the performance is sufficient enough for everyday use. It is a very good solution for the living room with built-in WIFI and TV Tuner, smart memory... [more]
The MC101 is a really attractive computer.Beautiful Design and easy to integrate in your TV furniture, and powerful enough to resist any multimedia challenges, an astonishing cooling system added with a lot of possibilities.The MC101 is an... [more]
01 Net
"ARCTIC has built an exciting system, with thick aluminum parts and unadorned appearance guaranteed to appeal to many people.
When it comes to media playback, the ARCTIC MC101 shines. The... [more]
01 Net
"Astonishing cooling system"
It is never an easy task to pack so much power in such a small footprint and have it all work in harmony
Real World Labs
More than just a Media center. The MC101 is a computer standing out from the crowd, seducing us by how reliable it is. The good work from the engineers has given us silence, and performance. This media center will also have no difficulties... [more]
Journal du Geek
The computer embedded with all the interfaces necessary for a Media Centre PC such as TV tuner, HDMI and Wi-Fi. Moreover, it plays videos and simple 3D games smoothly on Full HD displays.
The MC101 is a computer needed to be invented to transform your TV to a complete multi-functional machine. Silent, compact, light weight and a beautiful design. The MC101 is beefed up enough to read any video format, check your emails, and... [more]
Micro Hebdo
"When it comes to media playback, the MC101 shines"
"Housed in an elegant and stylish brushed aluminium chassis. The MC101-A10 is an efficient home entertainment system which has the power to handle all types of media requirements."
The design, interface / hardware features and the upgrade availability make the ARCTIC MC101 into a complete all-in-one package for games, videos, watching TV, surfing and many other tasks.
A perfect media artist.
Hardware Luxx
ARCTIC has done an amazing job creating a premium product with proper components, stunning design with high quality material well worth its asking price.
Custom PC Review
"Powerful graphics performance for gaming"
ARCTIC delivers a high-quality package you must have in your living room.
PC Max
+ Very good equipped
+ Good performance
+ Good workmanship
We loved the look of the ARCTIC MC101-A10, appreciated its responsiveness and were left impressed with its gaming potential.




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  • HDMI Cable
    10,99 USD
    HDMI Cable
  • 2.5" HDD Enclosure
    19,99 USD
    2.5" HDD Enclosure
    Ultradünn (10mm) – passt in jede Tasche
    Schnelle Datenübertragung - USB 3.0-Schnittstelle
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    USB Wireless Gamepad
    12 programmable buttons
    8-way D-pad
    Realistic vibration feedback
  • Optical Audio Cable
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    Hochzeiliges digitales Signal
    Feinmechanische glänzende Fiber-Tips für verbesserte Leistung gegenüber Signalübertragung
    Strapazierfähige Ummantelung schützt vor Schäden


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