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USB Headset for Music and Games

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9.999,99 USD
9.999,99 USD
The ARCTIC P321 headphones are designed for enjoyment and pleasure. The high-fidelity driver ensures a balanced frequency response and lets you dive into pure sound. Besides communication this headset is ideal to play games and listen to music.
"The P321 is an exceptional value with USB connectivity, retractable mic and lightweight construction all packaged for a low price. The in line control module is one of the better designed, conforming to your hand with every button in easy reach of your thumb."
"P321 offers an almost perfect balance between design, build quality, comfort and audio quality."
"I can honestly say I actually got an enhanced experience while watching movies. Explosions were much beefier, while the speech and sound effects from the movie were clear and loud. Listening to my collection of MP3s is also a joy. Nice bass, with good mid-range and crisp highs."
Superb Sound Quality
Comfort is Everything
With a 50mm high-fidelity driver, the P321 is a premium audio headset that accurately reproduces sounds over the full spectrum. Its powerful bass and crisp highs enhance the listening experience and suits audiophiles, gamers and movie lovers. Thanks to the digital interface (USB), your laptop or PC soundcard will no longer compromise the music quality.
The P321 features a comfortable and closed over-the-ear (circumaural) headset design to ensure optimum noise isolation. The soft ear cushions and the adjustable headband with additional padding provide all-day comfort.
Ideal for Voice Applications
In-line Remote Control
The retractable and adjustable microphone on the headset is conveniently placed to easily start voice communication. The in-line audio control panel is integrated with the volume control and mute function, making it easy to adjust volume levels.
With the advanced in-line remote control on the P321, users have full access to track selection, volume, mute and bass boost right at your fingertips. The bass boost setting intensifies the bass level and brings a whole new experience to your movies and games.
Technical Specifications
Headphone Type:
Circumaural Around-ear
Driver Size:
50 mm
Frequency Response:
12 Hz - 24 kHz
32 Ω
97 dB
Output Power:
225 g
Cable Length:
3.2 m
Input Type:
Plug and Play
Input Connector:
All laptops, tablet PCs, and computers with USB connection

260 (L) x 100 (W) x 237 (H) mm
Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
650 g
"P321 will rival most stereo gaming headsets out there"
"The bass-boost feature also shows its worth when watching movies. It gives gunshots and explosions an extra depth which provides a greater level of immersion in the film. The omission of surround-sound is quite noticeable in movies compared to the pricier P531 but the P321 will rival most stereo gaming headsets out there."
"The sound quality using the P321 was excellent; I had several people ask me if I had gotten a new phone. I spent a ton time chatting with friends on TeamSpeak with no sound or microphone issues. Gaming, movies and YouTube showed off the built-in sound processor to its fullest. I found the sounds of explosions in games and movies to... [more]
Pro Clockers
"So, what is our impression of these models? Positive, positive, positive. P301 and P321 models offer everything what you would expect from a typical headset. They are comfortable, durable, well designed and even practical."
PC Ekspert
It was very good. Although like all headphone at full volume the sound started... [more]
"Perfect balance between design, build quality, comfort and audio quality"
"Right around 24Hz I got what to me are true LFE effects, and in the neighborhood of 30Hz these drivers did really well. The 50mm diameter of the driver in each ear-cup really shined here and through the entire spectrum of 30Hz->65Hz I felt like my eyeballs were vibrating from the good bass response. The "Bass Boost"... [more]
"My music collection tends to stretch across a pretty wide range of types of artists and genres from Led Zeppelin to Godsmack to Adele and Mumford and Sons so the P321 got a workout on a wide range. Much like with the movies the P321 performed well in just about all aspects providing clear vocals and decent tone. Bass boost again... [more]
"The large 50mm driver produced good quality digital sound that's both crisp and loud, with nice deep bass. For AV use, I can honestly say I actually got an enhanced experience while watching movies. Explosions were much beefier, while the speech and sound effects from the movie were clear and loud. Listening to my collection of... [more]
ARCTIC P321 headphones have proved good companions in listening and use with our favorite games, giving us a good sound quality over a remarkable soundproofing, immersing ourselves in the sound and isolating ourselves from the world around us.
Structurally built with good... [more]
"I felt like my eyeballs were vibrating from the good bass response"
The P321 was a pleasant surprise in terms of sound quality and is very comfortable even after long time use. The P321 stand out especially in the midrange, despite having a fairly wide range. The quality is enough to convince most moderate users, although they do not cater to audiophiles. For the general user, these headsets are great in... [more]
Info Hardware
"The extreme comfort of the P321 is another great feature that will allow you to enjoy your music and movies for hours on end. If you happen to wear glasses, this headset is lightweight and will not squeeze or put extra pressure on your ears and make them hurt after a few minutes of wearing them. This is great news, because a lot of... [more]
Tech Reaction
Works great for both music and games. The microphone has a good sound absorption and do not emit much noise. The retractable mic is a great feature for gamers.
"The result of watching the movie Iron Man 2, was very indeed exciting. Having activated 5.1 configuration in the system, it was not a challenge for the P321 headphones. Despite having only 2 speakers, the audio clarity and quality was very good, while in each explosion, the music, the atmosphere and sounds of gunfire were visible in... [more]
PC Ekspert
"Positive, positive, positive"
"To test the P321 for gaming, we wanted to use a game where sound was critical to gameplay and immersion. We chose "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" as it's an excellent example in using sound design to effect the player. The clarity and accuracy of the game sounds really came through to drastically enhance the gameplay... [more]
ASE Labs
"P321 offers an almost perfect balance between design, build quality, comfort and audio quality. While you can find headphones with a superior level of audio for less money (like the Genius HS-03U ) they are much more uncomfortable and the lifetime of those units are much lower compared to other brands."
+ Control tracks, bass etc in command.
+ Lightweight.
+ Soundproofing more than adequate.
+ Comfort.
+ Clear, undistorted sound.
+ Cable 2.5... [more]
Sabios del PC
"The 50mm diameter driver in the headset can accurately reproduce ultra-low frequency sounds and deliver superb audio quality. Since the ARCTIC P321 is able to play powerful bass and crisp highs, it is a premium audio headset for movies, multiplayer gaming, and audio listening. The retractable and adjustable microphone on the headset... [more]
Overclockers HQ
ASE Labs
"This kind of immersion is the only way to play"
"The earphones are very soft and comfortable. They are coated in soft skin, while giving them a "professional" look. Almost forget that we have then on, because unlike many other models, these headphones do not squeeze your ears, or leave creases after using them."
"Separation and positioning are at a high level. Audio setting itself proved to be quite analytical. In Unreal Tournament 3, all key sounds were very clear and we were able to distinguish them from each other. Overall, we must conclude that the P321 kept up with the games. The sound was also clean and dynamic, and did not pick up... [more]
PC Foster
"In musical aspects, the large number of frequency spectrum reproduced, lets you enjoy clear sound even at maximum volume. P321 is very comfortable and with the controller you can adjust the volume, bass as well as browse the various tracks. They behave very well in midrange as well in lows and highs."
"The flexible, retractable microphone is cleverly built into the left speaker housing, and this mic works perfectly. An ergonomic gray control unit resides about two feet along the connecting audio cable from the right speaker housing. This cable is the world's longest."
PC Foster
"Separation and positioning are at a high level"


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