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True 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset with Subwoofer

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9.999,99 USD
9.999,99 USD
Das ARCTIC P531 Headset bringt echten 5.1 Surround Sound für Filme und Spiele. Genieße neue Sound-Dimensionen ohne eine Reihe von Lautsprechern aufbauen zu müssen.
"For gaming it truly gives you an immersive experience…"
"Sensational sound experience!"
"While gaming, the sense of realism was heightened..."
Echter 5.1 Surround Sound
Detailsteuerung und höchste Qualität
Absoluter Komfort
Mit vier einzelnen Treibern in jeder Hörmuschel bietet das ARCTIC P531 echten 5.1 Surround Sound. Der 3-dimensionale Sound von Spielen und Filmen lässt Dich eine neue Sound-Qualität erleben. Das Headset bietet vor allem Gamern den großen Vorteil, dass sie ihre Gegner zuverlässig an den Geräuschen ihrer Schritte und Schüsse orten können, obwohl sie diese auf dem Bildschirm noch nicht zu sehen.
Angeschlossen über USB, ist der ARCTIC P531 mit seiner eigenen 5.1-Soundkarte ausgestattet. Mir dem digitalen Sound-Prozessor kannst Du die absolut beste Klangqualität genießen. Darüber hinaus bietet Dir die im Kabel integrierte Fernbedienung vollen Zugriff und Du kannst die verschiedenen Kanäle nach Deinen Bedürfnisse anpassen.
Der hochwertige Stoffbezug und die extrem weich gepolsterten Hörmuscheln sorgen für höchsten Komfort für viele Stunden Spielspaß. Außerdem isoliert Dich das Headset von Außengeräuschen, sodass Du dich voll auf das Geschehen konzentrieren kannst. Gleichzeitig störst Du auch die Menschen in Deinem näheren Umfeld nicht.
Eine völlig neue Bass Erfahrung
Der starke Subwoofer des ARCTIC P531 wird durch spezielle Vibrationseinheiten in den Hörmuscheln unterstützt. Das Headset gibt Dir das Gefühl Teil des Spiels zu sein - Explosionen ziehen Dir buchstäblich die Socken von den Füßen.
Headphone Type & Weight:

Headphone Type:
Supra-Aural On-ear
Net Weight:
462 g
Technical Specifications
Center Speaker
Front Speaker
Rear Speaker
Frequency Response
20 Hz - 20 kHz
18 Hz - 20 kHz
20 Hz - 20 kHz
10 Hz - 400 Hz
108 dB
100 dB
108 dB
39 dB ± 3 dB
32 Ω
32 Ω
32 Ω
8 Ω
2.2 kΩ
Driver Unit
Ø 30 mm
Ø 40 mm
Ø 30 mm
Ø 27 mm
Output Power
200 mW
400 mW
200 mW
600 mW
Cable Length:
3 m
Input Type:
All laptops, tablet PCs, and computers with USB connection
Packaging & Box Content

Dimensions: 260 (L) x 125 (W) x 235 (H) mm

Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
787 g
PC Foster
"Incredibly clear and very well distinguished"
"Designed especially for gamers, the P531 gave us a very positive impression. In terms of positioning it's a sensational headset. All the sounds in the first two games were incredibly clear and very well distinguished. We had no problems with a sense of space - 5.1 surround sound works almost perfectly. Gun shots, lifting or opening sounded very clear. ARCTIC provides us with strong momentum and a very natural sound."
"The best gaming headset I've ever tested "
"Designed especially for gamers, the P531 gave us a very positive impression. In terms of positioning it's a sensational headset. All the sounds in the first two games were incredibly clear and very well distinguished. We had no... [more]
PC Foster
"Aside from that small issue with controlling the channel levels, this is a great headset for games, music and movies. It's well built and has a good comfortable fit that should squeeze nicely over most users ears. Our tests for... [more]
"Produces excellent surround"
"The P531 headset is very solid, and the build quality is certainly up-to-par. All of the pieces and the folding hinge are all solid, and there is no noticeable creak or flex between the various pieces. The headband is adjustable and... [more]
Tech Kings
"I was extremely impressed. It produces excellent surround sound via its 4 individual drivers (front, surround, center and subwoofer). The highs are crisp and clear, while the low-end responses are deep with good bass. With such good... [more]
"Our experience with the ARCTIC P531 headset has been a very good one on the whole, which is made even more sweet by the extremely low asking price of around 40 pounds.<br />At this price it should be affordable for almost... [more]
"The microphone quality of P531 is decent. It takes the sound from a distance from the mouth, and yet you do not hear background noise. Such good isolation brings benefit during pc gaming, you teammates can hear you very well."
"As ARCTIC describe the P531 as a gaming headset, I wouldn't have been surprised if the movie experience wasn't up to much. To my complete surprise, the movie playback experience exceeded my expectations on every level and I... [more]
"Extremely low asking price"
"When it comes to music none, I repeat, NONE of my headphones (I have about 40 pairs) come close to the bass clarity of the ARCTIC P531 Gaming 5.1 Surround Sound Headset. The bass is beautiful and the mids are crisp and the treble is... [more]
Overclockers HQ
"Running GTA IV or EFLC in a 5.1 channel surround environment is an immersive experience in its own right. Walking down the streets at Star Junction, you can distinctively hear the pedestrians chatting while the radio is playing in the... [more]
"I've got to tell you, these P531's rock, and they rock hard. It is just an amazing sound experience for both gaming and listening to music. With the vibration units in each of the earcups providing that extra physical... [more]
Pro Clockers
"Sensational sound experience! The P531 delivers details of each individual sound, features that will certainly be useful in shooter games, as well as raising the listening quality in general."
Inside Hardware
HDBlog (duplicated)
"P531 headset truly comes to life during movies and games"
"The surround experience is just fantastic, especially in video games and movies. Being able to enjoy our games with this level of detail gives the experience an unprecedented level of immersion. Regarding music rest assured that the... [more]
"The sound from these is amazing really and they do an excellent job of noise isolation, meaning they keep the outside noises outside where they belong. If you just put the P531 headset on without anything playing you'll... [more]
"Brilliant sound quality from both games, despite Blood Bowls penchant for various visual and audio glitches. The P531 really lived up to its promise to ignore any digital audio problems. As with the previous combination, both programs... [more]
All sounded crisp and clear. The Call of Duty 4 surround sound is amazing. It's almost essential for pinpointing enemy fire. The P531 kept up with this game at every step and definitely didn't disappoint. I made the mistake of... [more]
Hi-Tech Legion
Driving games, shooters, strategy, role ... in all of them we have been involved from the very start in which we loaded a game or server. Engines, skids, explosions and gunfire, the world of Azeroth, everything seems different when using... [more]
"Sound quality? We are happy to say that P531 is very, very good. Frequencies like the earlier models are a bit more pronounced and well ironed. Bass is strong and runs deep, without any distortion on the high frequencies and the highs... [more]
PC Ekspert
"The gameplay experience was just so immersive."
"My game guy reports that the sound is fantastic with good 3D sound imaging, and that the unit was comfortable to wear for longer periods. I could not pry it off him long enough for a more detailed review."
The Gadgeteer
"I cannot express how clear, sharp, and responsive this headset is. It is an experience that cannot be put to words when you configure it correctly."
"Gaming with the P531 was overall decent as well. The real 5.1 surround sound definitely allowed me to track enemies a lot better than on my stereo headset, but it's definitely not going to make up for lack of skill. In... [more]
Custom PC Review
"The padding on the ear pads is VERY soft. For gaming they worked flawlessly. The surround sound was almost perfect, with excellent mids and Highs and the best microphone in our group for sure."
Device Unknown
Pro Clockers
"These P531's rock, and they rock hard."
"P531 strongly enhances the gaming experience - especially in FPP games and racing games. Explosions and shots in those first provide a completely new experience, like the hum of the engine or rolling off the curbs during the race,... [more]
"The P531's sound fantastic. The bass is solid and the separated vibration units placed within the ear cups give a solid and deep bass which if you're playing an FPS can be deafeningly brilliant. Surround sound really works... [more]
The Urban Shogun
"The sound was great and I enjoyed the surround experience. The headset not only dampens all the noise around you, but also dampens the sound coming out of the headphones for those around you. You can still have the music loud, while... [more]
"When it came to movies, I was blown away while watching Transformers in 5.1 and virtual 7.1 surround sound. Sound positioning was handled very well and since I have watched the movie more times than I care to say, I found myself... [more]
"The sound quality is truly amazing "
"P531 headphones are very well made and comfortable. For $ 80, it is very good and reproduces 5.1 surround sound effects with enough power that allow you to be totally immersed in the world of sound."
"The benefits of rear-channel sound were made even clearer to me here. For instance, I was in the middle of a firefight and all of a sudden I heard the "clink...clink... clink" of an improperly cooked grenade as it bounced... [more]
"Don't let the cheap price fool you as P531 certainly surpass most high-end headsets that are double or more in price. I truly wish more people were aware of ARCTIC's gaming headsets as they seem to offer the best bang for... [more]
"When it comes to simple audio, gaming, or movies you will not be disappointed; the P531s deliver as expected. The 5.1 surround sound is no joke and the price point is right on target. ARCTIC did a fine job with the design, the... [more]
"P531 strongly enhances the gaming experience"
"An interesting feature is that the software has to use a different number of channels for different types of content, from two for the music to eight speakers- for games. Each channel is configurable in terms of volume and location.... [more]
"The P531 convinced us completely. The sound quality is very good with excellent comfort. Various options and a price of just 50 €, these headsets are an excellent choice and very competitive, it is necessary to advance to higher... [more]
Info Hardware
"The P531 does a really great job. It is easy to distinguish the background music sounds of the environment, both played with great sound quality. The surround sound really makes a difference on these occasions and provides a true... [more]
"Surpasses most high-end headsets that are double or more in price"
"The P531 performed and sounded exceptionally well for its price. Sound quality was good, especially that low bass that's usually missing from headphones, and the vibration effect was a nice touch in some games. If you're an... [more]
Dreamware Computer
"P531 is especially impressive during game play, the bass during gunfire and explosions felt really nice. Besides the impressive bass for gaming, this headset proved especially interesting because of its surround sound configuration... [more]
"The P531 5.1 headphones are a great addition to the arsenal for any player. It provides a very good positional audio, as well as good overall audio experience for games, movies, and even music. USB interface is a great thing because... [more]
"The music tests are where we really like to crank up the sound and listen to several different genres to see how the headset performs. When we reached the peak decibels at 100.2, the music was still crisp and clean with zero... [more]
Tech Reaction
"P531 allows a more accurate assessment of the position of the enemy, being able to immediately identify the direction of the shots. Immersion increases even more due to the vibration system combined with the bass, which especially in... [more]
"The Bass is strong and the sound is crisp. ARCTIC truly has crafted an excellent headset. At $85 AUD it is practically a steal compared to other quality 5.1 headsets. With an excellent microphone that works perfectly, even within a... [more]
Australian Overclocking
"The low, when fully exploited, are breathtaking. A vibrating module causes a big boost at the lowest frequencies of the music during the reproduction. Not only low but also medium and high appear more than excellent and overall, they... [more]
"Excellent sound quality in all fields, but excels in games and movies."

"Excellent sound quality in all fields but excels in games and movies.... [more]
Xtreme Hardware
"I was very surprised with the quality sound the P531 headset produces. The subs do a nice kick whenever needed and high frequencies do their job very well. In the game little noise like footsteps were heard and gunshots in further... [more]
Best PC Reviews
Custom PC Review
"A unique and riveting experience."
"I have used some 5.1 headsets in the past and to be quite honest I was never that impressed with their performance with music. The ARCTIC P531's certainly impressed me with a crisp sound a deep base. Movies were much the same... [more]
"4 individual drivers in each earcup, and the integrated vibration units. Wow - this is a lot of fun. In games this headset shined. The directional sound and integrated vibration units really did seem to enhance the gaming experience."
Overclock Intelligence Agency
"P531 is a great choice both for professional players and those who want a good sound while playing ...or watch movies, series, etc. .."
Sabios del PC
The ARCTIC SOUND P531 USB Gaming Headset retails for about $60 which is on the lower end of the spectrum for high-end gaming headsets. This is a true 5.1 speaker headset and positional audio is handled very well. You can clearly hear where... [more]
ASE Labs
"We were very pleased with the P531, and this applies to all are of use. But the headset truly comes to life during movies and games, with an excellent performance of the various channels especially in the last Blu-ray we tried. Even... [more]
HDBlog (duplicated)
"We are facing a headset of excellent performance and quality, this particular model has features that other products do not offer the same range. P531 caters to a wide range of users who will appreciate this headset myriad of functions."
"ARCTIC's P531 surprised me with these headsets. Not just the concept of having 5.1 surround audio in a headset but because the positioning of audio works very efficiently. And above all, the audio quality excels in the tests we... [more]
"In a nutshell, the sound experience provided by the ARCTIC's P531 is very enjoyable. The 5.1 surround sound works very well with the right games, music and movies."
"The sound quality is truly amazing while watching film with ARCTIC's P531.
The speech is very clear and widely contextualized the environment, the bass performance is surprising intense without ruining the balance of the... [more]
"The padding has a soft material with thick, soft cushion which works really well. The mids and highs are well reproduced and music is very pleasant on the P531, since the multiple speakers in each earcup produces a much defined... [more]
Ultra unboxing
"The surround experience is just fantastic"
"These babies are amazing. I was able to hear subtle sounds that I could never hear before and things like explosions nearly knocked me out of my seat. The added thump helps to further immerse you in your gameplay."
"The sound is crystal clear; speech is very clear with a good reproduction of the various shouts and car horns. The sound is distinguished by the 4 separate speakers and provides a real surround sound. This is an inexpensive product... [more]
"As for gaming, you have to experience the horror of Silent Hill and Resident Evil. Scenes of horror is accompanied the vibration mechanism. And when you combo this with a vibration feedback enabled joystick - then you will have... [more]
"To test the headset, I have watched the Iron Man 2 DVD with 5.1 content; all the audio channels sounded good and I was able to successfully set the volume independently for each speaker. The bass was very lively and I could feel the... [more]
Inside Hardware
"Sensational sound experience!"
When testing music with the P531, the instrumental acoustics like guitars are differentiated and emphasized with clarity. Vocals are produced in a warm tone, accompanied by full and rich mids. The bass stood out with its strong impact... [more]
Good quality clean and crisp sound at a low price gives a very positive impression.
Igel ice
"The P531 headphones is a clear evidence of a high-end product destined for gamers who do not want to give up any details but don't want to spend a fortune neither, and it is for this reason that the product is sold at a price of... [more]
The Overclock Hole
"Movies and gaming is the place the P531 shines the best. Gunfire in the distance or just behind you and to the right stands out more. The virtual bullets whizzing up range almost cause you to duck they sound so close. After firing... [more]
Impulse Gamer
"I kept everything at the default setting to get a good baseline before I changed anything. Right away the sound really jumped out at me and immersed me into the game. The sounds of brass dropping at my feet, grenade pins being pulled... [more]
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