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RC Transmitter T-01

Radio Transmitter for RC Toys

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9,99 USD
9,99 USD
Precise Control
With the throttle lever and turning wheel, the T-01 allows professional racers to make fine adjustments at neutral positions. Settings can be further tweaked by adjusting the digital trim sets on the controllers. Reverse servo operation in controlling the throttle and steering can be programmed according to your personal preferences as well.
10 Configurable Memories
It is able to store and name ten individual RC toys configurations, making this transmitter a versatile one. You may use one transmitter to program several RC toys with specific settings.
EPA, ABS and Exponential Functions
Quick Installation
Depending on your requirements and race track, End-Point Adjustment (EPA) sets the individual limits for the maximum servo movement and directional steering. This transmitter is also equipped with an Anti-Brake System (ABS) that works just like a real car to avoid skidding during a rapid brake. You can also preset your steering sensitivity level when pulling trim levers and tuning wheel with the Exponential Steering (EXP) function.
Simply insert the crystals, which are included in the purchase of ARCTIC RC toys, into the transmitter and the RC toy, and you are ready for the adventure! Each set of crystals has distinctive frequencies, and thus you can play with several toys at the same time without any interference.
Size & Weight

Net Weight:
750 g
HR6/AA batteries x 8
9.6 V, 2650 mAh
26.995 MHz
100 m
Packaging & Box Content
310 (L) x 265 (W) x 135 (H) mm
Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
1,000 g




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