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USB Extension Cable

USB 2.0 A Male to A Female

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9.999,99 USD
9.999,99 USD
Extend up to 2 Meters
Enhanced Performance
Swift Data Transfer
Increase the length of your existing cable by 2 meters extra with no additional setup or power required. It simply adds more flexibility and versatility to your connection needs.
The copper wire built inside is thicker than conventional USB extension cables to reduce the voltage drop during power transfer, thus giving a boost to the charging performance of your USB devices.
Its USB 2.0 connectors work between your computer and any USB devices, including printer, scanner, portable hard disk, digital camera, etc. Plug and forget it, it fulfill all your data transfer needs without any compromise.

USB 2.0 A-Male to A-Female
Wire Gauge
Data pair:
30 AWG
Power Pair:
20 AWG
Power transfer
1.9 A (voltage drop 0.25 V)
3.8 A (voltage drop 0.5 V)
Data transfer rate
480 Mbps
Size & Weight
2 m
4.5 mm
Net Weight:
175 g
Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
200 g



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