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Accelero Hybrid III-120

Graphics Card Cooler for Enthusiasts

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USD 119.99
End of Life

Outstanding Cooling Performance for
The Accelero Hybrid III-120 combines Water Cooling Solution for the GPU with 120 mm radiator, an upgraded backplate for lower RAM temperatures and a VRM heat sink with 80 mm fan for outstanding cooling performance.
Cooling Performance & Noise Level on AMD R9-290
Accelero Hybrid III-120 (at 1,300 RPM)
55 °C (GPU)
50 °C (VRM)
0.3 Sone
Accelero Hybrid II-120 (at 1,300 RPM)
60 °C
61 °C
0.3 Sone
Stock Cooler
(at 2,400 PRM)
94 °C
76 °C
1 Sone
Dedicated VRM Cooling
Lower VRM temperature through specific VRM heat sink and 80 mm fan for Long Service Life.
How to choose the right VRM Cooling
The Accelero Hybrid III-120 features a versatile, problem free mounting system that allows this cooler to be the most compatible yet.
To check if your graphics card is compatible, please use the
Large Ram Cooler
The large heatsink cools the PCB in the RAM area and thus also the RAMs itself which are soldered onto the PCB.
Even Better Cooling Performance
with Liquid Cooling Solution
This high efficiency liquid cooler installed on the GPU with award winning ARCTIC MX-4 thermal paste will lower the temperature of even the most powerful GPU. The heat exchanger maximizes the water contact surface to quickly dissipate heat. The Accelero Hybrid III-120 comes pre-filled, and never needs a refilling again.
Installation Without
Thermal Glue
Thanks to dedicated VRM heatsinks, users of graphics cards with stock layout no longer need to glue anything onto their board and thus can return it to its original condition any time.
Virtually Silent
Its low noise impeller and patented fan holder ensures the fan is ultra quiet even under full load. Thanks to the PWM control, the fan speed adjusts according to the GPU temperature and thus the noise level remains at an absolute minimum.
New Fan Controller

An improved fan controller and the use of additional filters guarantee a smooth operation with both NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.Through software, the temperature-fan speed curve can be adjusted. No matter whether you are a hardcore-gamer or a silent enthusiast, you get the temperature and noise level exactly where you want it to be.

Max. Cooling Capacity
300 Watt
80 mm (600 - 2000 RPM with PWM control)
Heat Exchanger Type:
Noise Level:
0.3 Sone
F12 PWM Fan Current / Voltage:
0.26 A / 12 V
Size & Weight

Nvidia Geforce

VRM Heatsink Set
Compatible cards
GTX 980 Ti
Titan Xp, Titan X (Pascal), GTX 1080(Ti), 1070 (Ti), Titan X, 980 Ti
GTX 980
GTX 980
GTX 780
GTX 780 (Ti), Titan (Black)
GTX 770
GTX 770
RTX 2080 (Ti), GTX 1060, 970, 960, 760, 680, 670, 660 (Ti), 650 Ti boost, 580, 570, 560 (Ti, SE), 550 Ti, 480, 470, 465, 460 (SE), GTS 450

AMD Radeon

VRM Heatsink Set
Compatible cards
R9 290(X)
R9 290(X)
R9 280(X)
RX 580, 570, 480, 470, R9 390(X), 380(X), 370X, 285, 270(X), R7 370, 265, HD 8870, 7870(XT, GHz), 7850, 6970, 6950, 6870, 6850, 6790, 5870, 5850, 5830, 4890, 4870, 4850, 3870, 3850, 3690

* If your RTX board does not have a 4-pin fan header, you can contact ARCTIC Customer Support for a 14-pin adapter cable.

* The compatibility list is based on AMD Radeon and NVIDIA's reference board layout only. Please check the height restriction drawing before purchase. To check if your graphics card is compatible, please use the Compatibility Check Instruction. If you have questions, please contact our friendly support. We are happy to assist you.
Packaging & Box Content

Shipping Information
Net Weight:
R9-290(X) - 1,186g
R9-280(X) - 1,191g
GTX 780    - 1,217g
GTX 770    - 1,219g
GTX 980    - 1,226g
Generic      - 1,130g
GTX 980 (Ti) - 1,226g
Item Number:
R9-290(X) - ACACC00023A
R9-280(X) - ACACC00024A
GTX 780    - ACACC00025A
GTX 770    - ACACC00026A
GTX 980    - ACACC00027A
Generic      - ACACC00028A
GTX 980 (Ti) - ACACC00033A
R9-290(X) - 872767008069
R9-280(X) - 872767008014
GTX 780    - 872767008021
GTX 770    - 872767008038
GTX 980    - 872767008045
Generic      - 872767008052
GTX 980 (Ti) - 872767008182
"The cooler is efficient, the fans are silent"
The cooling wise of these coolers are very well. They lower the temperature considerably compared to a reference cooler.
The ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid III- 120 is certainly one of the best AIO radiators with a 120 mm format factor. The advantages of these unit are very considerable, and tests that we've made prove it clearly. The low noise combined with the... [more]
Xtreme Hardware
We really did like working with Arctic Hybrid III 120. We could see massively approved temperature for this Arctic product. It beats out the competition by helping to keep temperatures down and to drop the noise levels. Indeed a fun project!
Gamers Nexus
Overall, the Accelero Hybrid III by Arctic is a great solution is you wish to achieve better and quieter cooling on your GPU. Whether it be the AMD Radeon RX 480, like for me, or another supported GPU. But in conclusion, for one or two GPUs... [more]
The Accelero Hybrid III - 120 was tested in comparison to a Star Cooler and it clearly showed better results: <br />In the sound test the Arctic product was significantly quieter. It was very simple to install the cooler. And most... [more]
Accelero Hybrid III-120 is a great product. It cools not only efficient but is also quiet. The compatibility is very large, so it is the right choice for each graphics card. With the supplied accessories kit installation is very simple and... [more]
The ARCTIC Accelero Hybrid III-120 has a fantastic performance deserving the GOLD and RECOMMENDED awards.
The Accelero Hybrid III-120 cools very effectively. The installation is very simple and robust. And the compatibility is another plus point.


We recommend Neo Reader, available at    OS
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Hissing or Bubbling noise

Your Accelero Hybrid is filled with water, some air bubble are present in the circuit to allow it to work properly. During transportation, air bubble might find their way to the water pump and while functioning create hissing or bubbling noise. These noise will disappear quickly as the air bubbles are pushed to the radiator part.

When installing the Accelero Hybrid, make sure that the radiator is located higher than the water pump. If any Hissing or bubbling noise, it will quickly disappear after running the cooler for few minutes .

If your configuration requires to have the radiator located below the water pump, you need to ensure that the tubing part of the radiator is located at the bottom while installed . Hissing or Bubbling noise will take longer to disappear than if the radiator is above the card but will ultimately disappear. You can help the process by placing temporarily the radiator above the water pump and run the cooler until the noise disappears .

Compatibility with AMD R9-280(X), 7970 and 7950

The Accelero Hybrid II-120 is compatible to the above mentioned boards if the GPU was manufactured after February 2013. Please put a ruler on top of the GPU and check whether there is a gap between the ruler and the GPU.

Wrong Fan Speed with Accelero Hybrid III

Nvidia graphics cards are not controlling the fan by adjusting the PWM signal according to the temperature. Fixed fan speeds are set according to the GPU temperature, not taking care whether there is a 40mm or a 140mm fan in use. If you use a fan controller software like PrecisionX, the percentages shown correspond about as follows: 30%~1050 RPM, 40%~1400 RPM, 50%~1900 RPM, 60%~2400 RPM. The values can vary from board to board. The Hybrid II's fan reaches a maximum RPM of 1350. In order not to run at full speed at very low temperatures already, we doubled the RPM signal output. Thus the fan shows 2700 RPM even though it runs only at 1350 RPM.

Pin assignments of ARCTIC VGA coolers

Pin No.
RPM Signal
PWM Signal

Note: Please assure that the pin assignment is identical to the cooler on your graphics card. We have this far no knowledge of any graphics card manufacturer not following this standard. If it should still be the case, you can with help of a needle remove the pins from the plug and rearrange them.

How to use the 4-pin adapter?

Under what conditions do you need a 4-pin adapter?

Your graphics card

1. is using a non-standard cooler socket (e.g. 5-pin, flipped polarity) or
2. is using a passive cooler as the stock cooler

How to connect the 4-pin adapter?

The differences between 7V and 12V socket*

7V: Moderate fan speed. It gives the best balance between cooling performance and noise level. It is recommended for normal usage.
12V: Full fan speed depending on the fan design. It gives the best cooling performance and it is recommended for high duty usage.

*The fan speed is fixed regardless of the GPU's condition.


1. Ensure your PSU has spare power source and plug in the 4-pin adapter.

2. Connect your ARCTIC graphics card cooler's power plug to the preferred socket.

Please note: Make sure the connector is plugged into the corresponding socket (i.e. A 3-pin plug should be connected to a 3-pin socket and a 4-pin plug should be connected to a 4-pin socket). If the plug is connected to the wrong socket, the motor will burn immediately due to incorrect polarity.


How to Set the fan control curve by software?

Nvidia and AMD graphics cards come with a fan speed controller, which is not necessarily programmed according to your preference and focuses on holding the GPU temperature between 85 and 95°C.

Please download and install the fan controller software MSI Afterburner https://gaming.msi.com/features/afterburner

1) Please activate "Start Up" and click on the button "Fan Curve"

2) Create a fan control curve by putting control points.

Be aware that Nvidia's fan controller does no longer work with PWM values but fixed fan speeds. Thus 30%~1050 RPM, 40%~1400 RPM, 50%~1900 RPM, 60%~2400 RPM; no matter whether you use a 40mm fan which can do 10,000 RPM max or a 140mm fan which can go only up to 1400 RPM. In the later case the fan runs at the 40% setting already at full speed.

Our Recommendations:
AMD: 20%/50°C, 30%/55°C, 40%/60°C, 50%/62°C, 60%/64°C, 70%/68°C, 80%/70°C, 100%/75°C
Nvidia: 20%/2°C, 20%/50°C, 30%/60°C, 40%/65°C, 50%/70°C, 60%/75°C, 100%/85°C, 100%/90°C


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