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Alpine 11 Plus

Intel Socket 1151, 1150, 1155, 1156, 775

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USD 13.99
End of Life

Newer, improved cooler available. Buy the Alpine 12 now!

The newer Alpine 12 has an improved cooling capacity and runs more efficiently at a lower noise level.

Mute Your Stock Cooler, Get the Virtually Silent Alpine 11 Plus!

"An excellent choice ..."
"Better in every way than the boxed cooler ..."
Reasonable price
+ Quiet
+ Long lasting fan
+ Easy installation
Excellent Cooling Perfomance
The 92 mm PWM fan, aluminum heatsink in combination with pre-applied MX-4 high performance thermal compound provide excellent cooling performance and improve heat transfer from the CPU. As shown in the test by Mod Your Case, the cooler excels the boxed cooler in reducing the temperature significantly by up to 26 degrees.
Cooling Performance at Intel Core i7-4770
Alpine 11 Plus (at 2,000 RPM)
45.3 °C
Stock cooler (at 3,000 PRM)
49.3 °C
Ultra Quiet
Test results from VR-Zone have shown that the cooler is nearly inaudible comparing with the boxed cooler. Thanks to the PWM control, the fan speed adjusts according to the CPU temperature and thus the noise level remains at an absolute minimum which qualifies it as a silent cooler. Click here to see how the PWM control settings can be changed according to your performance and noise preference.
Noise Level at Intel Core i7-4770
Alpine 11 Plus (at 2,000 RPM)
0.4 Sone
Stock cooler (at 3,000 PRM)
2 Sone
Wide compatibility
Easy Installation
The Alpine 11 Plus features wide compatibility with Intel sockets. Its simple mounting system is designed to work with most of today's CPUs.

Alpine 11 Plus is compatible with Intel Sockets 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156 and 775.
Installation is a breeze with the Alpine 11 Plus. The quick and easy mounting system provides excellent stability and it merely takes a few minutes to mount the cooler to the motherboard. Thanks to the pre-applied MX-4 high performance thermal compound, a quick an clean installation is guaranteed!

Intel Socket
1151 1150 1155 1156 2066 2011(-3) 1366 775
Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes

AMD Socket
sTR4 AM4 AM3(+) AM2(+) AM1 FM2(+) FM1
No No No No No No No

Recommended for TDP up to:
90 Watts

Type : Aluminum Extrusion

92 mm
Fan Speed:
600 - 2,000 RPM (Controlled by PWM)
Noise Level:
0.4 Sone
Current / Voltage (per fan):
0.24 A / +12 V DC
74 CFM / 125.7 m³/h
Size & Weight

Packaging & Box Content

Shipping Information
Item Number UPC EAN
UCACO-AP11301-BUA01 87276700455-9 489521370052-8
Tech Labs.by
"Record high durability!"
The generous use of hydrodynamic bearing is rarely seen on low end coolers and leads to record high durability. A 6 year warranty on top of that, and you have a cheap, low noise and high compatability cooler for only 15 USD.
"Alpine 11 PLUS manages to outpace one of the better CPU stock coolers available and does so at much lower noise levels."
Good cooler for "standard" PC systems, ideal for non-overclocked CPUs with TDP at 45W - 95W. Best value available for under 10Euro.
Tom's Hardware.de
"9 degree drop in the highest max temp on any run and slightly over 10 degrees cooler on average at full load"

"Alpine 11 Plus brings quite a bit better performance to the table than the stock Intel cooler."
"The acoustic performance is very good"
"Thermal performance reflects what we would expect from this cooler. The acoustic performance is very good, though, making the Alpine 64 Plus well suited for building a quiet running home theater PC."
Impressed stuff, I am very pleased with the cooling power of this cooler! It has excellent cooling performance for running stock or overclocking. The disassembled of cooler is easy as promised, more easily than I'd like, really.
"At full fan speed the Alpine 64 Plus runs relatively quietly"
Frosty Tech
"Alpine 11 is very quiet, even at full speed. Throughout the test I didn't hear any noise at all."
"Excellent cooling performance"
An affordable, easy to install, substitute stock cooler, with more power to boot.
Clube do Hardware
"Alpine 64 Plus has shown excellent results cooling 100W CPU AMD A8-3850."
Excellent price/performance ratio
The Tribe Online
Alpine 11 Plus has showed its excellent cooling performance when comparing with stock cooler and even Coolermaster X Dream i117. It is supported by huge aluiminum heat sink and with 92mm fan, it's easy to mount on the motherboard too. Together with the outstanding MX-4 Thermal Compound, makes Alpine 11 Plus a good product to choose... [more]
"I didn't hear any noise at all."
"A good upgrade from the stock cooler, with a better cooling performance."
The Alpine 64 Plus comes with an excellent cooling performance for its size. The cooler is very well made and the mounting system is strong and transport proof on the motherboard. The cooler is only half as loud as the original stock cooler, however, slightly larger. Ideal for office or HTPC's.
Mod your Case
"The Alpine 11 PLUS keeps the temps over ten degrees lower than stock, and is quieter to boot."

"The Alpine 11 PLUS is definitely a good replacement for the stock Intel cooler, it not only does a good job at stock settings but has enough cooling power for a decent amount of overclocking as... [more]
The Alpine 64 Plus from ARCTIC is a good alternative to the noisy AMD stock cooler. It offers better cooling capacity at a lower noise level, which is perfect for a desktop computer or an HTPC. ARCTIC's mainstream cooler Alpine 64 Plus appeared to be better than AMD's stock cooler in any scenario. ARCTIC offers you with good... [more]
"Excellent results"
"I must say that I could only hear a faint noise, whereas retail cooler almost sounded like a vicious fighter jet."

Performance is excellent, and you must remember that it barely makes any noise at... [more]
"There was no audible whining or noise throughout testing, which is a boon for folks looking to build a quiet PC."
"Alpine 64, it seemed to rock it for it's size. Add the performance with the great aesthetics, and you have a winner."
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We recommend Neo Reader, available at    OS
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How to configure the PWM settings?read

You can only configure the PWM settings via the BIOS. Otherwise, please check the manual for your mainboard.

* The interface varies for different models and the fan speed -settings may be hidden somewhere.

Here's an example with ASRock H170 Pro4/D3.

1. Enable CPU Fan Setting

2. Modify "CPU Fan Setting" by choosing Customize, Silent Mode, Standard Mode, Performance Mode or Full Speed.

Instead, you may be asked to configure a target temperature for your CPU. In this case, we recommend entering a value of 65°C. Some BIOS may require a minimum percentage for the PWM-control. The value entered should be at least 25%.

The PC is reporting a low fan speed during booting.

Your PC may send you a CPU Fan Speed warning when starting the PC if the fan speed is lower than the default minimum value. If you do not wish to receive this warning in the future, you may enter the BIOS to reset the minimum value or disable the function completely.

As shown in the example below, you can adjust the settings under Power -> CPU Fan Speed warning. By setting the value to 800 RPM, you should avoid any warnings of this kind in the future.


Pin Assignment?read

Pin No. Wire Colour Wire Colour Wire Colour Power/Signal
Pin 1 Black Black Black (with White mark) Ground
Pin 2 Red Yellow Black VDC +12V
Pin 3 Yellow Green Black RPM Signal
Pin 4 Blue Blue Black PWM Signal


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