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USB Desktop Fan with 4-Port USB Hub

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USD 9,999.99
End of Life
"ARCTIC does not
lie when they
tell us that
the fan is silent."

"This is a great buy,..."

"A Refreshing flow,..."

"Perfect desktop gadget..."
Feel the Breeze
Excellent Design and Functionality
Virtually Silent
The ARCTIC Breeze PRO's your stylish desktop fan that keeps you cool on hot summer days. The flexible neck can be turned in any direction. Via the LED-illuminated knob, the fan speed can be adjusted from 800 to 1800 RPM to fit your needs.
The ARCTIC Breeze PRO brings modern style right on your desktop. This also comes with a 4-port USB 2.0 hub integrated in its base. With the 1.8m cable, it may also be connected to your PC standing under your table. Excess cable length can be rolled up and stored inside the base of the fan.
As the fan and the motor are adapted from ARCTIC's successful case, it works in total silence and offers an excellent airflow as well.
Size & Weight

104 (L) x 95 (W) x 197 (H) mm
Net Weight:
265 g
92 mm
Fan Speed:
800 - 1,800 RPM
Voltage / Current:
5V / 0.2A
Power Cable:
Ÿ1.8m, USB 2.0
Packaging & Box Content

130 (L) x 96 (W) x 223 (H) mm
Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
1 kg
"I wish I had this fan in May!"
"For a small fan it's quite powerful, yet incredibly quiet. I placed it a few feet away from me and still felt the cool air. The attached six foot long power cord allows plenty of placement options; excess cord can be stored underneath the base of the fan."

"This past summer was especially hot and humid: I wish I had this fan in May!"
"The USB Breeze Pro fan from ARCTIC can be used successfully during hot Summer time, bringing us a breeze of warm air when needed."

"After the... [more]
The fan also has a four-port hub in the base, providing some handy ports on your desk. the fan is nowhere near as aggressive as other desk fans we've used in the past, and creates a refreshing flow of air without making a racket.If... [more]
Expert Reviews
The fan creates a refreshing breeze without making a racket, even at full power. It comes with a four-port hub for optional power-hungry devices such as external hard disks. This is a great buy if you're beginning to feel the heat and... [more]
Computer Shopper
The Breeze Pro is clearly the most all-round winner since it offers good airflow, a very good build quality and 4 extra USB 2.0 ports for you to use.If I had to choose between Breeze PRO and Mini USB Fan, I'd probably go for the Breeze Pro... [more]
"We can even feel a slight breeze when we stood 60 feet away from the fan!"
"Anywhere you want to use this fan, as long as you have a usb port it should work out perfectly. It's very quiet, just a little bit of motor noise, not annoying at all."
"We are very satisfied with the performance. The Breezer PRO kept us refreshed and able to stay connected with the multiple USB-ports at the same time. We can even feel a slight breeze when we stood 60 feet away from the fan! With its... [more]
If you are looking for a fan solution or if you are tired of the summer heat, the Breeze Pro and Breeze Mobile are perfect. The Pro works great on a desktop and will expand the number of USB ports available.The fans are made with... [more]
Gear Diary
The Breeze pro gives you light breeze to a small hurricane. Good design with flexible head and even has 4 additional USB ports
Expert Reviews
"Creates a refreshing flow of air without making a racket"
"The Breeze pushes a nice whisp of air from your desk.It creates a gentle, quiet airflow where you want it. The fan doesn't spin very fast, and is also quiet, and the built-in USB ports add a nice bit of utility to the Breeze."
Tech Kings
Excellent packagin. Innovative design with useful features. Is quiet and has excellent quality of components.
"Small device with a reasonable price, portable and easy to attach in any area of your desktop."

"If you're going through unbearable heat... [more]
The ARCTIC Breeze Pro provides you the perfect desk top USB gadget for the summer.
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