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Laser Gaming Mouse (800 dpi / 1600 dpi / 2400 dpi)

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Regular Price: USD 19.99

Special Price: USD 9.99

End of Life
Adjustable Sensitivity
The laser gaming mouse supports variable sensitivity levels from 800 dpi, 1600 dpi to 2400 dpi to cater different purposes from Internet browsing, daily word processing to intense gaming.
Works on Any Surfaces
Ergonomic Design
The laser gaming mouse is high precision with fast response, works on virtually any surfaces thanks to its precise laser tracking engine.
The palm-fitting ergonomic design and special anti-slip coating, the M551 gaming mouse allow you to hold the mouse effortlessly throughout the game or web scrolling with amazing comfort and it's easy to use.
Windows OS
USB 2.0
800 dpi / 1,600 dpi / 2,400 dpi
Size & Weight

Dimensions: 119 (L) x 80 (W) x 41 (H) mm
Net Weight: 160 g
Cable Length: 1.8 m

Dimensions: 213 (L) x 142 (W) x 142 (H) mm
Shipping Information
Item Number:
MOACO-M5511-BLA01 (M551-D)
MOACO-M5510-BLA01 (M551-L)
0872767003064 (M551-D)
0872767003071 (M551-L)
Gross Weight:
230 g
"Truly a fantastic mouse"
"Having used the M551 for over a month now I must say this is truly a fantastic mouse to have. It basically offers what anyone would want for from a good mouse; good ergonomics and smooth and accurate movement. With a price tag of only US$ 24.95 this is a steal considering some of the competition out there. So if you're in the look out for a decent gaming mouse with good ergonomics without having to think twice about the money factor, I would recommend the M551."
"The M551 glided over my desk like it was on ice, and I really enjoyed the feeling and shape of the mouse as it fit in my hand. The buttons were all very easily accessible, and at no time did I feel like they were out of place. After I... [more]
Big Bruin
"We are completely convinced by the M551. We are very pleased for its very good sensor, combined with a very ergonomic shape. The performance of the M551 is also very good and the price is incredibly low."
Info Hardware
"For its price the M551 Gaming Mouse delivers a plethora of gaming features for a budget friendly price."

"Now for actual testing the mouse was... [more]
Overclockers HQ
Tech Kings
"Great entry-level gaming mouse"
"The ARCTIC M551 Gaming mouse proved to be a real winner. Also, at a $26 price tag, it's hard to pass up. Most importantly, the M551 has an accurate laser and up to 2400 DPI ability, which is more than enough for any budget... [more]
Hi-Tech Legion
"Overall the M551 did what it was supposed to do. While gaming, it was extremely accurate with no lag that we could notice. For the $24.95 price tag, this could be a very reasonable gaming mouse for the budget minded gamer."
Tech Reaction
"The M551 is lightweight when compared to gaming mice on the market and this characteristic combined with 2400 dpi laser sensor makes it a very sensitive device, agile, quick for users getting used to it."
Great price, for a well made mouse. Has a flashy packaging and good design. Easy installation and is easy to use. Great tracking.
Dragon Steel Mods
Big Bruin
"Glided over my desk like it was on ice"
The hand rests well with regard to the thumb, the mouse has a natural feel to it.
Bits and Chips
This product will be of great interest for gammers users and enthusiasts, and not only, also for the user you want a mouse can fit for the intended needs. The ARCTIC M551 has no problem for gaming and general computer use such as browsing... [more]
"The best way to describe it is a mouse which is pretty handy yet fully meets the requirements for advanced users and it looks more expensive.
"The mouse performed well at gaming in several games such as my current favorites Battlefield, Bad Company 2 and Sniper. The mouse is smooth and using the different sensitivity settings made it a great mouse for my gaming and everyday... [more]
"Fast, smooth and accurate"
"Surprisinly, the sensitivity is better than Logitech's MX1100. I could still use the mouse even I lifted it up a few centimetres, which the Logitech couldn't. The Performance/price ratio of this mouse is much higher than the MX1100.
"The M551 is a solid, comfortable, basic mouse. What makes it stand out from the crowd of mice looking for your $25 is the selectable DPI and the ergonomic design. It is comfortable and accurate which is what most people want in a mouse."
"The M551 worked as advertised, and is a great entry-level gaming mouse. The on-the-fly adjustment and the thumb buttons carry along with it functionality that high-end mice have."
Tech Kings
"The ARCTIC M551 is a decent mouse for the price and should still be considered for gamers of a more laid back type of game style."
"Truly a fantastic mouse"
DPI button is an excellent feature for gamers. Great packaging. Well worth the price.
"All in all the M551 is a well-rounded mouse. It is fast, smooth and accurate once you get your sensitivity set up. For $24.99 US you get a mouse that is just as good as a really expensive one. You can definitely shoot it up with the... [more]


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