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BioniX F120

Gaming Fan with PWM PST

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USD 13.99
USD 13.99

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USD 13.99

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Extended Life Span

10 °C lower motor temperature doubles the life span. The BioniX gaming fans have a four times longer service life through low coil temperature. Therefore, we extend the warranty to 10 years.

BioniX F120

Typical 120 mm fan
35.3 ℃
54.5 ℃

Maximum Quietness, Minimum Vibration

Extremely quiet operation through a newly developed motor guarantees long sessions without annoying noise.

ARCTIC's new motor of the BioniX Fans eliminates vibrations directly at its source, in particular at the motor. The ARCTIC motor absorbs 95 % of vibrations compared to a conventional DC motor. Thus, there is no need for rubber spacers due to the steady torque and smoother switching of the magnet field.

Fan with newly developed
ARCTIC motor
95 % Vibration Absorption
Fan with regular motor and
50 % Vibration Absorption
Fan with regular motor
without vibration absorption
No Vibration Absorption
Vibration Absorption

200 to 1800 RPM

With a wide range of regulation and the PWM Sharing Technology (PST), the BioniX F120 fan speed can be controlled synchronously with all your other fans together and thus keep the noise at a minimum while guaranteeing maximum cooling performance when needed.

Optimised Fan Design

We further optimised the fan blade design to get a higher
airflow at lower noise generation. This guarantees high
pressure and highly efficient ventilation for your
gaming case.

Enhanced Bearing

Due to a new alloy/lubricant combination developed in Germany, the friction within the bearing is reduced and a greater efficiency is achieved. This way, there is less heat development as well as less bearing noise and you can enjoy a longer service life of your cooler.

Two Way Installation

Blow warm air out of the case

Draw cool air into your case

Air Flow:
69 CFM /117 m3/h @ 1,800 RPM
Noise Level:
0.5 Sone (@ 1,800 RPM)

Electrical Characteristics
Current / Voltage:
0.20 A / 12 V DC
Cable Length:
400 mm
Sub PST Cable Length:
50 mm
Motherboard: +12V DC
PWM control signal
4-pin socket
Size & Weight
Packaging & Box Content

Shipping Information
Item Number UPC EAN
ACFAN00092A 87276700905-9 489521370010-8

Item Number UPC EAN
ACFAN00083A 87276700906-6 489521370011-5

Item Number UPC EAN
ACFAN00093A 87276700908-0 489521370013-9

Item Number UPC EAN
ACFAN00094A 87276700907-3 489521370012-2

Item Number UPC EAN
ACFAN00163A 84003340017-6 489521370228-7

Item Number UPC EAN
ACFAN00164A 84003340018-3 489521370229-4

Hardware Luxx
"Attractive mix of wide speed range, long warranty and selectable color."
Due to the speed range of 200–1800 RPM, the application area is quite versatile and an installation on a CPU cooler speaks against nothing at all, due to the high cooling performance which the fan reaches.
Mod Your Case
I recommend buying BioniX in both, 120 mm and 140 mm, versions - they are well made and have perfect performance. In addition they are really beautiful.
What Next PL
The ARCTIC BioniX Gaming Fans will be appreciated by the striking and modern optic as well as the color variety. Technically, the fans also have a solid impression, because the efficient 3-phase motor reduces the power consumption noticeably.
Mod Your Case
"specifically tailored to the needs of gamers"
With its BioniX, Arctic offers efficient and well-finished PWM fans for optimum component cooling.
The Arctic BioniX F120 is an excellent addition to the swiss fan manufacturer's catalog. ARCTIC has managed to improve one of its most popular fans, the F12 PWM not only on the aesthetic side, with details that adapt to the colors of... [more]
Sehr gefallen hat uns, dass dem ARCTIC BioniX der optimale Schnitt zwischen hoher Kühlleistung und Silence gelungen ist. Der neue 3-Phasen Motor ist eine echte Innovation des BioniX.
The price / value proportion is absolutely unbeatable with the Arctic BioniX F120 and F140 - the 10 years warranty is icing on the cake.
Game Channel HU
When I completed all these tests, only one thing came to my mind: Damn Silent Operation!
Ultimately, we at TheZine.it absolutely recommend buying this ARCTIC fan. The fan fits fully into the rig and operation is more than optimal. Finally, we recommend buying. At the end, we did not find any defects, indeed it turns out to be a... [more]
The Zine
ARCTIC's Bionix fans are characterized by very good performance and pleasant quietness. They are not cheap, but for that you get a really well-polished product.
How2Play PL
Bionix F120 are a fantastic fan. Good construction and well designed. The 3-phase motor are the best that's why Bionix have 10 years warranty. The PWM-PST are an interesting feature, one of the best. Bionix delivers a good performance... [more]
The BioniX F120 and F140 are well-designed fans. We like the wide PWM range and significant airflow at 1800 RPM. Their most important features are the 10-year warranty and dual PWM plug.
PC Foster PL
If you´re looking for a case fan, which both looks good, and have a awesome performance, the Arctic Cooling BioniX F120/F140 would be a good choice. You get the well-known good quality from Arctic, and a performance which is a match... [more]
Affordable cost, low noise level (plus PWM speed control) and different colors.An additional connector will connect the second fan to the first one and control their speed synchronously. All this you will find in the Arctic fans BioniX series
Mstreem RU
All these optimizations allow ARCTIC to provide a 10-year warranty on the ARCTIC BioniX series fans, which is very rare in this segment.
F-Center RU
You get an attractive combination of a wide range of speeds, a long warranty period and an assortment of colors.
Hardware Luxx RU
The BioniX F120 and F140 are well-designed fans, and in particular, we like the wide PWM range and impressive airflow at 1,800rpm. The 10-year warranty and dual PWM plug set add to the premium features. With fans on the leading edge of the... [more]
Computer Power User
The product has great design!
Gizmologia HU
BioniX fans have good build quality, design and interesting choice of colors.
PC Ekspert HR
ARCTIC has managed to improve one of its most popular fans, the F12 PWM not only on the aesthetic side, but above all on the technical side with better energy, more silence and greater capacity. Despite the improvements, it has managed to... [more]
"In any case. we recommend this fantastic ARCTIC fan, as it has an excellent performance accompained by premiun material. To guarantee this quallity, there is also the 10-years guarantee offered by the manufacturer."
Tech Hardware
Overall great product!
Arctic BioniX F120 and Arctic BioniX F140 fans will be a good choice for those isers whose core demand is efficiency, low noise and advanced reliability. The features of this series of fans include a bright design, antivibration isolation... [more]
Mega Obzor RU
The Arctic BioniX F140 and F120 are very good fans for powerful systems where performance and silent operation are important.
ITN Daily RU


We recommend Neo Reader, available at    OS
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Three-Phase motor - RPM readingsread

The Rev. 1 BioniX fans use a Three-Phase Motor, thus the system reading may be 1.5 times of the actual fan speed.
Additional information can be found here.

Pin Assignment?read

4-Pin with PST adaptor
Pin No. Wire Colour Wire Colour Wire Colour Power/Signal
Pin 1 Black Black Black (with White mark) Ground
Pin 2 Red Yellow Black VDC +12V
Pin 3 Yellow Green Black RPM Signal
Pin 4 Blue Blue Black PWM Signal

Pin No. Wire Colour Wire Colour Wire Colour Power/Signal
Pin 1 Black Black Black Ground
Pin 2 Red Yellow Black VDC +12V
Pin 3 N/A (Empty) N/A (Empty) N/A (Empty) RPM Signal
Pin 4 Blue Blue Black PWM Signal


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