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Breeze Country

USB Table Fan

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USD 15.99
USD 15.99
Cool Breeze on Hot Days
Whether you're brooding over a concept in the office, you're in the university library writing term papers or the sun heats your home office - the ARCTIC table fan provides the necessary cooling on warm days. Through the USB power connection the fans connects quickly and easily with any computer and laptop.
Swinging the flag - at the office
Bring color to your desk and cheer on your team - with the ARCTIC Breeze Country there is something for everyone. Whether Germany, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Turkey or UK - with the special edition of the table fan, you show exactly which team your heart beats for at international championships and the Olympic games.
Choose your Country
Germany France Spain Italy UK US TU
Enjoy a Cool Breeze Everywhere
Due to the 1.8 m long power cable with USB connection, you can put the table fan anywhere without any problems. At home or at work, the practical small fan is a handy accessory for any desktop.
Individual - Not Only in Design
The flexible goose neck of this USB fan can easily be bent in any direction as desired. The speed can be infinitely be adjusted by turning the knob at the bottom.
No Slipping and Scratching
The foot of the Breeze itself is made of steel and so can stand stable on all surfaces. Thanks to the additional rubber pads, it does not slip and leaves no scratch marks, even on sensitive surfaces.
Size & Weight

92 mm
Fan Speed:
800 - 1,800 RPM
Voltage / Current:
5V / 0.2A
Power Cable:
Ÿ1.8m USB power cable

Shipping Information
Item Number UPC
ABACO-BRZDE01-BL 872767007239

Item Number UPC
ABACO-BRZFR01-BL 872767007246

Item Number UPC
ABACO-BRZIT01-BL 872767007253

Item Number UPC
ABACO-BRZSP01-BL 872767007260

Item Number UPC
ABACO-BRZUS01-BL 872767007284

Item Number UPC
ABACO-BRZUK01-BL 872767007291

Item Number UPC
AEBRZ00002A 872767008083

Technic 3D
"Show your colours with the Country Edition"
Real football fans can show their colors with the country edition, symbolizing their country at the World Cup. In practice, the Breeze offers you a pleasant breeze and remains pleasantly quiet. For the hot summer days we can highly recommend the ARCTIC Breeze as a must-have gadget for more comfort at the desk.
The ARCTIC Breeze has a sturdy build and the performance is very impressive. At full speed, the fan is enough to keep cool even in a hot summer day. Even more impressive is how quiet the fan is. Overall this is a fantastic product. This... [more]
The table fan from ARCTIC convinced us. It worked properly and was very easy to use. The USB port makes it extremely versatile. Despite its small size the Breeze gives the desired, fresh breeze. Especially for the time period of the... [more]
Experten Beraten
The ARCTIC Breeze provides convenient refreshmet for working at the desk. The compact design allows to use the ARCTIC Breezer anywhere. Its attractive design and compact dimensions make it to one the best product on the market.
Buenos y baratos
In time for the European Championships ARCTIC offers its table fans inter alia in the colors of the national teams from Germany, France, Spain or Italy, furthermore there is a USA and a Turkey ventilator. Among all the bizarre seasonal... [more]
The Breeze Country not only is a great way to support your favorite football team during important matches, it also delivers a nice cool down on hot summer days. The USB table fan is stable, robust and cleanly processed. Nothing is loose,... [more]
Check App
The fan board Arctic Breeze is a unique product, but valid and cute. Can is helpful if there was an excessive sweating on the keyboard, in an environment unconditioned and you need a cool breeze. The noise is reduced to a minimum, the power... [more]
Xtreme Hardware
Short review today, but in practice the Arctic Breeze provides just that, a pleasant breeze which as the few short weeks of British Summer arrive and go by, the ARCTIC Breeze Country Edition will certainly... [more]
The fan has a cool design and i like a lot the color and the italian flag, also the fact that it's very cheap. The fan is surprisingly quiet.
Once tested the ARCTIC BREEZE EDITION SPANISH COUNTRY can say it is an ideal to refresh on hot summer afternoons device. Both build quality and design are really good, and its quiet operation and adjustable rotation speed. Thanks to its... [more]
Actualidad Hardware
The new special edition of the USB fan Arctic Breeze Country dedicated to domestic football to the next world in Brazil once again the excellent performance of the Breeze... [more]
Inside Hardware
With the hot summer that awaits us, the Arctic Breeze can seriously make a difference if you do not have the space for a full-size fan. All that you need is a USB 2.0 port (not for the data bus, as much for the power requirement) and there... [more]
The fan is actually pretty quiet and thanks to the flexible neck you can easily direct the air flow where you want it. It has a small footprint and is decorative on every desk. Especially now that the World Cup in Brazil is coming closer,... [more]
The Arctic Breeze Country is definitely a good option for USB desk fan. It has good power, enough to generate a nice soft breeze on your face when we are at the computer, without any noise to be annoying. Moreover, this special edition of... [more]
The Arctic Breeze fan is great for the hot hours when the sweat is felt in the hands, or even add body. Their materials and quality design are, so Arctic provides a durable product, far from those found in whole one-euro shops that break... [more]
The Breeze wont exactly blow you away, but does provide a sufficient breeze to keep you fairly cool. One major positive about this product is the noise, or the lack of it, it's very subtle and fairly quiet, even when on its highest fan... [more]
With the ARCTIC Breeze you can significantly facilitate your PC and office work. Even a heated battle in League of Legends or CSGO can be perfectly cooled down. According to the World Cup, you can fly the flag in the office with the Breeze... [more]
The ARCTIC Breeze Color gives you a fresh breeze at every LAN party, during working with the PC or on the go. The different colors are a nice change for the boring desk. The price performance ratio is also good. We give the Breeze our... [more]
PC Ekspert
That’s one of the features I like the most, being able to connect with a USB. Plus having the flexible goose neck will allow you to easily bend this fan in any direction so you can feel the breeze from any angel.
Mom Blog Society
Excellent USB gadget available in several different country flavours


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