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Charging Station

Universal 4-Port Wall USB Charger with Cable Organizer

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USD 9,999.99
End of Life
Three power plugs (US, UK and EU) are available, which makes it immensely flexible. To test the charger, we attached two phones, a MP3 player and a video camera at the same time - a load that the unit handled without breaking stride. Not everyone will have enough gadgets to make use of it, but it's great for those that do.
Overall it is a well built product with lots of thought putting into it. It works great with my Blackberry 9100, Playbook and other devices, and they are all charged quickly. This product is highly recommended!
Overall, the Charging Station is a great way to clear up that cluttered desk, or be the all-in-one travel solution for all of your USB-charged devices. I was actually rather surprised how cool the charger stayed even charging with all four ports. The included extensions made cable management and routing superbly easy, and we're glad ARCTIC went the extra mile in that regard.
Charges Four USB Devices in One Go
Allows Fast-Charge of iPad and iPhone
Charge Everywhere in the World
The four ports on this wall USB charger takes away your hesitation on which of your four USB devices to charge first. Simply plug all of them in and charge!
This wall charger supports fast charge on iPads and iPhones. The less time you spend on charging these USB devices, the more time you can enjoy them.
The EU, US and UK plugs are available, which enable this wall charger to fit the sockets in over 100 countries around the world. You can use it to charge your USB devices at home and bring it along when you go travelling.
Organize Neatly
Convenient Additional Cable Length
Worry-free Charging Experience
The Charging Station provides an excellent cable management to keep your charging area neatly with the weighted stainless Cable Organizer. No more messy wires and unlocking to do.
Not to worry about your USB cables being too short. This wall USB charger package comes with two additional USB Power Extension Cables for you to plug your existing cables to an extra 2 meters.
Thanks to its short circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection, you can rely on this wall USB charger to charge all your USB gadgets worry-free.
Size & Weight

Charger PRO 4
78 L x 57 W x 29 H mm
81 g
Cable Organizer
63 L x 60 W x 28 H mm
290 g
USB Extension Cable
2 metres long
175 g
Component Specification
Charger PRO 4
No. of USB Ports :
Input (Voltage, Frequency) :
AC 100 - 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Output (Voltage, Current) :
DC 5 V, 2.5 A

Cable Organizer
Material :
Stainless Steel

Extension Cable
USB Type :
USB 2.0
Plug :
AM to AF
Wire :
2C (28AWG) / 2C (20AWG)
Packaging & Box Content

255 L x 175 W x 49 H mm

Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
1,100 g
Custom PC
"The charger also includes US, UK and EU plug adaptors"
"The charging station looks to end this hassle by providing four powered USB ports from a single wall plug. The charger also includes US, UK and EU plug adaptors, which makes it immensely flexible. Not everyone will have enough gadgets to make use of it, but it is great for those that do."
"The Charging Station provides you a simple way to power multiple USB devices, is ideal for anyone who has limited power sockets or USB ports on their laptop.more]
Computer Shopper
It's hard to find a charger with 4 USB ports that can protect your gear from getting fried, comes with plugs for other countries, can handle 110-240 volts, put out 2,500mA. I definitely recommend the Charger Pro 4.
I loved the fact that ARCTIC even thought of including 8 small cable ties with the package, so you have everything neat and tidy. You can get very quick charging times. A regular USB cable at these lengths loses 2.71 volts, whereas these... [more]
"We hooked up our HTC mobile phone and a tablet, the Charging Station performed exactly as expected. This should fulfill the needs of a very broad audience.we can see it being very popular with those who frequently travel internationally as... [more]
Computer Shopper
"The charger is powerful enough to change an iPad"
The unit itself is rather attractive and is well-built, the 2.1A ports charged tablets every bit as fast as the stock ones they came with, which allows you to leave your cables neatly packed in your bag so you can have it with you on the... [more]
Tech Kings
It is a smart looking product with a bargain price of 12pounds to keep them topped up when on the move.
Expert Reviews
Great value with a sturdy and durable design. Userfriendly with a great acessories.


How many iPhone and iPad can the Charger PRO 4 / Charger PRO 4 Rev. 2 charge at the same time? read

The Charge PRO 4 can support:

Any Smartphone x 2 ( Apple iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC or Motorola) charging at same time.

Any Tablet x 1 (New iPad / iPad mini/Samsung Galaxy Tab 7,8,10 x 1).

Unlike any other wall chargers in the market, the Charger PRO 4 is able to connect three iPhone at the same time without being over-current and it will charge all iPhone simultaneously. Therefore, you can simply connect it all at once and charge it all at once without any concern on over-current.

How will I know the Charger PRO 4 / Charger PRO 4 Rev. 2 will work with my device? read

The following devices have been tested to be charged by the Charger PRO 4:

iPhone 4, iPad 2
Desire, Wildfire
Galaxy S2, Ace, i9000, i9003
Sony Ericsson

The following devices cannot by charged by the Charger PRO 4:

C7, N8

*Please note that due to the Charger PRO 4 is using fast charge function for Apple devices, it may not charge some Nokia and Blackberry devices.

In which countries/regions can I charge my devices with the ARCTIC chargers?read

Available Plugs:

Electrical Plugs In Use In Different Countries / Regions:

Asia Pacificread


North Americaread

South Americaread



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