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Acoustic Precision Earphones for Audiophiles

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USD 9,999.99
End of Life
Designed to deliver superb clarity and rich dynamics, the E461 earphones are not going to let you down. With a modern and timeless silver look that appeals to anyone, audiophiles will appreciate the full-range sound that you would only expect from full-size headphones.
"Audio experience is sharper and noticeably clearer compared to other earphones..."
"Instruments acoustics are reproduced wonderfully..."
"We were blown away with the sound quality..."
Full-Range Sound Quality

Using Neodymium magnet drivers, the E461 produces well-balanced and full-range frequency response. Absolute audio precision is also guaranteed so that you can hear your music in every detail. Embedded with the hardened aluminum capsule, your music is delivered in total linearity even at low bass. Experience every nuance of the music of your choice, from demanding rock, hip-hop, R&B, jazz to classical and opera.
In-line Control
Thinking of you
Audiophiles on the go will appreciate the convenience of the in-line control with microphone, which allows seamless switch between your music and phone calls. Besides enabling any forms of voice communications, such as MSN and Skype, thanks to the 3.5mm TRRS plug, the in-line control is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod. In order to use the microphone with your PC or notebook, an adapter cable is included.
Six sets of silicone caps in different sizes and shapes are provided to ensure a perfect fit for your ears; having a good seal is essential to not only reduce external noise but also to enhance audio quality throughout the full range of bass, mids and highs. A compact travel case is included to ensure safe and easy transport of the E461's for those long journeys.
Handy Travel Case
Thanks to the lightweight Neodymium magnet drivers and housing, the ultra-light yet robust earphones are ideal for people always on the go. It also comes with a compact travel case for extra protection.
A flat frequency-response curve shows that E461 is equally sensitive to all frequencies. No frequencies would be exaggerated or reduced, resulting in a more accurate representation of the original sound.
Technical Specifications
Frequency Response:
17 Hz - 26 kHz
12 Ω
96 dB
14 g
Cable Length:
130 cm
Input Connector:
Goldplated 3.5 mm jack
iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, and phones with a 3.5 mm jack
Portable media players:
iPod and MP3, video and DVD players with a 3.5 mm jack
Laptops and computers:
Laptops and computers with a 3.5 mm jack
Home audio:
Home audio systems with a 3.5 mm jack
Gaming consoles:
Gaming consoles with a 3.5 mm jack
Packaging & Box Content

Dimensions: 113 (L) x 53 (W) x 90 (H) mm

Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
103 g
"We were blown away by the sound quality"
"Considering the modest asking price of the E461 we weren't expecting them to be that great. But as soon as we hooked the earphones up to our HTC Desire smartphone, we were blown away by the sound quality. The most impressive aspect of the sound produced by the E461 is the bass level."

"The performance was just as good when we hooked the E461 up to our Macbook Pro and watched a couple of movies and listened to music. At this price we think they offer outstanding value for money."
"Excellent bass at "medium" volume levels, where the speaker is not being pushed so hard that it starts to lose quality. Another notable quality of these headphones is their high volume/high input performance. The aforementioned disparity in the higher frequencies allows them to be enjoyed at what could normally be an... [more]
Tech Kings
"Great balance between the different frequencies, eliminating annoying changes - Great comfort, ideal for extended use - High Quality Sound - Good sound insulation - Excellent Value for money, what else is there to add? These headphones are absolutely recommended for their level of quality, and especially for their asking price"
The Place Modding
"Delivers excellent bass and accurate sound reproduction"
"The E461-BM earphones definitely delivered clarity just as they had promised on the packaging box. The in-line microphone was also satisfactorily useful, able to record audio clearly with very little background... [more]
Hi-Tech Legion
"The E461 immediately struck me by its great attention to detail, bringing to light the nuances unknown or even forgotten in songs. This detail or insight is confirmed by listening to the music of Sara K. 24-bit, which is distinguishable from the corresponding 16-bit version. Both male and female voices, which are the strength of... [more]
E461-BM has performed extremely well with voice. The clarity of the call and sound combined really is what E461-BM is all about.E461-BM perform relatively good based on the clarity of the sound and bass. With amount of accessories you get with E461-BM you are definitely getting a big value for your dollar.
"The E461's takes the best elements of the previous models and improve on them to make what is a great pair of earphones overall."

"It must also be mentioned that the channel separation is... [more]
The Place Modding
"Excellent Value for money, what else is there to add?"
"The bass was solid and very responsive, while highs never once had issues. With that being said, most people would really like these earbuds. The Bass is not overwhelming like it tends to be on many sets."
E461-BM lie ahead as good headphones for listening to music and has an excellent quality and price ratio. Comfortable and lightweight, the hollow ear sticks well. The control buttons are very practical.
E461 is light and comfortable even after hours of use. Its high quality sound isolation allows you to hear clearly even in noisy environment without turning up the volume. The high range is presented clearly and with a fairly strong bass, such performance is comparatively good at this price range.
"I have extensive use with the E461 earphones and have been impressed. The neodymium magnet drivers provide a wide frequency range making them useful for all audio. The sound quality will be consistent among all genres. I split my listening time between music and podcasts and spoken word audio also sounds clear and good."
Gear Diary
"It's rare to find a pair of in-ear headphones with such quality"
"While listening to music, the clarity and response of the E461 earphones are exactly what you would expect from a replacement set. You can hear the bass of the drums and tings of the high hats during playback... [more]
Extremely good sound quality is what these earphones give you. The ARCTIC E461-BM earphones are great to have and certainly compete with the bigger brands on the market.

"The clarity is amazing, as well as the bass tone, which was also very... [more]
The sound quality of E461-BM really surprised me. It delivers excellent bass and accurate sound reproduction with details. I strongly recommend the E461-BM earphones from ARCTIC. The perfect gift by the way.
"The E461 was very neutral in terms of frequencies produced. On the low end, the E461 produced a respectable amount of bass impact and did a good job of not bleeding into the mid-frequencies."
"The E461 immediately struck me by its great attention to detail"
"The E461-BM is comfortable to use, and the noise isolation is especially good. The product is designed to provide dynamic, clear and rich top-level sound quality. It's rare to find a pair of in-ear headphones... [more]


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