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Freezer 12

Compact Semi Passive Tower CPU Cooler

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USD 19.99
USD 19.99

Decisively Improved

The successor of the Freezer 11 series convinces all along the line with regards to noise level, cooling capacity, mounting versatility and transport-proofness. As semi passive cooler, the Freezer 12 also works extremely efficiently as the fan only starts up at a PWM signal with 40 % pulse width.
The contact surface of the Freezer 12 direct-touch heatpipes does not cover the full protection cap of the CPU, but, more importantly, covers the whole processor DIE of the various compatible CPU. This leads to ideal cooling performance.

Cooling Performance and Noise Level on Inter Core i5-7600k
(Stock Clock, Prime 95, Ambient Temp. 25 °C)

Freezer 12
(2 000 RPM)
49 °C
0.3 Sone
Freezer 7 Pro
(2 200 RPM)
55 °C
0.5 Sone
Stock Cooler
(2 000 RPM)
78 °C
1.5 Sone

Semi Passive Cooling

With semi passive operation the Freezer 12 provides again a special feature. A sophisticated fan controller that was developed by German engineers allows passive cooling of the CPU during simple applications such as surfing and creating documents. The 92 mm fan only starts up at a PWM signal with 40 % pulse width. This saves energy, extends the service life and makes the cooler at low load completely silent.

Innovative Ventilation

Fluidic analysis and long testing hours allowed us to push the fan efficiency boundary further. This is leading to greater airflow and cooling at lower noise level, which not only crushes the stock cooler performance but also leaves our Freezer 7 Pro far behind.

Improved Airflow

Optimal Compatibility

Fast and easy to install and extremely reliable, the mounting system is compatible with Intel and AMD sockets.

Easy Installation & Safe Transportation

Thanks to different mounting models for various sockets and a backplate, the Freezer 12 is not only fool-proof to install, but also absolutely transport safe.

* The AM4 backplate comes with your mainboard, spare is available through our support.

Versatile Installation

Extremely versatile to fulfil your preference on the airflow pattern within the PC case, you can mount the Freezer 12
in any way you want to get the exact airflow you need.

Multilingual Manuals

We offer a regularly updated user manual in many languages conveniently at your fingertips anywhere and anytime. Put the QR code sticker at a place of your convenience and never waste time again looking for product instructions.

Intel Socket
1151 1150 1155 1156 2066 2011(-3) 1366 775
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes* No No
* SQUARE ILM (80 x 80 mm spacing) only

RAM Compatibility

If D<17.5 mm
Max Height of RAM = 38 mm

If D<15 mm
Max Height of RAM = 39 mm
AMD Socket
sTR4 AM4 AM3(+) AM2(+) AM1 FM2(+) FM1
No Yes No No No No No

RAM Compatibility

If D<28 mm
Max Height of RAM = 37.5 mm
Recommended for TDP up to:
130 watts

Direct touch Ø 6 mm x 3 (Double-Sided)

45 Aluminum Fins, Thickness:0.4 mm
Thermal Paste:
92 mm, 0–2,000 RPM (controlled by PWM)
Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Noise Level:
0.3 Sone
0.16 A/+12 V DC
Size & Weight
Packaging & Box Content
Shipping Information
Item Number:
Building a Gaming PC
"The Arctic Freezer 12 CPU cooler is affordable, adaptable and most importantly very good at keeping your CPU cool."
Both coolers Arctic Freezer 12 and Freezer 33 are semi-passive models with a tower radiator. At low load, the fans do not rotate, so the cooler works silently. Freezer 12 is more compact, since it is equipped with a 92-mm fan, dimensions... [more]
Hardware Luxx RU
The noise level of the Freezer 12 is almost negligible under load. Certainly, you can hear that the fan is running a bit harder, but this is hardly worth mentioning. It is also nice to experience that despite the low price, the quality and... [more]
Tech Junkies
The Arctic Freezer 12 is priced at around 80 zlotys. I think this is a very interesting choice at this price. Cooling is a little bit more efficient than from similar competitors and works at a low noise level. Please pay attention during... [more]
What Next PL
PC Nadsenci SK
"Small powerful CPU Cooler"
The Arctic Freezer 12 is a very capable and compact cooler. It had no issues cooling my Ryzen 1700 even during the most intense of loads. I really like the simplicity of the mounting mechanism used by Arctic for the AMD socket that is... [more]
Dave Plays
ARCTIC’s Freezer 12 is not meant to handle an unrealistic heavy loads of AIDA64 EXTREME with an overclocked CPU, and even though it can keep the CPU cooled and operational ARCTIC has more fitting coolers for those who want to... [more]


We recommend Neo Reader, available at    OS
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Pin Assignment?read

Pin No. Wire Colour Wire Colour Wire Colour Power/Signal
Pin 1 Black Black Black (with White mark) Ground
Pin 2 Red Yellow Black VDC +12V
Pin 3 Yellow Green Black RPM Signal
Pin 4 Blue Blue Black PWM Signal

Which thermal paste can I use?read

We recommend using MX-2 or MX-4 thermal paste. ATTENTION! Please do not use liquid metal thermal paste. The component gallium causes aluminum to corrode and become brittle.


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