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Freezer i32 Plus

Semi Passive Intel CPU Tower Cooler with Push-Pull-Configuration

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USD 32.99
End of Life

"One of the best air coolers on the market."

The Freezer i32 stands out for its
very low volume as a semi-passive cooler.

The tower cooler provides a very good
quality at an affordable price.

Additional Fan for More Cooling Capacity

Two low noise F12 PWM fans mounted on opposite sides of the radiator provide a great airflow. The first fan pushes air through the heatsink, the second fan pulls the air out of the heatsink.

Performance Champ

The Freezer i32 Plus is based on the ARCTIC Freezer i30, but features several improvements that boost performance and further reduce noise. Thanks to the award winning cooling performance, the Freezer i32 Plus is the perfect gadget for PC enthusiasts looking for an affordable solution for the CPU cooling.

Semi Passive Cooling

By semi passive performance the Freezer i32 Plus provides again a special feature. A sophisticated fan controller that was developed by German engineers enables the CPU to be cooled completely passively during typical Windows operation. The 120 mm fans only start up at a higher load (starting at 40 % PWM).

Improved Heat Dissipation

As a new feature, the Freezer i32 Plus has off-centered heat pipes that dispense the heat better than the centered ones of its predecessors. Also, the layout of the 49 aluminium fins creates micro vortices that boost the airflow and circulate it around the heatpipes.

Optimal Compatibility

Fast and easy to install and extremely reliable, the mounting system is compatible with all current Intel sockets. Also, the low footprint of the Freezer i32 Plus avoids interference with the RAM, even if there are two fans used ensuring the best compatibility.

Enhanced Bearing

Due to a new alloy/lubricant combination developed in Germany, the friction within the bearing is reduced and a greater efficiency is achieved. This way, there is less heat development as well as less bearing noise and you can enjoy a longer service life of your cooler.

Easy Installation & Transport Safe

Thanks to the screw-mount onto a back-plate and a significantly lower weight compared to the i30, the Freezer i32 Plus is not only fool-proof to install, but also absolutely transport safe.

Intel Socket
1151 1150 1155 1156 2066** 2011(-3) 1366 775
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes* No No
* SQUARE ILM (80 x 80 mm spacing) only
** c’t magazin has shown in issue 17/2017 on page 96 that Intel i9 CPUs on socket 2066 may draw up to 270 Watts since wrongly programmed BIOS by mainboard manufacturers fail to limit the TDP of the CPU to the specified 140 Watts. This may lead to thermal throttling of the CPU.

AMD Socket
sTR4 AM4 AM3(+) AM2(+) AM1 FM2(+) FM1
No No No No No No No

Max. Cooling Capacity:
320 watts
Recommended for TDP up to:
150 watts

120 mm
Fan Speed:
0–1,350 RPM (controlled by PWM)
Noise Level:
0.3 sone
0.2 A per fan/+12 V DC
Size & Weight
Packaging & Box Content

Shipping Information
Item Number:
Tech Hardware
"Impressed by the performance"
We have been impressed by the performance obtained from the ARCTIC Freezer i32 Plus. 320 W max. TDP is more than enough to guarantee safety to all user that want quietness and efficiency and guarantee a correct dissipation for a soft overclock.
If you are looking for an aftermarket heatsink that assure you excellent performance during overclock and maximum silence with ligh loads, you’ve found with the ARCTIC Freezer i32 Plus what you were looking for.


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Intel LGA 2011(-3) compatibility (square / narrow ILM)?

For the socket LGA 2011(-3), Intel specifies two different formats: SQUARE ILM & NARROW ILM. Please note that Freezer i32 is compatible to LGA 2011(-3) refer ONLY to mainboards fitted with SQUARE ILM (80 x 80 mm spacing).

Pin assignment?

Pin No.

Wire Color


Pin 1



Pin 2


Motherboard +12V DC

Pin 3


Reading Signal

Pin 4


PWM Signal


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