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Wireless Keyboard with Multi-Touch pad

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USD 19.99
USD 19.99
Ideal for Home Theater PC
A sleek device to be put in the living room, sit back and control your home theater PC comfortably with this wireless mini keyboard on your lap.
4 Multimedia Shortcut Keys
Multi-Touch Trackpad
The multimedia shortcut keys (play/pause, volume up, volume down, mute) offer you a more streamlined multimedia playback experience with a touch.
Click, move, drag or scroll the cursor swiftly with the multi-touch pad. It works just like your mouse with a few simple multi-touch gestures.
Wireless Mobility
Power Saving
Plug and play without software installation, simply connect the USB receiver to an available USB port and enjoy the mobility of control up to 10 m away.
The mini keyboard sleeps automatically after staying idle for more than 10 minutes.
Size & Weight

Dimensions: 280 (L) x 112 (W) x 17 (H) mm
Net Weight: 280 g
Wireless connection by USB mini receiver
Range: 10 m
Operating System Supported
Microsoft Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / ME / 2000
Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, Android OS 4.0 or beyond
US International
Alkaline AAA batteries x 2
Packaging & Box Content

Dimensions: 470 (L) x 150 (W) x 27 (H) mm

Shipping Information
Item Number:
KBACO-K4810-GBC01 (US)
KBACO-K4810-GBD01 (UK)
KBACO-K4810-GBB01 (DE)
KBACO-K4810-GBA01 (CZ)
0872767004481 (US)
0872767004474 (UK)
0872767004498 (DE)
0872767004504 (CZ)
Gross Weight:
800 g
Hi-Tech Legion
"Delivers what it promises and goes the extra mile"
"Compact and reasonably priced, the K481 is an essential addition to your HTPC or, as we have tested, as a compatible keyboard for the Nintendo Wii. The 10 meter maximum range stated in the specifications is the maximum optimal range and the K481 was still responsive at 12+ meters. Most HTPC setups don't require functionality at distances beyond 10 meters so the K481 passes with flying colors. The price is very reasonable at $39, especially for a wireless keyboard with a built-in touch pad. Overall, the ARCTIC K481 delivers what it promises and goes the extra mile, making it a very economical and practical addition to your home theater setup."
I was able to type things on a different floor of the house and was testing the 10 meter range and I must have a good line of sight because at near 40 feet I was still able to control the PC.
+ Price + Perfect size for Media Centre + Integrated Touchpad + Multimedia Keys + USB Receiver
Tech Review.de
The K481 has hit a nice size balance for HTPC users. It is a quality keyboard which allows you to comfortably browse the internet, together with many features. The trackpad is included is icing on the cake and makes the whole experience even better
It is very light and thin which just fits everywhere and with convenience keys which are great help for media controls. The multi touch tracking pad and media control buttons come extremely handy and perfect in its wireless range. If you... [more]
"40 feet I was still able to control the PC."
The nice and compact design of the K481 makes it perfect to use with a Home-Theatre-Center.
As a summary it's a nice & compact keyboard to navigate internet or work wireless with silent buttons & touch pad with mouse-like functional buttons.
The range with the wireless receiver is reasonably good, better than with most other keyboards. The touchpad mouse is working flawlessly and is one of the best I've seen on market.The K481 is perfect choice as HTPC keyboard.you... [more]
RB Mods
ARCTIC K481 is a well designed accessories.
Best of it
"a quality keyboard"
The K481 is very ergonomics with beautiful lines and in perfect harmony. The keys fulfill its purpose, and the multi-touch pad is the icing on this design. It is compact and lightweight. Together with the multi-touch pad and wireless... [more]
"I also used the keyboard for a month or so in my living room with my home theatre PC which is the perfect use for this type of keyboard with the multi-touch... [more]
The autopowersaving feature works great, and it even worked up to 20 meters range. It's even compatible with gameconsoles. No additional software installation required.
Good Performance
Size and weight
Quality and design.
Quality / Price ratio

Limitation of Layouts. ... [more]
Hi-Tech Legion
"Delivers what it promises and goes the extra mile"
The K481 is extremely slick and small for factual design. With just 30-centimeter thickness and numbers of multimedia keys, this keyboard is perfect for sitting in the lounge or using in conjunction with your game console.
Tech Toast
Though it appears to be smaller than many of the similar keyboards we have seen, it seems it is still big enough to lack the backlit keys that have become commonplace on mini-keyboards. I do like that ARCTIC was smart enough to fit in the... [more]
Missing Remote


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