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Liquid Freezer 120

Liquid CPU Cooler for Overclockers

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Regular Price: USD 99.99

Special Price: USD 85.99

Regular Price: USD 99.99

Special Price: USD 85.99

Designed for Extreme Cooling Performance
Outstanding CPU cooling performance through Water Cooling Solution with 2 x F12 PWM PST fans, 49 mm deep radiator and efficient water pump.
Extremely Powerful yet Quiet
The Liquid Freezer 120 is not just the most powerful AIO Water Cooler in its class but also the quietest.
Cooling Performance & Noise Level on Intel Core i7-5930K
Liquid Freezer 120
49.1 °C
30 dB
Corsair H75
49.3 °C
36.5 dB
Corsair H55
51.3 °C
45 dB
Cooler Master
Seidon 120V
52 °C
35 dB
Fractal Kelvin T12
50.6 °C
37.5 dB
H2O 950
53.1 °C
52 dB
Most Efficient Pump
Latest motor technology and smooth tubes offer top performance at only 2 watt power consumption.
Every Unit Performs the Same
A concentric CNC guarantees a smooth and even surface. Thus a consistent series production quality is guaranteed and every unit performs exactly the same.
Optimal Heat Dissipation
Dual low noise 120 mm fans mounted on opposite sides of the radiator provide a great airflow. First fan pushes air through the radiator, second fan pulls the air through it. Controllable with PST function to adjust the fan speed based on CPU temperature.

Quiet and Powerful Fan
We fully designed the F12 fan with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software and optimized it for high airflow. From all fans tested in our air tunnel and anechoic chamber the F12 offers the highest airflow at a given noise level - by margin
All fans tested at 800 RPM, in anechoic chamber and wind tunnel.
Fits Every Standard Case
We pack a bag of the leading thermal compound, enough for two applications. The MX-4 guarantees to dissipating heat from your CPU in the quickest and most efficient way.
The Liquid Freezer 120 fits in every standard PC case with 120 mm fan option.
Long Service Life
The Fluid Dynamic Bearing comes with an oil capsule that avoids lubricant leakage. Thus this bearing is as quiet as a sleeve bearing but comes with a significantly higher service life.
Intel Socket
1151 1150 1155 1156 2011-v3 2011 1366 775
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes* Yes* No No
* SQUARE ILM (80 x 80 mm spacing) only
AMD Socket
AM4 AM3(+) AM2(+) AM1 FM2(+) FM1
Yes* Yes Yes No Yes Yes
* A free AM4 retention ring can be asked to, please join a copy of your purchase order with your request.

Max. Cooling Performance:
300 Watts
Recommended for TDP up to:
250 Watts
Water Loop

DC 5V - 12V
Power Consumption:
2.0 W
Cold Plate:
Micro Skived Fin, Copper
Tube Length:
326 mm
Tube Diameter:
Outer 10.6 mm, inner 6.0 mm
Pump Dimensions (w/o tubes):
82 x 82 x 40 mm
Radiator Material:

120 mm x 2
Fan Speed:
500 - 1350 RPM (PWM)
74 CFM / 126 m³/h per fan
DC 12 V
0.25 A (max)
Noise Level:
0.3 Sone
4 Pins with PST
x 2
Packaging & Box Content

Shipping Information
Item Number:
Gross Weight:
1,262 g
"Cooling performance is exceptional"
The Arctic Liquid Freezer delivers in spades. It offers top performance, low noise levels and a sleek appearance, all for a fair price.
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 and 240 are actually doing impressively well. The pump in the coolers is neat and stylish in design. The hoses are coming out the top of the pump head, which I really like. The coolers do the work really well,... [more]
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 offers outstanding performance at a low price. I especially recommend it for those who looking for more space in their case and users who want to try their first liquid cooling system without complications at... [more]
ARCTIC, once again managed to create such an exceptional product which not only has great build quality but delivers top performance results. In addition, there is absolutely no need for maintenance.
"ARCTIC has created the perfect AIO solution"
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 offers good performance for users who want to overclock or keep down the temperatures in a high TDP processor, being perfect for chassis that do not allow double radiators. His dual fan configuration is... [more]
ARCTIC has just raised the bar when it comes to AIO CPU coolers. The Liquid Freezer 240 is a cooler that destroys all competition while remaining whisper quiet and costs less than any other water cooler of this size and costs even less than... [more]
"The performance is impressive"
ARCTIC has put together a solid bit of kit in the Liquid Freezer 120. Decent build quality, a relatively painless installation process and solid performance at respectable noise levels mean that plenty of boxes are ticket here. Even at the... [more]
The first take of ARCTIC in the AIO market is brilliant. The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240, in no uncertain terms, is the best AIO liquid cooling solution you can find actually at this price. Bravo ARCTIC!
Strong performances, low noise, good quality for an awesome price! Only the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240 AiO cooler can match this quality!
Bits and Chips
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer is a perfect AiO model that perfectly fits to the needs of any user requiring, with a simple Installation system that no maintenance required.
"Noteworthy performance for new ARCTIC AIO cooler"
There’s nothing negative to say about the building process and the materials quality on that Liquid Freezer 240, it's just the top. Its 240 mm aluminum radiator is able to deliver high cooling performances helped by 4 x F12 PWM... [more]
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 delivers great cooling performance, quiet acoustics, high compatibility and a competitive price; you couldn’t ask for much more from a cooler!
"Very good price, very quiet and truly outstanding performance"
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240 managed to deliver our best result in our overclocked settings test, demonstrating that it has the potential for even more heat to be dissipated in a civilized manner.
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 is a very good choice with good performance and noise level. There's no need to look to another AIO solutions.
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 is in the position of maintaining our processor cool, within the limits of its TDP. Meanwhile, by making use of the actual security limits if the processors, it can maintain a safe temperature for our system,... [more]
Good performance, a very low price and compatible with the latest platforms: We give our HARDWARE GOLD AWARD coupled with our BEST PRICE AWARD for the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240.
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 has a big radiator and you can expect great performance.
The Liquid Freezer 240 is an obliged purchase, for those who looking for performance with a very attractive price.
Xtreme Hardware
High performance and quiet with the double Fan and MX-4 thermal paste. The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 is among the best liquid cooler quality/price ratio. Great product!
Hardware Ready
We are extremely pleased by the results of the field test, we are pleased to award the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 and 240 our highest award.
Innovations and price performance ratio are one of ARCTIC's best strengths. The result is a solution that definitely cutting edge.
Cooling technique
Every time i review ARCTIC's cooling system it gets highest possible score - five stars out of five. Situation with Liquid Freezer 240 is not different. It's a great choise for people who need more powerful and quiet... [more]
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240 is a cooler with a very good price performance ratio. The build quality starting from the tubes to the radiator & pump is very good, the accesorry bundle is rich and the four included fans increase the... [more]
My Garage
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240 has a clean and spartan design, no glitz and tacky ornaments on the body make it suitable for any system. The total black look and massive appearance disguise the small price of the product. It has a very... [more]
The Liquid Freezer 240 from ARCTIC is an extremely good solution of water cooling. Not only the performance of the cooler is impressive, but also the silent work has convinced us.
The ARCTIC Freezer Liquid 120 is a very good cooler and especially recommended for those who are starting these improvements. Also, if you simply want a quieter system it is also a good option.
A Minha Casa Ditigtal
The Liquid Freezer 240 from ARCTIC was a positive surprise. The cooler is relatively small and the installation very easy. At full load the four fans as well as the pump work very quietly. The test results were impressive, compared to other models.
Techno Kitchen (YouTube)
As for the performance, the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240 performed magnificently. The noise levels were extremely low too, even when under full load. Aesthetically speaking, the design works well. The build quality throughout the entire thing... [more]
Dennis Publishing
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240 brings impressive cooling at a price tag that rivals all the bigger brands out their, with 4 fans, included quality thermal compound and silent operation.
The efficiency of the Liquid Freezer from ARCTIC and its cooling results are excellent. The individual adjustment of the fan speed is another plus point. The cooler is simple and at the same time fixedly attached to the CPU. We were very satisfied.
The efficiency of the Liquid Freezer from ARCTIC and its cooling results are excellent. The individual adjustment of the fan speed is another plus point. The cooler is simple and at the same time fixedly attached to the CPU. We were very satisfied.
Liquid Freezer 120 is one of the best example how to make a great value product, which is a rare sight for the segment of water cooler AIO's.
Vidi Magazine
The Liquid Freezer 240 from ARCTIC is a great product. Not only the impressive performance speaks for this water cooler, but also the high-quality workmanship, the price and the easy installation. We give this cooler our silver award
ComputerBase has vetted four compact water coolers with 240mm radiator. The Liquid Freezer provides an impressive performance and is the winner of the comparison. It combines an excellent cooling performance with the lowest price in the... [more]
As we saw it managed to maintain the CPU’s temperature at a good level and in some tests even overcome the much more expensive Noctua NH-D15S.
For the Liquid Freezer 240 ARCTIC relies on the latest, convincing Gen 5 from Asetek. Unlike competitive solutions, the Liquid Freezer needs not to be operated with sped up and noisy fans to achieve good cooling performance. Even at full... [more]
Hardware Luxx
The positives of the Liquid Freezer 120 are: high cooling efficiency, low fan and pump noise and great compatibility.
Decent performance, silent operation, easy installation. Even under heavy load the fan speed is almost constant. Installation is simple, the Liquid Freezer 120 is an asset to the uninitiated.
59 Hardware
Liquid Freezer 120 is the universal, simple and rather effective system with the low level of noise, capable to provide cooling to any modern processor including in case of its acceleration.
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 produces very interesting results for temperature and noise, considering that the ARCTIC liquid cooling kit can be installed in a single 120 mm slot despite being the biggest one in his category.
Hardware Upgrade
The Liquid Freezer 240 is one of the best representatives of the class. Extremely silent pump in operation will satisfy the most exacting users. Thanks to the thick heat sink and directly four 120-mm fans Liquid Freezer 240 shows very high... [more]
3D News
The Liquid Freezer 240 works very quietly, no matter how high the fan speed is. The CPU water cooler is mounted easily and stable and shows very good cooling results.
The quality of the materials is excellent. Both the rubber tube and the aluminum radiator are prime selection.
The Liquid Freezer 120 shows very good results at high as well as at low fan speed. In addition, the CPU cooler is extremely compatible and the pump operates very quietly.
Der Liquid Freezer 240 ziegt sehr gute Ergebnisse sowohl bei hoher, als auch bei niedriger Lüftergeschwindigkeit. Außerdem ist der CPU Kühler äußerst kompatibel und die Pumpe arbeitet sehr leise.
The silence is precisely the point where the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 excels, enough to beat the competitors and reach the top of our ranking.
PC Brain
The cooling performance as well as the noise level of the Liquid Freezer 240 know how to convince. In idle mode it cools the processor down to 26 degrees Celsius. Even at longer full capacity 47°C are not exceeded. Both the pump and the... [more]
ARCTIC proves with the Liquid Freezer 240 that the cooling performance of an all-in-one water cooling solution does not necessarily have to be expensive or even weak. Quite the contrary. Because many competing provider buy themselves the... [more]
ARCTIC produces a powerful CPU water cooler, which is perfect for computer enthusiasts and overclockers!
The Arctic Liquid Freezer delivers in spades. It offers top performance, low noise levels and a sleek appearance, all for a fair price.
Installing the Liquid Freezer 120 is very easy. It is simply a backplate, four standoffs and then the pump is locked down with four thumbscrews. It makes me wonder why other AIO manufacturers can’t all do it like this.
The Liquid Freezer 120 is a solic product. The price is more than able to compete with other all-in-one solutions. Those who are convinced from the general benefits of a all-in-one solution can definitely take this cooler. Due to the... [more]
overclock Inside
Arctic once again did what it does best - designed a powerful CPU cooling systems at an affordable price. It's much cheaper than competing water cooling systems and it performs admirably, whether you are interested in raw cooling... [more]
Bug Labs
Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 pleasantly surprised us with the performance cost ratio. Build quality is of the high quality as well as materials, and the appearance is also great. During testing, the system worked flawlessly.
Mega Obzor
The Liquid Freezer 240 from ARCTIC has a great price performance ration. The quality of materials and workmanship is very robust. Even when we remove two fans, or put them in PWM mode the performance do not fall drastically. For 100€... [more]
PC Ekspert
The Liquid Freezer 120 from ARCTIC is a very efficient cooler. It brings your CPU to the desired temperature and is still very quiet.
ITN Daily
The Liquid Freezer from ARCTIC is quite easy to mount, has a very good performance and accessories set with four fans and thermal compound included. We like this CPU liquid cooler a lot!
At no time did my processor reach the temperature threshold, which is really nice, and the fans were actually not at full speed during any of the tests. So all in all ARCTIC made some really great coolers, which works very well in terms of... [more]
In my opinion Liquid Freezer 240 is defenitly worth that money. It has the best performance/volume ratio. It is also one of the best performance coolers i have ever tested.
What Next
Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 has shown excellent performance and allows processor overclock even more. Package allows you to organize high-quality ventilation inside your case for better cooling. Highly recommendations.
Andrey Shaman
The conclusion is "WOW!!!". A 120 mm radiator can "freeze" a 6600K @ 4.5 GHz and is good for overclocking to 5 GHz (as I've done!) That is fantastic and the noise was around ZERO in LOAD. I began the stress test of... [more]
I give Arctic and their Liquid Freezer 240 a 5 out of 5 Editors Choice, 100% recommended buy for those of you getting into liquid cooling and like closed loop systems.
Dragon Blogger
Features like a powerful pump, safe and easy installation and quiet operation featuring the Liquid Freezer 120 from ARCTIC.
Features like a powerful pump, safe and easy installation and quiet operation featuring the Liquid Freezer 240 from ARCTIC.
The Liquid Freezer 120 didn’t exactly blow the Kelvin out of the water but it did beat it and that’s what counts. Some praise must be reserved for the F12 PWM fans which are virtually silent even when ramped up to maximum force... [more]
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 just obliterates the similar-spec unit from Corsair, which on paper should perform similarly having the same radiator size and dual fans out of the box. It seems to be a combination of better design and more... [more]
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 is one of the quietest coolers that also happens to be one of the best performing coolers and is additionally, one of the least expensive coolers. You know that saying "Performance, silence, and price,... [more]
With its 4 Fluid Dynamic Bearing fans and 38 mm thick radiator, this cooler is without a doubt, optimized for high air flow. Its low noise pump kept my system running cool and quiet. The installation was simple and took no time at all.
Pro Clockers
If you want a liquid cooling for your PC to decrease between 15 and 20 degrees temperature relative to normal coolers, the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 is a very good option. The radiator is bigger than other brands and has a better cooling... [more]
The choice to outfit both Liquid Freezer with a push-pull series configuration without increasing the final cost, allowing them to achieve higher performance than any other compact system in the same market segment.
Hardware Ready
"Perfect for new Skylake"
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 is very well made, economic and already available in the market.
Xtreme Hardware
As you can see from our charts, the performance of the 120 mm model is also quite good and indeed better compared to other similar size models. There’s no doubt that the Liquid Freezer 120 is better than the Kuhler H2O 950 by Antec.
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 240 is everything you could ask for in a mid-budget AIO cooler. It’s got excellent socket support, has plenty of headroom for overclocking and runs quietly.
Our CPU is cool and silent. You can cool your processor with its four fans that are still impressive. There is therefore no reason to deprive a CPU Liquid Cooling!
"Excellent performance, very silent"
The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 has the best results on market for 120 mm models and works perfect also at high overclocking. It is the best buy in the market.
Guide informatica
The Liquid Freezer 240 is a very, very impressive cooling unit. Honestly the price I never would have expected to get such good results. This one again proves us a lesson price does not always definde quality and performance. It blows the... [more]
Typical for the Swiss is a in comparison with other products of a similar design rather low-powered but quiet arrangement. A very good decision in a market that is dominated by models that are more powerful than necessary, because there is... [more]
PC Gameshardware
If you're searching for a compact and efficient AIO cooler, the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer 120 is one of the best choices in the market, especially if you're getting into liquid cooling for the first time.
Chimera Revo
Resulting from years of R&D by the market leader that once again proves to be able to realize modern, effective but above all efficient solutions.
Cooling technique
Taking everything into considering, it really hard that you will find that's this compelling as the Liquid Freezer 240. Just like its little brother, it comes well equipped with four fans ready for the push-pull configuration and... [more]
Vidi Magazine
"Good quality-price ratio"


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If AMD backplate is missing?

If your AMD board comes without a backplate as shown below, please send us an email to with your invoice and we will send you a backplate free of charge.

Intel LGA 2011(-3) compatibility (square / narrow ILM)?

For the socket LGA 2011(-3), Intel specifies two different formats: SQUARE ILM & NARROW ILM. Please note that Liquid Freezer 120 is compatible to LGA 2011(-3) refer ONLY to mainboards fitted with SQUARE ILM (80 x 80 mm spacing).


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