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Windows Media Center Remote Control

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USD 9,999.99
End of Life
Easy to Use
Featuring a total of 37 buttons with captions for each button, the remote control offers an intuitive interface for you to navigate all the multimedia applications in a breeze.
Plug and Play
Instant Access to Media Applications
Using standard RC6 protocol, no software installation is required. Especially designed for MC001 and MC101 media centers or any home theater PCs with an Infrared receiver, the MCR1 remote control is ready to use straight out of the box.
Thanks to its short circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection, you can rely on the MCR1 to charge both your devices and the rechargeable batteries worry-free.
Software Compatibility
Full Input Device
It is also compatible with a variety of media software, including PowerDVD, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, WinDVR, XBMC and more. You can also use it as a remote control for PowerPoint presentations and web browsing.
The numeric keys on this remote control can also be used to enter text the same way as your mobile phone does, which is especially convenient when browsing your extensive libraries.
Infrared protocol:
940 nm
up to 8 m
Power Consumption
2 x AAA batteries
<8 uA
Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP MCE2005 / Vista / 7
MCE 2005, Media Center, Vista Media Center, Windows 7 Media Center; Winamp, Windows Media Player; KMPlayer, Media Player Classic, Power DVD, RealPlayer, WinDVD, Windows Media Player; WinDVR; PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Adobe Reader
Size & Weight

Dimensions: 185 L x 55 W x 30 H mm
Net Weight:
106 g
Packaging and Box Content
Dimensions: 197 L x 56 W x 33 H mm
Shipping Information
Item Number:


Gross Weight:
700 g
"Best feature award"
The remote is fat at both ends with a slim spot in the middle that fits nicely in your hand as you navigate all of the keys. You have device keys at the top with a navigation pad and mouse functions just below. With the basic remote functions for TV navigation there is also an alphabet attached to allow you to also type from this remote control.
The MCR1 makes use of Media Center very easy and it gives you the opportunity to control the PC from another device if you don't like the choices being made by the housemates

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