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We respect the cultural diversity of people working with ARCTIC and we are aware that our success is based on their abilities and commitment. ARCTIC's loyal employees work with passion, love challenges and aspire highest customer satisfaction. Through our values we express and share our belief.
We believe in nurturing and developing a culture of positive energy through a set of principles, processes, systems and habits that are ingrained in our corporate culture and each individual employee. We praise achievements and we are enthusiastic of what we and our partners are doing.
We share responsibilities and support each other, treat one another with respect and fairness, communicate openly. We foster collaboration and encourage interaction, sharing ideas and suggestions to improve our products, services and the cooperation with our partners and customers.
We in ARCTIC empower creativity and ingenuity, new ideas, products and services. We anticipate market trends and move quickly in order to succeed and differentiate ourselves from competitors.
We embrace openness and believe 'Transparency is Assurance'. We establish a sense of trust upfront by being transparent. In ARCTIC, we are accountable for our actions and we highly value honesty. With ARCTIC you know what you get.
We demonstrate total commitment and an efficient working attitude to achieve the best quality outcomes. Having the desire to succeed, we are willing to take risks and go the extra mile for achievements.
As a Carbon Neutral company we resume responsibility for the greenhouse gas emission of our CO² ejection. We invest the full amount of our carbon footprint in renewable energy and recycling projects.