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In the rapidly changing computer and electronics industries, we see it as our job to push the frontier in performance, user friendliness and value for money further. We see innovation in creating technologies for our customers' needs – always keeping their benefits in mind.
Below a selection of patented technologies and innovations of the last 10 years:
PWM Sharing Technology
Centralized control of up to 5 fans for computer noise minimization
Cross Blow Technology
Cooled surrounding PC components with Cross Blow
Heatsink Design
Enhanced natural convection for more efficient passive cooling
Fan Holder Design
Eliminated annoying buzzes from PCs with its fan holder
ANTI-Vibration Technology
Eliminated computer noise with vibration absorbers
Back Side Cooler
Keeps the board and all components around the GPU on low temperature
Heatpipes arrangement
Allows higher heat density and cooling capacity
Neodymium Drivers
Improved drivers push the sound quality to a higher level