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Bluetooth Stereo Headphones for Sports with Microphone

Availability: Out of stock

Regular Price: USD 39.99

Special Price: USD 24.99

Regular Price: USD 39.99

Special Price: USD 24.99

The P311 Bluetooth headset keeps you connected wirelessly to your phone without any cables in your way. Answer phone calls, and control your music while jogging without any interruption.

Sound Quality You Would not Expect
The ARCTIC P311 comes with a bass response and a linearity you would not expect from a small and light on-ear headphone. Listening to music becomes fun - anywhere.
Choose your colour:
Black White Blue Green Pink
20 Hours Playback Time
Built-in Microphone
The P311 has earned the bragging rights for its extended battery time. Plays music for 20 hours on a single charge. Battery can be easily recharged through USB. Enjoy music all day long without having to worry about running out of battery.
Make yourself completely hands free and enjoy music, movies, and even carry on phone conversations with the built-in microphone
Easy Access
Fold and Carry
With the intuitive controls of the P311, you can answer phone calls with a click of a button. Use the intuitive controls to change track, adjust the volume and answer phone calls.
The P311 makes a perfect travel companion with its fold-and-carry design. The included carrying case will keep your headset protected at all times.
Technical Specifications
Headphone Type:
Supra-Aural On-ear, Neckband
Driver Size:
28 mm
Frequency Response:
18 Hz - 22 kHz
32 Ω
71 g
Blutooth Version:
Bluetooth 4.0
20 m
Supported Profiles:
Rechargable Battery:
400mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery
Playback Time:
20 hours
Standby Time:
Up to 200 hours
iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry and other phones with Bluetooth connection
Laptops and Computers:
Laptops and computers with Bluetooth connection or Bluetooth adapter
Packaging & Box Content

Dimensions: 165 (L) x 65 (W) x 230 (H) mm

Shipping Information
Item Number:
White: HEASO-ERM42-GBA01
Black: ORACO-ERM28-GBA01
Green: HEASO-ERM38-GBA01

White: 0872767005662
Black: 0872767003668
Green: 0872767004634
Pink: 0872767004627
Blue: 0872767004610

Gross Weight:
179 g
"Fantastic value no matter which way you slice it"
"This Bluetooth Headset is fantastic value no matter which way you slice it. It will perform admirably as a mobile headset for talk or for music. It sounds great either way."
"The P311 became my everyday
headset. "
"No wireless headset can compete with P311 at this competitive price."
"Excellent quality for reception and transmission, as well as playing some MP3."
Xtreme Hardware
"I can highly recommend the ARCTIC P311 headphones. The audio quality is probably my best headphone option now and call quality is great without having to mess with a microphone. The most amazing part of this unit is the price for... [more]
Gear Diary
"I decided to test how well they would hang on, so I took the P311s out running. I never felt any chance that the P311s were going to fall off or move period, nor did I feel any pinching or pain on my ears."
Pro Clockers
"Overall we are very impressed with the ARCTIC P311 headset which seems to do all we could ask for and more."
"We found a good sound quality, coupled with extreme mobility: after a few minutes I almost forgot that I was wearing the headphones. The battery life is excellent, all this in only 71g!"
59 Hardware
"With normal usage and testing, a single full charge lasted us between 21 to 23 hours depending on distance from the paired device and amount of use."
"We could not be happier with the ARCTIC P311 Bluetooth headphones. We certainly have not heard anything better for the price."
Tech Reaction
"A must buy for people who love music "
"The P311 became my everyday headset. There is no way to put into words the comfort of having a pair of headphones without wires. Plus I can pair the P311 with my phone, with my notebook or my desktop computer."
"Throughout testing we were thoroughly impressed with the P311, it operated well over increased ranges (10-20m) without any real loss in sound quality or responsiveness. The sound quality was also surprising, for a battery powered... [more]
Hardware Look
"The thing that really surprised me with this headset was that I was able to walk around the house and go outside without losing signal to my iPhone in a distance of about 25 meters. Most important of this product, is the ease of use,... [more]
"The P311 is simply fantastic! Not only by the sound quality, but also for practical and hands-free and as a small media controller! Together with the long battery life, we give it the N3D Recommended award."
Noticias 3D
"Both music playback and telephone use was excellent"
"The ARCTIC P311 is a very comfortable headset with a good sound quality- easy to connect and use."
"The P311 is a pleasant surprise given it's price The sound quality is really good and it can be stored in a pocket which makes it useful in case of need."
01 Net
"P311 certainly is much better than your average Bluetooth stereo headset. The headset's response is good across the entire frequency range."
"A single full charge lasted us between 21 to 23 hours"
"I was not expecting much from the ARCTIC P311 considering the price. It was surprising once you actually listened to it however that it produced a decent amount of bass for the size.The volume control and multimedia skip functions... [more]
Hi-Tech Legion
"ARCTIC has also thought about the sound aspect and offers a capable Bluetooth and software combination to allow up to three of their P311 headsets to be connected at once, allowing three people to view a movie together or listen to... [more]
"Lightweight with amazing sound quality. 20+ hours of listening on one charge!"
Gear Diary
"These things are a steal!"
"The P311 definitely surprised us! With the affordable price of this headset, it offers a good Bluetooth connection and a pleasant listening experience. Together with its amazing long battery life, it is certainly the entry-level... [more]
Micro Hebdo
"They are great when I'm cleaning or working out, and the fact that I cannot out-range them in my apartment means I won't be out of music, or out of control while I'm walking around doing whatever it is that I happen to... [more]
Tech Kings
"Excellent technology with Bluetooth 2.1 and a decent set of extras. The P311 delivers a very good performance that will even convince the most skeptical user."
Info Hardware
"I have yet to hear another inexpensive Bluetooth audio device that has managed to produce the sound quality that the ARCTIC P311 Bluetooth Headset can. It has incredible battery life and a light weight design that makes it ideal for... [more]
"If you want decent sound, the ability to take calls, easy storage with a hardshell case, and spend under $40, don't waste time looking at anything else. We highly recommend the ARCTIC P311's."
"Battery life is top notch. Microphone quality is good and it offers adequate background noise cancellation."
Tech Kings
"It's become one of my favorite gadget"
"The ARTIC P311 is without a doubt a product with great finish and great features. Its built-in microphone has a very good quality as well as the huge battery life of 20 h continuous use."
Hard Modding
"With around 2 oz. of weight, they are comfortable to wear around and they go many hours without charging. In real life experience, the talk/listening to music was close to the manufacturer's specs, around 18-19 hours, which is... [more]
"Once paired the headphones work well for calls and have good sound quality. They offer great bass and a well rounded sound overall. The Bluetooth range for the headphones is certainly enough. I was able to listen about 30 feet from... [more]
"I was very impressed with the sound quality of the ARCTIC P311 stereo Bluetooth headset.The one step Bluetooth configuration was extremely was easy and simple to set up, and I thought the neckband design was pretty chic/trendy.... [more]
"The range of 20 meters given in the specification is more than adequate, in fact, outside you can even reach a range of about 50 meters. The P311 is highly compatible to smartphones."
HDBlog (duplicated)
"Sound quality for both music playback and telephone use was excellent. The full range of dynamic sound was piped through and the ARCTIC P311s did not disappoint. The built in microphone worked well."
"Perhaps the most impressive feature on the P311 is the audio quality. Frankly, it's excellent for such a small and compact headset that's a supra-aural design."
Pure Overclock
"I used the ARCTIC P311 Bluetooth Headset in multiple situations for over 2 weeks. I also got some friends and customers to give them a try and tell me what they thought; the overall consensus? Positive, the ARCTIC P311 Bluetooth... [more]
Overclockers HQ
"The ARCTIC P311 headphones exceeded our expectations. For an inexpensive set of headphones, especially for stereo bluetooth headphones, ARCTIC P311s delivers some awesome sound. The P311 offers a great overall listening experience."
"After spending some time with the P311, I was very happy with how it performed and sounded. My music was very clear and detailed. The fit was comfortable and I could easily wear the P311 for extended periods of time without any pain... [more]
Dreamware Computer
"The one step Bluetooth configuration was extremely easy and simple to set up"
"The units audio quality is far better than I had expected with good bass and clear mids/highs while the built-in microphone worked like a charm and picked up even the slightest whisper."
Real World Labs
"Don't waste time looking at anything else"
"ARCTIC's P311 offers good sound quality, terrific battery life, some nice bonus features and a stylish design that is comfortable enough for extended use."
"Our tests of the P311 headset gave off largely positive impressions in regards to sound quality as well. The unit has good, solid bass."
ASE Labs
"The more I use this product the more I love the multi-function capability of it. I love the fact it can also be connected to a laptop or PC if its Bluetooth enabled. I was able to listen to a movie that I was watching, listen to... [more]
BCC Hardware
"It's my favourite headphones I've owned. The design is so unique, you might be thinking it puts pressure on your ears, but it doesn't AT ALL. It's really light and comfortable.And it's really great for... [more]
"The microphone works very well and the sound quality was good. They can be used with Skype, Messenger and anything else that uses a microphone."<br /><br />"The battery life is great too - you can easily get a... [more]
Connected digital world
"I can't get over how cheap these are, especially given how well they work! I'm giving them 5-stars for the cost-performance-quality ratio!"


We recommend Neo Reader, available at    OS
Manual on your mobile
Align and scan!


I connected my iOS device and I have no music, what to do?

Please check that your device is set to stream the music to P311. If there is no P311 in the list, you are not connected. In this case please follow the instructions of our manual. Link

Music Stutters?

How do I put the P311 in pairing mode?

Push and hold the multifunction button (about 7-8 seconds) until the red and blue light flashes alternatively.

I cannot connect my headphone to my computer, what do I do?

Use the Bluesoleil software to Unpair your Bluetooth device, by right clicking on the device icon and select Unpair. Right click again on the device icon and select 'Delete'. Right Click on the orange ball to switch off the Bluetooth on your computer. Now repeat all the steps in "Connect Your Bluetooth Devices" in your manual to reconnect your device.

My computer cannot find the drivers, what do I do?

It is worth noting that not all Bluetooth Dongles & Devices are compatible with Audio products and you should check your Bluetooth device's manual first. Some PC's and laptops running Windows operating systems may need special software to use the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) technology that Bluetooth Audio Devices use. We recommend always using a dongle with Bluetooth 2.1 or higher to avoid any problems with older Bluetooth versions and help avoid incompatibility issues. Please ensure as well that your Bluetooth adapter is using the most updated drivers.

When pairing the P311, a pin-code is requested. What is the code?

Normally, there is no need for a pin-code. In the older devices you might have to enter "0000".

Why can't I get my Bluetooth headset to pair with my Macbook even though it pairs easily with my iPhone?

If you previously selected 'Browse Device' when trying to pair your headset, you need to instead select 'Set up Bluetooth Device' and your headset should pair with your Macbook.

When the sound is out of sync (when connecting multiple headset), what do I do?

Stop your media player and resume the film (pause does not work). This is most convenient when playing movies in the Windows Media Centre.


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