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P324 BT (Gen 2)
  •   On-Ear Sports Headphones with Microphone
  •   Magnetic Removable and Washable Ear Pads
  •   Particularly Secure Hold thanks to Neckband

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Regular Price: USD 34.99

Special Price: USD 19.99

End of Life
For real power in sports you need music. The wireless sports headphones P324 BT (Gen 2) give you the necessary motivation and accompany you even through the most sweat-inducing workouts.
The sports headphones are not only extra lightweight, but also very nice to wear during any sporty activity due to their comfortable neck band. And even at high intensities of sports they stays where it belongs. Thanks to the removable and washable ear pads, no displeasing smell or discoloration can arise.
Sportsmen and women who exercise outdoors need to be aware of noises like traffic. Therefore, the P324 (Gen 2) deliver great sound without cancelling the environment sounds completely. To make sure you enjoy your personal workout soundtrack, the wireless sports headphones offer a decent low bass and a fair clarity.
The Bluetooth 4.0 guarantees a great connectivity. Connect your P324 BT (Gen 2) easily to all smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
The convenience of the foldable and lightweight headphones allows you to carry it wherever you go. The included chic hard case will keep them protected at all times.
With the built-in microphone and the wireless Bluetooth connection from the sports headphones to your smartphone, you can have a phone call with only one click anytime. Or let the music drive you to your next record during your work outs.
Technical Specifications
Headphone Type:
Supra-Aural On-ear, Neckband
Driver Size:
30 mm
Frequency Response:
18 Hz - 22 kHz
32 Ω
78 g
Blutooth Version:
V4.0 +EDR Class 2
10 m
Supported Profiles:
Rechargable Battery:
400mAh Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
Playback Time:
20 hours
Standby Time:
Up to 400 hours
iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry and other phones with Bluetooth connection
Laptops and Computers:
Laptops and computers with Bluetooth connection or Bluetooth adapter
Packaging & Box Content

Dimensions: 85 (L) x 53 (W) x 135 (H) mm

Shipping Information
Item Number:
Black: ASHPH00001B

Black: 87276700826-7

Gross Weight:
179 g
"The P324 BT is very pleasant to carry and holds really firmly in place"
I wouldn't have thought that the construction provides what it promises. The headphone fits comfortably and securely on the head. Even at high speeds and while running over hill and dale nothing slips. The signal is transmitted... [more]
aktiv laufen
These ARCTIC P324 BT offers very good, crisp and sharp sound. We've tested it at maximum power (the player and headset) and it fails to distort at any time offering a very powerful sound.
Game IT
"Ideal for Outdoor-Sports"
High compatibility and lightweight. Very good matched bass for the target of this headphones.
Guide informatica
We can only advise the purchase of the ARCTIC P324 BT. That's why we decided to make them to our "everyday headphones" and reward the producer with our "Techanthology Best Value" Award.
I found a new favorite pair of sport headphones thanks to the Arctic P324BT! They have a very good sound quality are very comfortable and have nice foam padding to make them feel like a pillow on your ear.
Dragon Blogger
The P324 BT from ARCTIC is a great product. The detachable ear pads and the comfortable and secure hold make the headphone perfect for sports. With the integrated microphone you can also do telephone calls.
ARCTIC P324 BT is not only ideal for sports, it’s also great for everyone who is looking for a headset with comfortable and tight fit. The design is perfect for traveling and the sound is clean and clear. This headset from ARCTIC gets... [more]
Mega Obzor
All in all, I do prefer the ARCTIC P324 BT headphones to many generic ear buds I have used, including my Apple ear pods. If you need a wireless pair of headphones for your morning jog, then the Arctic P324 BT headphones are worth owning.
Dragon Blogger
"Favorite sports headphones"
The Arctic P324 BT Sports Bluetooth 4.0 Headset would make a great Christmas gift for all music lovers in your life. With all the cool features and streaming hours, trust me you will definitely enjoy your set! These are the first headsets... [more]
Mom Blog Society
Good Audio Quality, Comfortable and easy to wear, Optimal battery life.
The P324 BT is a robust and good sounding sports headphone. Naturally, you must decide if you like on ear. In my opinion, the wearing comfort is higher and you hear more ambient noises. For this, the ears does not receive much air which is... [more]
Check App
The ARCTIC P324 BT is a spectacular headset, recommended for a sporting use.
Snitch FX
If you want headphones that run via Bluetooth and also allow you to make calls, additionally they should be lightweight and comfortable for sport, no doubt, I recommend the ARCTIC P324 BT.
Small, stylish and affordable.
Compact, affordable and easy to wear. These are headphones that don't bother and don't have wires. I speak of ARCTIC P324 BT, the bluetooth headphones designed especially for those who like to run without losing the pleasure of... [more]
The sound quality of the P324 BT is great. They are comfortable to wear and have a compact and modern design. You can even make phone calls with these headphones. We definitely can recommend this product.
PC Ekspert
Not only the great design, but also the clear Bluetooth connection speaks for the P324 BT headset.
What Next
We really liked the performance of this headphone. It has also convinced us as a headset because you could clearly understand your interlocutor.
The headphones P324 BT are great for sports. They are very light, but guarantee a tight fit at the same time.
PC World.hu
The design of the P324 BT sport headphones from ARCTIC is very stylish and compact. The connection with the smartphone via Bluetooth works very easy. Also the secure transport is no longer a problem thanks to the nice and safe hard case.
Vidi Magazine
The P324 BT from ARCTIC is lightweight, compact and provide a secure grip even during exercise. Thanks to the klick-design and the hard case the headphones are great for traveling.
This wireless headset is perfect for smartphone users. It is very lightweight and easy to use. The battery life has also convinced us. The P324 BT headset from ARCTIC gets the grade "very good" from us.
We recomend the battery work time and the criticized sound quality of the P324 BT from ARCTIC.
PC Format
In practice, the comfortable neckband captivated which guarantees a firm hold of a total of only 78 grams. The ear pads are washable, which is especially beneficial during demanding sessions. The sound quality is good. Via Bluetooth calls... [more]
The P324 BT headset from ARCTIC is very lightly and perfect for sport. Despite the low price, the sound quality is better than at other expensive models. Thanks to the built-in microphone you can also make telephone calls with it.
Are you looking for comfortable headphones that offer hands-free, wireless capabilities, built-in bluetooth, and headphones that stay in place while giving you beautiful sound and quality? You'll love the P324 BT!
Life in a House of Testosterone
The P324 BT headphone from ARCTIC is perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy music without annoying cables. It provides a safe and secure fit without pressing the ears. Thanks to the built-in microphone do telephone calls is also possible with it.
For those who just don’t want to struggle with earbuds and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a sport wireless headset, the ARCTIC P324 BT is the right choice to you. The headset is portable, lightweight and sits... [more]
The first thing I noticed was the very, very good sound quality. Perhaps the best in the matter of Bluetooh headphones I've had on my ears. The range is also super and the battery life is a huge advantage. Moreover I really like the... [more]
I have tested the ARCTIC P324 BT and it works fine.
Bodycoach Fitness
The P324 BT headphone from ARCTIC is easy and comfortable to transport and it provides a tight and secure fit. The integrated battery lasts a long time and the sound is strong and clear. Overall it is a great product with a good price... [more]
ARCTIC have brought together a nice little package featuring good performance for a low profile headset, packed full of features. With this said, I would like to award the ARCTIC P324 BT (Gen 2) headset the value award for their dedication... [more]
The headphone P324 BT from ARCTIC is perfect for those who travel a lot. The pleasant wearing comfort and long battery life are just a few features that have convinced us. A great product with a good price performance ratio.
PC Foster
It's easy to recommend the Arctic P324 BT Bluetooth Headset to anyone looking to take phone calls and music on the go. The headset is good quality for its price; the device is simple enough to use, easy to clean and designed to fit... [more]
BioGamer Girl Magazine
The headphone P324 BT is one of the best Bluetooth gadgets that I was allowed to test. The design is very lightweight and comfortable. In this price range, the product is highly recommended.
Video Testy
I really liked the ARCTIC P324 BT headphones, I go for a run every few days and each time I took the P324BT with me, they are unobtrusive once you’ve got them fitted properly, they sound great, the battery will last for a good number... [more]
Thanks to its form and the removable ear pads the headset is perfect for sports. Other features of it are great sound quality and long battery life. We recommend the P324BT from ARCTIC.
HD Televizija
The P324BT ARCTIC is a great headphone. Not only the comfortable and safe fit speaks for the product, but also the removable ear pads that you can easily pull off and wash. The connection to the smartphone works very easy and thanks to the... [more]
"The materials are excellent, resistend to scratches"
The handling of the headset works simply and easily. The P324 BT from ARCTIC is very light and is free of pressure, at the same time it guaranties a secure fit and stays in place when you move. We give the P324 BT our recommended award.
I like the folding design of the P324 BT and the storage case is very handy. The sound quality is good, the audio controls work well and they stayed fairly secure on my head even during an active gym workout.
The Gadgeteer
The Headset P324 BT has made a good impression. <br />The simple change of the earpads what we have never seen before are undoubtedly one of the strenghts of these headphones.
The compact P324 BT Bluetooth 4.0 sports headphone offers good sound quality, easy handling and a good suitability for everyday use at a very fair price. A clear buy recommendation.
Long Battery life with more than 20 hours, really good.
The build quality, features and functions as well as the battery life are probably the best that can be found in this price segment.
Guide informatica
"Really good value for money"
The headset can easily and quickly connect to your Bluetooth device. The signal reaches up to 10 meters and the charged battery lasts up to 20 hours. The sound quality has fully convinced us and thanks to the built-in microphone telephone... [more]
Nicely rounded sound and a pleasing change from the in-ear buds. The P324 BT sits comfortably and the controls are very intuitive to use.
Jason Slater Technology News
In terms of secure hold / ergonomics, I was especially surprised. Such headband headphones have often the problem that they don't really ensure a secure hold. Unlike the P324 BT. Even at high intensities of sports the headset stays... [more]
Online Fitness Coaching
In contrast to many other sports headsets the P324 BT have a secure fit, but without pressure on the ears. They are really lightweight and comfortable to wear. The functionality is also good: You can make a phone call and listen to music,... [more]
The ARCTIC P324 BT is very comfortable with a good sound quality for an unbeatable price.
The maximum volume is more than fair. The integrated microphone works well and during calls I have confirmed that it transmits the other party's voice very well.
Life in a House of Testosterone
"Great headphone with a quality performance"
The battery time is as good as promised, and even 5 hours more than promised.
Elektronik Test
Overall I am impressed with the headphones and they are a great purchase for the price.


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I have a P324 BT (Gen 1) and it doesn't charge. What shall I do?

Please write us an email at eng@support.arctic.ac We will send you a return label and we will exchange it to a new P324 BT (Gen 2).

Music Stutters?

How do I put the P324BT in pairing mode?

Just switch it On by pressing the Multi-function button, it will automatically enters the pairing mode.

Note : if a known device is in range, the P324 BT will automatically connect to it, you need firstly to disconnect from that other device.

My computer cannot find the drivers, what do I do?

It is worth noting that not all Bluetooth Dongles & Devices are compatible with Audio products and you should check your Bluetooth device's manual first. Some PC's and laptops running Windows operating systems may need special software to use the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) technology that Bluetooth Audio Devices use. We recommend always using a dongle with Bluetooth 2.1+EDR or higher to avoid any problems with older Bluetooth versions and help avoid incompatibility issues. Please ensure as well that your Bluetooth adapter is using the most updated drivers.

When pairing the P324 BT, a pin-code is requested. What is the code?

Normally, there is no need for a pin-code. In some older devices you might have to enter "0000".

Why can't I get my Bluetooth headset to pair with my Macbook even though it pairs easily with my iPhone?

If you previously selected 'Browse Device' when trying to pair your headset, you need to instead select 'Set up Bluetooth Device' and your headset should pair with your Macbook.

How to adjust headband to avoid it from touching the shirt collar?

If the headband is touching your shirt collar, please adjust the orientation of headphone as below:


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