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P533 Military
  •   Over-Ear Gaming Headphones with Boom Microphone
  •   Unparalleled Comfort through Extra Smooth Earpads
  •   Strong Bass and Crisp Treble

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: USD 69.99

Special Price: USD 24.99

Regular Price: USD 69.99

Special Price: USD 24.99

Also available:
Articulated Boom Microphone
Whether you talk while gaming or want to call a friend, the integrated boom microphone ensures that your counterpart understands you clearly.
Strong Bass and
Crisp Treble
Sturdy sound with powerful bass and crisp highs via 40 mm neodymium drivers.
Integrated Volume Control
Easy and quickly handling to adjust the sound volume with convenient volume wheel.
High Comfort for Non-Stop Gaming Action
Optimal fitting through smooth, excellent sound sealing earpads and soft leatherette headband.
Enough Free Space for Unrestricted Gaming
The 1.2 m cable with TRRS connector enables compatibility with PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Xbox, Playstation and other devices with 3.5 mm jack. Enough free moving space through 2 m extension cable with 2 x 3.5 mm jack.
Stable Carrying Case
So that your headphones reach your next LAN party without damage, your P533 comes in a stable travelling case.
Technical Specifications
Wearing Style:
Circum-Aural (Over-Ear)
Driver Units:
40 mm Neodymium
Frequency Response:
20 Hz – 20 kHz
16 Ohm
> 95 dB/mW
Boom Microphone
Frequency Response:
100 Hz – 10 kHz
> -40 dB/Pa
1.2 m + Extension 2 m
3.5 mm TRRS jack
(Extension 2 x 3.5 mm TRS jack)
Packaging & Box Content

Shipping Information
Item Number:


Gross Weight:
790 g
"Spectacular design with impressive sound quality"
The ARCTIC P533 Military headphones combine a spectacular and very striking design with impressive sound quality perfectly and it's one of the most ergonomic headphones we have analyzed, ever. We also emphasize the good quality of the materials which guarantee a long lifetime. The price of the P533 makes them a perfect purchase. It is difficult to find headphones on the market for such a good price that also combines such a good quality of materials and sound plus such a great design like the ARCTIC P533 Military.
We did not notice any kind of failure, neither constructive nor of sound reproduction. The materials used for the manufacture are of good quality, making the solid product, long lasting and resistant to possible scratches and bumps. The... [more]
The ARCTIC P533 Racing headphones offer an original, unconventional and very attractive design and also good quality sound. In addition, the headset is super ergonomic and even after hours of wearing it, there is nothing that disturbs the... [more]
We were surprised how comfortable the ARCTIC P533 is. Even over a longer period, it is extremely comfortable to wear. The combination of metal and plastic makes it valuable and and the leather headband completes the headset. The hardcase is... [more]
The ARCTIC P533 has an excellent balance between performance, price and structure. It's undoubtedly a good buy. If you are looking for a wired headset, with a good quality, an aggressive appearance and a solid structure with an... [more]
Xtreme Hardware
The 40 mm drivers can deliver a good sound in middle and high range. The microphone has almost no background noise and overall the ARCTIC P533 is a great companion for your lan party.
Chimera Revo
Bits and Chips
"Best choice for First-Person Shooters"
The ARCTIC P533 Racing headphones are robust and made with the best materials. They are very comfortable headphones that can stand for hours without noticing you're wearing them, have excellent sound quality and microphone.... [more]
ARCTIC has given the P533 a very individual look. The massive pilot look is certainly a matter of taste but in conjunction with the striking design it definitely achieves originality. The scope of supply quickly attracts attention in a... [more]
Hardware Luxx
The ARCTIC P533 Military is a gaming headset that knows how to be especially nice. Homogenous on the sound sensations and comfortable on the head, the P533 will become an ideal playmate. Featuring an extension of 2 meters and a... [more]
The ARCTIC P533 Racing is a good quality headset with a essential but complete bundle, a very nice price and a good sound quality in the mid/high range.
The ARCTIC P533 convinced with it's simple use, good performance and with an excellent comfort during the use. The P533 has a very good construction quality and the design is impressive.
ARCTIC gives to the motor sports lovers a nice design with the P533 Racing. These Gaming Headset gives us a nice user experience thanks to its light and comfortable headband. The microphone fits perfect and guarantees to speak without... [more]
Game IT
The ARCTIC P533 is made with good metal parts, has a good sound quality, is extreme comfortable and these headphones have a good game quality.
The P533 gaming headset from ARCTIC is a great product. It is pleasant to wear and has a stylish design.
PC Ekspert
The ARCTIC P533 Racing offers a good quality construction. The ergonomics are more than adequate. If you are searching a headset for gaming, it's a good buy especially with its build quality, power and ergonomics.
The P533 is a gamer's headset with a nice look, low price and incredible specs in terms of the price.
The P533 Racing is a good stereo headset for gamers who want to have a good workmanship, a catchy design and a great micro. Especially high tones and voices are easy to understand, like that enemies in shooter games are recognised quickly.... [more]
The ARCTIC P533 don't force you to have an internal or external sound card over the sound card intagred already in your motherboard. You will also able to listen directly music from your smartphone, also the microphone has a good... [more]
The headset P533 ARCTIC is ideal for gamers. It blocks outside noise while delivering clear sound.
ITN Daily
The sound quality, the comfort and the microphone of the P533 headset was a positive surprise. The sound is great while gaming and also while listening to music.
What Next
P533 headphones from ARCTIC is an interesting product because of extraordinary design and a great sound quality. Headphones suppress ambient sounds, what is important for gaming and help people to positioning sound in the game. Microphone... [more]
Excellent headphones! The value for money is unbeatable and the hard case also great for traveling.
ARCTIC P533 will satisfy the user even after years with its mix of well-adjusted performance and interesting look. Positive features are: a solid finishing and the multi-connectivity of the long cable just as the flexible microphone... [more]
Mega Obzor
An excellent headset, with superior sound quality.
Dennis Publishing
The bottom line is that the ARCTIC P533 Military Stereo Headset is aimed towards gamers who are looking to get a budget model that looks a lot like the real thing and since it does well overall we strongly recommend taking a closer look if... [more]
Aesthetically and build quality wise, the ARCTIC P533 is a wonder in its own right for the mixed variety of materials and cosmetic attention to details. From mirror like metal support brackets to detailed moulded plastic driver covers and... [more]
Add in soft memory foam and leatherette cushioning in the earcups and headband and the ARCTIC P533 wears surprisingly comfortably.
Computer Power User
The ARCTIC P533 Racing headset is very well put together and provides a very involving experience with good isolation ear pads and soft headband (both of which are very comfortable on the ears and head, even after long gaming sessions). The... [more]
Gadget Explained
With its P533 headset, ARCTIC offers a very versatile product featuring a high quality manufacture and an incredibly attractive design. The strong point of this headset is definitely the comfort, equal if not superior than other products... [more]
The ARCTIC P533 Stereo Gaming Headset has a fantastic design and a very good build quality. The sound is very clear at high frequencies.
Hardware Ready
The P533 stereo gaming headset presents itself in an interesting pilot design. The wearing comfort ist very high apart from a slightly increasing warmth development under the thick cushions. During the sound check the P533 can score with a... [more]
The P533 Racing is a good headset for a low price. The excellent workmanship and the incredibly great comfort stand out. The sound is just convincing for its price range. The mid and high frequencies sound very good, there is no crackling... [more]
The ARCTIC P533 Military Edition is the best choice for any FPS style game. It has an extremely sophisticated design and it's very comfortable to use. All of this matched with an exceptional mid/high tone reproduction and a good microphone.
Bits and Chips
The ARCTIC P533 is a very good looking headphone, especially the structure that holds the ear cups and the microphone, it makes a very sophisticated look. The microphone quality is very good and the fact that you can place it directly in... [more]
The P533 Racing Headset totally won us over in the test. ARCTIC has thus demonstrated that they are a good choice not only for cooling components. Design, wearing comfort and sound quality were extremely convincing. Overall we can give a... [more]
Gaming PC Test
The ARCTIC P533 Headphones look really nice, they are very comfortable and well designed (with the volume dongle on the right earcup), and the packaging is very good - the box is a really nice touch.
The Games Machine
I was very impressed by the aesthetics and design of this headset, very refined and with excellent quality materials. I appreciated the volume control on the ear cup rather than on the wire, very convenient and intuitive, even the... [more]
Guide informatica


We recommend Neo Reader, available at    OS
Manual on your mobile
Align and scan!


How to mute the microphone?

P533 has no inline microphone control to allow you to mute the microphone. You can easily add a keyboard shortcut, also called "hotkey", with the addition of the program called Micmute

Step 1 : Download and install MicMute

Download MicMute from SourceForge

Execute the downloaded file to install MicMute on your computer. We recommend that you choose to autostart MicMute so that the hotkey will be enabled without action from your side.

Step 2 : Configure MicMute

Right click on the icon in the systen tray and, in the Devices menu, choose the correct microphone to mute/unmute. As P533 is connected to the PC with an analog connection (Line-in), it will not be displayed as an available microphone but rather the sound card will be listed.

If you have any doubt on which one you need to select, our customer support can assist you, simply log a request below or by email at eng@support.arctic.ac


The default Hotkey combination is left Ctrl + left Alt. You can change this as well with a right click on the MicMute icon in the system tray and select the Setup Shortcut menu.

Step 3 : Enjoy!

You can now conveniently mute and unmute your microphone without having to take your hands off the keyboard, no more time lost, no more unwanted crash in your race!!!


Note: Micmute is a Windows program and won't work with Mac OS X or Linux 

Disclaimer : MicMute is not an ARCTIC software it has been developed by Mist Poryvaev and is distributed via Sourceforge. Support is available directly from developer on SourceForge.

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