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  •   On-Ear Studio Headphones with Microphone
  •   30 Hours Playback Time
  •   Linear Response

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USD 16.99
USD 16.99

"Headphones that deserve the 'premium' name."

"The P614 offers a great sound and looks very stylish. The perfect wired solution for anyone who wants to enjoy his music on the computer, laptop or smartphone."

"The P614 offers a great package: soft-touch materials, solid construction, good equipment and a tight fit on the head. Not to mention the excellent sound quality."

Sound with a Punch
Experience the tone of a greater fidelity with the P614. Enhanced neodymium drivers capture even the slightest nuances and play back your songs much crisper and clearer than ever before.
Listen to Music without Missing Calls
The in-line microphone and controls enables a quick and easy switch between your favorite songs and incoming phone calls.
Design With Look and Feel
The soft ear cushions and a leatherette headband make these
headphones sit well and comfortable.
Technical Specifications
Wearing Style:
Supra-Aural On-ear
Frequency Response:
20 Hz - 20 kHz
32 Ω
Microphone Sensitivity:
-42dB +/- 3dB
105dB +/- 5dB at 1kHz
Cable Length:
1.2m with a 3.5mm Plug
Packaging & Box Content

Shipping Information
Item Number:
"Headphones that deserve the "Premium" name"
They offer high quality materials, comfort and good sound.
As for the performance we were pleasantly satisfied from the large sound spectrum released from this headset that overall can play both well, the bass and the highs.
Inside Hardware
These headphones are a lot more comfortable than my 7.1 headphones (Turtle Beach Z60).
Reviews Insider
There are many great features that make the headphones P614 from ARCTIC as good choice. Not only the design is great, also the price-performance ratio speaks for themself.
Comfort is good with excellent support without the pressure exerted too strong, it can be worn for hours without discomfort. The power is great, coupled with virtually no distortion.
Les Numeriques
Game and Tech/Modding
"The quality and price is great"
With the P614 BT ARCTIC delivers an affordable Bluetooth headset that certainly knows how to please. The good manufacturing and the perfect technique (long battery life and problem-free Bluetooth connection) convince and also in the sound... [more]
You are looking for high-quality headphones for a low price? Then the headset from ARCTIC is the right product for you. For less than 30€ you get excellent sound quality and great design.
They offer high quality materials, comfort and good sound.
The P614 BT is really really nice designed and well built, definitely one of the softest ear cups I have felt with headphones in a while. I definitely recommend these headphones to anyone who wish to travel.
Ben Clark
The ARCTIC P614 Headphones are very well built, stylish, and do offer some really nice sound. The headphones are comfortable and sit slightly relaxed on the head. Overall a great pair of headphones that feel like they would last, very impressed.
The P614 made a very good impression. The sound quality is very good and the disturbing external noises are not heard already at 50% of the volume. They are very combatable to wear the design is stylish as well. We recommend the P614 from ARCTIC.
Pleasant wearing comfort and high insulation!
The P614 headphones offer a great sound and look very stylish. The perfect wired solution for anyone who wants to enjoy his music on the computer, laptop or smartphone.
Regarding the price, performance and design, the P614 headphones from ARCTIC are currently the best that can be found on the Czech market. If you are looking for great headphone for an affordable price, the P614 is the perfect choice!
The P614 headphones offers a great package: soft-touch materials, solid construction, good equipment and a tight fit on the head. Not to mention the excellent sound quality.
"Great pair of headphones"
An inconspicuous, but a welcome companion who can score by real suitability for daily use.
Tom's Hardware.de
The P614 is very lightweight and compact. Despite the on-ear design, there is no pressure. Phonetically the P614 is hard to complain about. The microphone is also quite convincing for a conversation. In addition, the airplane adapter is... [more]
We can guarantee that for outdoor use, where the convenience and comfort are the main benefits, they are very good. We highly recommend it for users who plan to use them for long periods of time and for those who want to have a headset for outdoor.
Game and Tech/Modding


We recommend Neo Reader, available at    OS
Manual on your mobile
Align and scan!


Improve the comfort of the P614

Replace the ear pads of the P614

My phone does not work with the P614, what should I do?

Your phone is most likely one of those using the second TRRS pinout, you can then use the bundled adapter to rectify it and have it supported.

When I use P614 on my computer, I can't make use of the microphone, what should I do?

Your computer most likely uses a sound card with dual 3.5mm jacks, while the P614 only have one plug. You can use the ARCTIC A751 adapter to enable the microphone function on your headset.

When I connect the P614 to my computer I can hear strange noise and the sound quality is not as good, what should I do?

Because of the difference in plugs (one being TRRS, the other one TRS), in certain cases, the grounding of the headphone is not properly done when using the default plug. The included TRRS adaptor in the packaging will help to correct the issue and let you enjoy your P402 with your laptop.

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