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P614 BT
  •   On-Ear Studio-Headphones with Microphone
  •   30 Hours Playback Time
  •   Linear Response

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: USD 89.99

Special Price: USD 19.99

Regular Price: USD 89.99

Special Price: USD 19.99

"An excellent set of headphones which prove that ARCTIC can compete at the premium end of the market."

Gadget of the Week
"The Bluetooth headphones with class"

"Sceptical at first, I've tried and tested acquite a few Bluetooth and NFC headsets in my time. Providing 30 hours of playback, a synthetic leather carry-pouch and a fancy-looking exterior drew me in originally to this device, then I put it on and it blew me away."

Sound with a Punch
Experience the tone of a greater fidelity with the P614 BT. Enhanced neodymium drivers capture even the slightest nuances and play back your songs much crisper and clearer than ever before.
Music as It Should Sound
With ARCTIC's premium wireless headphones P614 BT you can experience sound as it should be. The sound response is genuine, so you hear your songs precisely as they were recorded in the studio. Bass, mids and highs are in perfect balance, no artificial emphasis takes place.
Quality neodymium drivers capture even the slightest nuances and play back your songs crisp and clear.
Perfect in Every Situation
The P614 BT are perfect for you to listen to your favorite bands and songs while taking a walk, shopping, going to work, dancing in your flat and all other activities that are more enjoyable with some music.

Comfortable and Clean
Thanks to the soft ear cushions and a leatherette headband these headphones keep you comfortable hour by hour.
Despite the durable materials used, should the ear pads wear out over time, replacements are available and mounted in no time.
No More Cable Clutter
You don't have to unknot the cables of your headphones when taking them out of your bag or backpack. Moreover, you can move freely without worrying about to catch on obstacles like door handles or worrying about too little freedom to move because of too short cables. Just wear your P614 BT wireless headset while cooking, working and relaxing. Enjoy your newfound mobility, listening to music and answering phone calls.

As Easy as Saying "Hello"
Thanks to NFC pairing it's a breeze to connect the headphones to your smartphone in no time. All it takes is a simple slide.
Quality like Wired Headphones
CSR's latest Bluetooth chipset allows 30 hours playback time and best-in-class sound quality, bringing out every detail in your music and maximizes your joy - completely wireless. Never again experience video and sound out of sync thanks to AptX offering a far lower latency.
Compare with Other ARCTIC Bluetooth Headphones
Technical Specifications
Wearing Style:
Supra-Aural On-ear
Bluetooth Version:
V4.0 Class 2
Frequency Response:
20 Hz - 20 kHz
32 Ω
Microphone Sensitivity:
-42dB +/- 3dB
Rechargeable 850mAh
Lithium-ion battery
Playback Time:
30 hours
Packaging & Box Content

Shipping Information
Item Number:
"An excellent set of headphones"
We were particularly impressed with the level of build quality. The sound quality offered by the P614 BT is very impressive. The balanced sound stage lends itself well to a diverse selection of music, and the sound produced remained distortion free up to the high volume levels that these headphones are able to achieve.
The ARCTIC P614 BT headphones offer a very attractive and well finished modern aesthetics. They also offer excellent sound quality and ergonomics, because it has multiple adjustments in form.
This is probably the best sounding Bluetooth headset we have tested as yet. When ARCTIC said this is Premium sound, they aren't lying.
The ARCTIC P614 BT is a highly recommended for those who want to listen to your favorite music wherever they go from your smartphone, tablet or PC, without worrying about cables and batteries headset.
Game IT
The P614 BT has quite convinced in our test, for example in the processing and comfort. The battery life is also satisfactory. The sound is good for the type and the 38 mm driver.
An exceptionally well made audio product with a very reasonable price tag that will be sure to impress.
Lets talk about sound leakage now. Once again, the ARCTIC P614 BT manages to impress.
ARCTIC produces a headset that will amaze future users by its awesome sound quality and enough power for an excellent sound experience, powerful bass and clear treble!
THE ARCTIC P614 BT is a multi-purpose and complete headphones. This headphones will accompany you everywhere.
BioGamer Girl Magazine
"A great product for music lovers"
The ARCTIC P614 BT is found in all respects for a very good product. Starting with a stylish design with attention to detail, right down to the sound of lhighs and lows.
Xtreme Hardware
After several days of intensive use of different audio sources, we can say that we have enjoyed the ARCTIC P614 BT. Excellent quality of materials and very good sound.
"Final score 100/100!"
Overall the sound is very good on listening rather electronic music, there are clear bass, not crushed, perfect for this kind of music.The mids and highs are well rendered what will satisfy lovers of pop/rock.
I love the P614 BT. They connect to your music device wirelessly, which enables you to move without carrying around extra stuff and keeps you from getting tangled in wires. The comfort level is amazing! The earpads provided a level of... [more]
Mostly Together Mommy
The Arctic P614 BT delivers everything they could possibly want out of a Bluetooth headphone set. The best part besides its high quality design, great performance and the possibilty to take incoming calls is the fact that it is wireless... [more]
BioGamer Girl Magazine
Mostly Together Mommy
"Anyone will love them"
These headphones sport everything that the average consumer may need, and a bit more: great sound, sleek design and a couple of useful features. With a clear audio and enhanced bass, these will result in an enjoyable music listening... [more]
The Nerd Herd
The ARCTIC P614 BT headphones offers excellent sound quality, combined with the convenience of Bluetooth 4.0 (with NFC) and decent ergonomics. I can certainly recommend it for listening to music and for movies.
The ARCTIC P604 Wireless headset can offer the possibility to any user to find the right compromise between sound quality and design, comfort and a strong 30 hours of playback time.
Bits and Chips
The features of the P614 BT headphone are great: long work time, NFC capability, nice material quality and pure balance sound.
Black White TV
Giving a sense of quality when you touch the leather and synthetic.
The Arctic P614 BT Bluetooth Headset sounds great, feels comfortable, looks nice and it’s wireless too! For €39.99 it’s so affordable, we can’t find any reasons not to buy it.
The P614 BT headset connects to your smartphone within 5 seconds thanks to the Bluetooth and NFC function. All necessary control functions can be found on the ear cup and are easy to use. The price for comparable Bluetooth headphones is unbeatable.
Vidi Magazine
Considering the price, the sound of the P614 BT headphones from ARCTIC is great! Features like a long battery life and NFC coupling distinguish this product.
"Good value for money"
Headphones Arctic P614 BT in its price class is a very successful product.
For a reasonable price you get a decent sounding, well-made and comfortable wireless headphones. Have a good microphone and a... [more]
Video Testy
The sound is always clean, every type of frequency makes desire to listen to music.
Guide informatica
The P614 BT has indisputable qualities and holds up well on the head, it sits very comfortable, despite of the supraaural design.
01 Net
Excellent quality for calls
The ARCTIC P614 BT is a great headset with good sound wrapped in stylish materiels. Bluetooth 4.0, aptX and NFC makes this headset in the top tier.
The value for money is excellent. The ear pads provide a secure grip and they are also very comfortable. To listen to music, these headphones are also very good. What should also be mentioned is the really long battery life. In summary, we... [more]
Igel ice
In recent weeks, I've tried a new headset of ARCTIC, the P614 BT. The headset I use almost every day and I must say - I'm pleasantly surprised. The audio quality and workmanship is equal to the usually much more expensive... [more]
The ARCTIC P614 BT feels well built and sturdy, and pairing the headphones to our test phone was a cinch.
Custom PC
If you look for a Bluetooth headset that delivers good audio quality, that is comfortable and has a light weight, is made of high quality materials and displays an appealing design, the ARCTIC P614 BT is a very good option.
With the P614 BT you can experience sound as it should be: crystal clear and richly faceted.
The engineers of ARCTIC done a really good job. Not only the design of the P614 BT convinced, but also the sound quality is to our satisfaction. This product is definitely worth the money.
For the money you can’t go wrong with the P614 BT from ARCTIC. They are comfortable to wear and provide good sound. Another plus point at these headphones is the long battery life.
I only have one thing to say about the P614 BT: excellent. No noise, stable connection despite relatively far distance to the mobile phone / computer, very good bass development and a great sound quality. I was very pleasantly surprised... [more]
PENTA Sports
For those who listen to a lot of music, the P614 BT headphones from ARCTIC are exactly the right product. They not only offer a comfortable fit, but also long battery life. The design is stylish and workmanship is high qualitied. All in... [more]
The headset P614 BT offers good sound quality and a comfortable fit. Thanks to the multi-functionality of this product is suitable for a wide range of customers. We recommend the P614 BT headphones you and give him the "Editor’s... [more]
PC Ekspert
The design of P614 BT headset is great. It is very easy to use and connecting through Bluetooth or NFC works easy and quick. The sound is clear and the bass is deep. Overall a great product!
The battery power of P614 BT has completely convinced us. The 30 hour battery run time should be more than enough to listen to music, watch movies or make a phone call. At the same time the battery has been recharged quickly. Overall a... [more]
Game Channel
The P614 BT from ARCTIC has a great design and the built-in battery lasts about 15 hours. Connecting with the smartphone works very easy and fast. These headphones gets from us a "very good"!
In terms of quality, we got a very good impression of P614 BT. The design cool and simple at the same time. The sound quality is very good and the connecting through Bluetooth 4.0 works fast and easy. We give the P614 BT our... [more]
PC Foster
For this price you can’t do anything wrong with the P614 BT from ARCTIC. The great features of the headset are a powerful battery, cool design and a great sound.
HD Televizija
The headphones from Arctic are comfortable to wear and offer a good insulation. Connecting to your smartphone works very easy. The bass is balanced and clear. Just a great product!
Great bluetooth headset with integrated microphone. For this price you can’t find a comparable model on the market.
These should be top of the list for anyone on a tight budget who’s looking for a nice sounding set to go with their mobile music needs.
The Red Ferret
Mom Blog Society
"Great and comfortable headphones"
I was really impressed with the overall sound quality, which is outstanding for a wireless headset but doesn’t leave to be desired even when compared with wired headphones. Also, the pairing process was super easy and the soft... [more]
Emily Reviews
The Arctic P614BT headphones are a great piece of kit, they are easy to set up, easy to control, they have great sound quality and a great battery life.
"Gadget of the Week: ARCTIC P614 BT, the headphones with class"
The build and design of the headset are top notch. The sound qaulity is good with all three ranges present. Working the headset with my devices is easy and straightforward. Here, NFC for pairing the device with your phone or tablet is a... [more]
Aph networks
The headphone is very comfortable, the sound is amazing and the sound insulation is perfect.
Moving on to the sound performance we had another surprise, a really good quality, sound defined, powerful without ever annoying vibrations treble and pleasing stereo effect.
If you are looking for a stylish, well-made, high quality Bluetooth headphone and you don't want to spend a fortune, you are well served with the P614 BT.
BASIC thinking
"These headphones are an absolute bargain"
The ARCTIC P614 BT Bluetooth headphones were fantastic, comfortable with a large foam ear cup that rests on the ear rather than enclose the entire ear and provide a very nice sound quality. These would make an excellent pair of Bluetooth... [more]
Dragon Blogger
The ARCTIC P614 BT Bluetooth headphone is they are amazing for listening to music, watching your favorite movies while untethered. They are super comfortable, will function for up to 30 hours and the audio is high quality, crisp & clear.
Jenns Blah Blah Blog
The P614 BT offers a great new way to listen to your favorite music and has probably everything you could wish from a Bluetooth headset: clear sound, simple operation, high wearing comfort and newest features.
The Arctic P614 Bluetooth headset delivers what it promises. We were particularly pleased by the battery life and the remarkable sound. For the offered price-performance-ratio you get a good Bluetooth headset for everyday use. Whether... [more]
The Arctic P614 BT headphones are nice type of Bluetooth headphones with a good audio quality, espacially for classic rock, pop, classical music and even some dance music. They also work fine for phone calls and have a great battery... [more]
The Gadgeteer
They have a comfortable headband, and ear pads. So they aren’t only a great headphone but they are so comfortable you won’t know you have them on. They also have Premium Sound Quality through enhanced Neodymium Drivers. The... [more]
Mom Blog Society
The wireless version is really nice and the headset is very easy to use.
59 Hardware
Emily Reviews
"Impressive Bluetooth headphones"
The price performance ratio of the P614 BT headset is unbeatable. The battery is charged quickly and lasts a long time.
Mobil Arena
You should choose the P614 BT if you don't expect tonal perfectionism but need a good headset for everyday use. Thanks to the design of the headset it is optically attractive and gets a buy recommendation.
I did not expect such a good Audio quality, I am happily surprised. Comfortable, specially around the ears thanks to the shape of these headphones.
The headphones do not only what they are supposed to do, moreover they are very comfortable and have a good sound. The soft leather cushions make the headphone fit well and firmly without exerting too much pressure. Due to their closed... [more]
You can't do much wrong with the P614 BT.
Hardware Luxx
The sound is as clear as day, no static is heard and you can hear them very well. We've never been happier with a pair of headphones.
Mom Blog Society
The P614 BT are wireless Bluetooth headphones. So no more cords. No more yanking the phone across his desk accidentally at the slightest move. They pair up with his phone seamlessly and it’s so easy a child could do it. They also are... [more]
Pink Ninja Blogger
It's compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 use and frankly, it's super nice, especially with a battery that is prepared for the road.
Comptoir du Hardware
The sound quality: $42.99 pushing out $120 worth of sound quality? Yes please. Punchy bass and clear treble? Yes please. These headphones? Yes please! Also,these headphones perform quite well in the comfort department for any extended... [more]
We can absolutely recommend the headphones P614 BT from ARCTIC. The sound quality as well as the processing are both outstanding. Making and receiving calls works very easy with the integrated microphone. With this price-performance ratio... [more]
The sound quality of P614 BT is great, it surpass all on-ear headsets with small drive without any problems. It is lightweight, comfortable and offers the best price performance ration.
The connecting of the headphones via Bluetooth works quick and easy. The sound is great and thanks to the built-in microphone telephoning is also possible. We really like the Headset P614 BT from ARCTIC.
The headphones P614 BT have a very stylish design. The wireless Bluetooth version connects easily with your smartphone. We were very happy with the price-performance ratio.
PC World.hu
Dragon Blogger
"Comfortable headphones with fantastic sound quality"


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How can I use aptX codec with my P614 BT?

aptX is a technology that enables higher quality audio transmission over Bluetooth by compressing the audio files so it can be easily transmitted. You need to use both an aptX compatible source and an aptX compatible receiver to be able to enjoy the better sound quality given by aptX.

Several smartphones, tablets and notebooks embed aptX technology and new ones are constantly released. To verify your device compatibility, you can check your device user manual or a list of compatible devices on aptX website.

I connected my iOS device and I have no music, what to do?

Please check that your device is set to stream the music to P614 BT. If there is no P614 BT in the list, you are not connected. In this case please follow the instructions of our manual.

Improve the comfort of the P614 BT

Replace the ear pads of the P614 BT

Music Stutters?

How do I put the P614BT in pairing mode?

Just switch on the P614 BT by pressing the multifunction keys for 3-4 seconds, it will automatically go in pairing mode

Note : If a previously paired device is in range, the P614 BT will automatically connect to it. You'll need firstly to disconnect from that device. The P614 BT will enter pairing mode as soon as disconnected.

My computer cannot find the drivers, what do I do?

It is worth noting that not all Bluetooth Dongles & Devices are compatible with Audio products and you should check your Bluetooth device's manual first. Some PC's and laptops running Windows operating systems may need special software to use the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) technology that Bluetooth Audio Devices use. We recommend always using a dongle with Bluetooth 2.1 or higher to avoid any problems with older Bluetooth versions and help avoid incompatibility issues. Please ensure as well that your Bluetooth adapter is using the most updated drivers.

When pairing the P614 BT, a pin-code is requested. What is the code?

Normally, there is no need for a pin-code. In the older devices you might have to enter "0000".

Why can't I get my Bluetooth headset to pair with my Macbook even though it pairs easily with my iPhone?

If you previously selected 'Browse Device' when trying to pair your headset, you need to instead select 'Set up Bluetooth Device' and your headset should pair with your Macbook.


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