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ARCTIC P-Fans for high static pressure

With the P-Fans in 120 mm and 140 mm, we are expanding our fan range with a completely new product group. While the F-Series fans are known for their high airflow, the P-Series fans are designed for high static pressure.

For the first time we offer different color variations of our standard fans: The P12 PWM and P12 PWM PST are available in three different versions: Black / Black, a completely black edition, Black / Transparent with black frame and semi-transparent fan blades and White / Transparent with white frame and semi-transparent fan blades. The BioniX P-fans will be available in the popular colors of white and red.

Ideal fans for heatsinks and radiators

In order to guarantee a high static pressure with a simultaneously good airflow, we have completely redesigned the fan blades. The five strongly curved blades ensure a very focused air flow and thus a very high cooling capacity, especially with higher air resistance.

The P-fans in 120 mm and 140 mm are therefore particularly suitable for use with CPU coolers and provide improved cooling performance, especially in direct comparison to fans optimized for pure airflow.

New motor technology

In addition to the improvements in fan design, the P-fans with PWM (P12 PWM, P12 PWM PST, P12 PWM PST CO, P14 PWM, P14 PWM PST, P14 PWM PST CO) and BioniX P fans feature a new, improved motor. This drive allows operation in a very wide speed range with a minimum speed of only 200 rpm.

Additionally, the fans with new motor technology have a 0 dB mode - with a PWM signal below 5 %, the fans turn off, ensuring an absolutely silent system. Thanks to a neodymium iron-boron magnet of the latest generation, the fans run more efficiently in all speed ranges and with noticeably less operating noise and vibration from commutation.

Additional information about the P-fan series and the F-fan series and a FAQ can shortly be found here.

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