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Accelero Mono Plus

AMD / NVIDIA Graphics Card Cooler for Enthusiasts

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USD 34.99
USD 34.99
Compact 120 mm Fan Graphics Card Cooler with Ultimate Compatibility and Near Silence
"The Accelero Mono PLUS is very compact and in any case guarantees excellent temperatures and very low noise."

"A downright top product!"
"Ultra-quiet performance..."
Superior Cooling Performance
5 copper heatpipes and the pre-applied MX-4 thermal compound conduct the heat from the GPU efficiently to the 43-fin heatsink whereas the 120 mm PWM fan creates an immense airflow to achieve unparallelled cooling performance even for overclocking. Tested by Hardwareoverclock, the temperature of the GPU on a Zotac GTX 560 Ti dropped drastically by 42 degrees.
Cooling Performance on NVDIA GeForce GTX 670
Mono Plus
(at 1,500 RPM)
60 °C
Stock Cooler
(at 2,500 RPM)
Ultra Quiet

The Accelero Mono PLUS cools very efficiently due to an ultra-quiet 120mm PWM fan. Xtreme Hardware tested the Accelero Mono PLUS and it was 29 dBA quieter compared to the stock cooler under full load.

Thanks to the PWM control, the speed of both fans adjusts according to the temperature of the GPU and thus the noise level remains at an absolute minimum which qualifies it as a silent cooler. Click here to see how the PWM control settings can be changed according to your performance and noise preference.

Noise Level on NVDIA GeForce GTX 670
Mono Plus
(at 1,500 RPM)
0.4 Sone
Stock Cooler
(at 2,500 RPM)
1.2 Sone
Enhanced RAM and VR Cooling
The Accelero Mono Plus comes with 31 RAM and VR heatsinks to keep your RAM and VR at optimal temperatures. The thermal adhesive facilitates heat dissipation of RAMs and VRs and offers a strong and lasting bond.
RAM and VR Cooling Performance with Thermal Adhesive
Thermal Adhesive
Generic Thermal
Tape(thickness: 0.15mm)
The Accelero Mono PLUS comes with a versatile mounting mechanism and an extensive RAM and VR cooling set to accommodate a broad range of models. Its CrossFire and SLI compatibility is designed to optimize the performance for your multi-VGA system.
Max. Cooling Capacity
200 Watts

Heatpipes: Ø 6 mm x 5
Aluminum Fins x 43 (Thickness: 0.4 mm)
120 mm
Fan Speed:
400 - 1,500 RPM (Controlled by PWM)
Noise Level:
0.4 Sone @ 1,500 RPM
Current / Voltage:
0.2A / +12 DC
Size & Weight

AMD Radeon
RX 5700, 5600 XT, 460, R9 380, 370X, 270(X), 285, R7 370, 360, 265, 260(X), 250(X), 240, HD 8870, 8760, 7870, 7850, 7790, 7770 (GHz), 6950, 6870, 6850, 6790, 6770, 6750, 5870, 5850, 5830, 5770, 5750, 4890, 4870, 4850, 4830, 4770, 3870, 3850, 2600 XT, X1950 XTX, X1950 XT, X1950 Pro, X 1950 GT, X1900 XTX, X1900 XT, X1900 GT, X1800 XT, X1800 XL, X1800 GTO, X1650 XT, X1650 Pro, X1600 XT, X1600 Pro, X1550, X1300 XT, X1300 Pro, X1300

GTX 1650, 1080, 1070 (Ti), 1060, 1050(Ti), 970, 960, 950, 760, 750(Ti), 670, 660 (Ti), 650 (Ti, Ti boost), 560 (Ti, SE), 550Ti, 465, 460 SE, 460, GTS 450, 250, 240 (OEM), GT 740, 640, 340, 330, 320, 130 (OEM), 9800 GTX+, 9800 GTX, 9800 GT, 9600 GT, 9600 GSO 512, 9600 GSO, 8800 GTS 512 (G92), 8800 GTS (G92), 8800 GTX (G80), 8800 GTS (G80), 8800 GT, 8800 GS (9600GSO), 7950 GT, 7900 GTX, 7900 GT, 7900 GS, 7800 GTX 512, 7800 GTX, 7800 GT, 6800 Ultra Extreme, 6800 Ultra, 6800 GT, 6800 GS AGP, 6800 GS, 6800 AGP, 6800, 6800 XT AGP, 6800 XT, 6800 LE, 6600 GT AGP, 6600 GT, 6600 LE, 6600 DDR2, 6600

* The compatibility list is based on AMD Radeon and NVIDIA's reference board layout only. Please check the height restriction drawing before purchase.
Packaging & Box Content

Shipping Information
Item Number UPC EAN
DCACO-V430001-BL 872767004665 4895213700047
Xtreme Hardware
"Perfect candidate for medium to high end models."
Reference cooler (66%) 92.5 C, 51.3 dBA
Mono Plus (50%): 63 C, 35.8 dBA
Mono Plus (100%): 60 C, 39.8 dBA
Powerful, quiet, fairly cheap, and installation is a breeze. A perfect candidate for medium to high end models.
"Not only did the Accelero Mono Plus wipe out the Vapor-X, it did so very quietly. When the fan speed was set to auto, you have to get your ear right up next to it in order to even hear it. When set to 100% fan speed, it's still almost inaudible. When compared to the Vapor-X, the noise difference is quite substantial. The... [more]
"A real mammoth in terms of performance"
The Accelero Mono PLUS is very quiet even at load! With 22 degrees lower than the stock cooler at load, it was able to maintain the VGA board in a very cool temperature. We would like to give this cooler our Silver award.
PC Update
For those who need a powerful, short and high-performance cooler for their graphics card, Mono Plus is a good choice.
"The results of Mono Plus are actually quite impressive. The 4870 only ran about 52 degrees Celsius after running FurMark at 1920 x 1080 pixels. Better yet, the fan is virtually silent, with no loud whirring what so ever. If you're looking for an effective and quiet VGA cooling solution, the Accelero Mono Plus by ARCTIC is your... [more]
Battlefield (gaming): ARCTIC 54.1 C vs. Stock cooler 63.8 C
3DMark Vantage: ARCTIC 54 C vs. Stock cooler 63.1 C
(almost 10 C diffrence!)

"Mono Plus is a cheaper solution, it's more compact and it is easier to install. We highly reccommeded this... [more]
PC Foster
Tech Kings
"The performance is really quite outstanding"
"Mono Plus offers rock-solid cooling, full bundle, sensible design and a price tag that certainly should not scare customers away when you consider what you get."
"Accelero Mono PLUS is a real Mammoth in terms of performance. This, coupled with ergonomic design and simplistic installation procedure denotes an excellent price to performance ratio."
ARCTIC with its two cooler has once again proven their well performance. Both the Mono Plus with 200 watts of heat dispute capacity, as well as the Accelero S1 Plus which can be run passively or active cooling with its turbo engine. The Accelero S1 Plus offers a very good passive cooling operation. There is the possibility to raise the... [more]
Radeon 3D
The cooling performance was to our complete satisfaction. After all, we could lower the temperature on average between 18C and 23C. Even the low noise level is greatly benefited. The full speed of about 1700 RPM was still 80% lower than the noise level with the stock cooler.
Hardware Overclock
The Mono Plus has significantly decreased the temperature by 30%, from 78 C down to 55 C. Under overclocking, it cools the temperature from 92 C to 60 C (a 32 C difference). Still, it offers a quiet operation with efficient cooling performance.
Excellent performance and highly affordable price. It is super quiet even with the 12v, where you could not really hear it unless you got your head down to your computer. Easy to install, and has a great design.
Xtreme Hardware
"Perfect candidate for medium to high end models."
Mono Plus (1600 rpm): 52 C, 35 dBA
Sapphire Vapor-X: 76 C, 42 dBA
Scythe Setsugen (2000 rpm): 53 C, 40 dBA

"Based on test results, they have shown that the Accelero Mono Plus is a complete solution which provides efficient cooling performance at a very low level of... [more]
Tech Labs.by
"The Mono Plus cools down the card by 4 C in idle, and 11 C at full load. It has demostrated very satisfying cooling performance even at low speed and with low noise."
"I was a bit taken aback by how cool and completely quiet the Accelero Mono Plus was. I ran the benchmarks several times, ensuring the settings were still at the max settings. The performance is really quite... [more]
Tech Kings


We recommend Neo Reader, available at    OS
Manual on your mobile
Align and scan!


Compatibility with AMD R9-280(X), 7970 and 7950

The Accelero Mono Plus is compatible to the above mentioned boards if the GPU was manufactured after February 2013. Please put a ruler on top of the GPU and check whether there is a gap between the ruler and the GPU. If there is a gap, the GPU was manufactured before February 2013. In this case please use the Accelero Xtreme IV-280(X).

Pin assignments of ARCTIC VGA coolers

Main Cable Set
Pin No.
RPM Signal
PWM Signal


Sub-Cable Set
Pin No.
RPM Signal


Note: Please assure that the pin assignment is identical to the cooler on your graphics card. We have this far no knowledge of any graphics card manufacturer not following this standard. If it should still be the case, you can with help of a needle remove the pins from the plug and rearrange them.

Fan speed irregularities on Nvidia graphics cards

Nvidia graphics cards with their latest drivers may be misinterpreting the fan speed of our coolers and thus the reporting through software is wrong. Further Nvidia is no longer controlling the fan speed depending on PWM values based on the GPU temperature. E.g. if you set 30% PWM, Nvidia translates it into 1050 RPM. Independent whether you run a 40 mm (10,000 RPM max) or a 140 mm (1,500 RPM max) fan and independent of their maximum fan speeds, Nvidia will drive both at exactly 1050 RPM.

Nvidia's inability interpreting the fan speed signal might make the graphics card's controller spin the fan up and down. AMD boards control the fan speed consequently according to the GPU temperature and thus this cannot happen. With a fan controller software like MSI Afterburner this issue is controllable in the best way. There is to be aware that the percentages are not corresponding to PWM values but to fix fan speeds set by Nvidia. We recommend you to follow our suggested control curve precisely.

How to use the 4-pin adapter?

Under what conditions do you need a 4-pin adapter?

Your graphics card

1. is using a non-standard cooler socket (e.g. 5-pin, flipped polarity) or
2. is using a passive cooler as the stock cooler

How to connect the 4-pin adapter?

The differences between 7V and 12V socket*

7V: Moderate fan speed. It gives the best balance between cooling performance and noise level. It is recommended for normal usage.
12V: Full fan speed depending on the fan design. It gives the best cooling performance and it is recommended for high duty usage.

*The fan speed is fixed regardless of the GPU's condition.


1. Ensure your PSU has spare power source and plug in the 4-pin adapter.

2. Connect your ARCTIC graphics card cooler's power plug to the preferred socket.

Please note: Make sure the connector is plugged into the corresponding socket (i.e. A 3-pin plug should be connected to a 3-pin socket and a 4-pin plug should be connected to a 4-pin socket). If the plug is connected to the wrong socket, the motor will burn immediately due to incorrect polarity.


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