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USB-Powered Portable Speakers

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End of Life
"Compact design"
"Loud and Clear"
"Well-balanced bass"
Available Colors: Silver Black Blue Pink Lime White
Simplicity is More
The S111 is a simple plug and play speaker system perfect if you are looking to upgrade your desktop or laptop speakers. With balanced bass, treble and clear vocal reproduction, the S111 delivers an unexpected sound quality. Bring your desk to life with the modern, rich colour scheme and enjoy the quality music experience of the S111.
Powerful and balanced
Sound Performance
Whether you are looking for speakers to boost sound quality for watching movies or listening to music, the S111 is the perfect upgrade if you are no longer satisfied with your standard computer speakers. Unlike standard USB speakers the higher quality drivers in the S111 will deliver a punchy bass and boost your listening experience.
Modern & Bold Colour Range
Don't be stuck in the past; add some character to your desk with the bold colour range of the S111. Perfect for any bedroom, living room or office.
Sleek and compact design
S111 has a compact size to fit in virtually any desk configuration. With a 70mm cubic speaker, you can even carry them around the house with your laptop or tablet.
Size & Weight

Technical Specification
Frequency Response:
50 Hz - 25 KHz
4 Ω
Power Input:
DC 5V, 1A
Output Power:
4W (2W x 2) RMS
Cable length:
1 m
Input Connector:
3.5 mm jack

  • Laptop : Windows, Mac OS, ChromeOS, Linux
  • Desktop Computer : Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Smartphones * : Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Nokia Lumia, HTC, LG ...
  • Tablets * : Android, iOS, Windows
  • Portable Multimedia Player *
  • Mobile Game Consoles * : PSP, PS Vita
  • All other device with a 3.5mm Jack audio output * : TV, Multimedia player, ...
* : Requires USB power supply (Wall charger, Car charger or Power Bank)
Packaging & Box Content

Shipping Information
Item Number:
Lime:: 87276700685-0
Gross Weight:
503 g
Tech Kings
"These will beat any laptop speaker system out there"
The ARCTIC Sound S111 truly surprises me. I was very amazed by how loud they were able to go and also by how full of a sound emanated from such tiny cubes. The mid range sounds are crisp and clear, and music sounds are very good. It provides a more enjoyable listening experience than laptop speakers, and these will beat any laptops speaker system out there.
"We have to say that these speakers sound fabulous. Well compensated highs and lows, which is very good. When playing music in movies and games, it is loud with no noticeable distortion, and the sound is clear and direct. Being a set... [more]
Noticias 3D
The sound quality is pretty impressive overall. For mini speakers, I was totally blown away. This is more impressive than I would have ever thought. I've tried a couple of Chinese portable speakers and some ipod docks, and none of them... [more]
Overclockers HQ
"Overall, the sound was very clear and clean with a good balance. At high volume, there was no distortion to be found. Even we raised the volume up, the sound starts filling up the room without becoming annoying sound.Surely the S111... [more]
Xtreme Hardware
The ARCTIC S111 is a nice surprise. The sound quality is clearly more superior than any laptops that we've seen even at its maximum volume. The two speakers are strong with its clear highs and mids."more]
Info Hardware
"The mids, highs and lows are balanced so that the audio is clear and powerful.Voices are strong and easy to understand and the entire experience brings full audio. To my surprise, the same levels provide a nice music listening... [more]
Gear Diary
They produce a satisfyingly rich sound, especially for vocal music. I found the S111 speakers to be a good addition to a laptop. They make listening to music much more enjoyable because of their increased power and sound reproduction... [more]
The Gadgeteer
"They'll outdo many netbook speakers!"
The ARCTIC SOUND S111 never fails to amaze me how much difference they do make, the sound quality is quite decent. They do the intended job and they do it well...you can even power this device with a solar charger ARCTIC C1 mobile.... [more]
"These little speakers can get loud, producing reasonably clear sound in a wide variety of locations. We were able to crank them much louder than the Envy 17's, and the sound filled a small room. They're not an upgrade for... [more]
ARCTIC Sound S111 are optimized for laptop and iMac computer playback. It is convenient to have a handy, large, rear-mounted volume control on the right speaker. Without much distortion at typical listening levels, sound output is efficient... [more]
I was actually quite shocked at just how well the ARCTIC Sound S111 speakers sounded for their compact size and small price tag (MSRP $15.45USD). I have a few smaller sets of speakers around the house and none sound nearly as great and full... [more]
Dreamware Computer
The sound coming from the speakers has a very good bass level while both mids and highs are ok overall, for such a small speaker set that is. Of course under no circumstance can you expect the S111 to replace a normal stereo system but as a... [more]
Real World Labs
The ARCTIC SOUND S111 makes a very nice set of small and highly portable speakers. They outperform every notebook speakers and are thus the ideal companion for your notebook. In combination with the ARCTIC C1 Mobile, the speakers can even... [more]
" They are well-built, handsome, and have a tiny footprint that takes up next to no room on my desk.Vocals are smooth and clear and movie soundtracks separate cleanly from the voiceovers' a welcome change from my laptop's... [more]
Overclockers HQ
"I was totally blown away"
"Sounds like a set of high end speakers"
The ARCTIC Sound S111 truly surprises me. I was very amazed by how loud they were able to go and also by how full of a sound emanated from such tiny cubes. The mid range sounds are crisp and clear, and music sounds are very good. It... [more]
Tech Kings
"The ARCTIC S111 has great potential. For a speaker in this small size, it is able to produce a good sound quality and it has exceeded our expectations! In fact, this is a very good speaker to use during work, you can listen to your... [more]
Jagat Review
"These speakers are far superior in terms of sound quality"
"Despite the compact size (each speaker is about 2.5-inches wide), the ARCTIC S111 actually produced some pretty decent sound quality. The configuration is noticeably lacking in low-end bass, but the overall sound profile is reasonably... [more]
"They definitely sounded better than a four-year-old iMac's speakers, adding a pleasant warmth to the sound, some volume above the iMac's maximum and a surprising amount of bass, considering the frequency response... [more]
The S111 works well in confined space. It has excellent sound quality, balanced frequencies. With its price, it has a good performance/ratio.
"If you're looking to add a bit more punch to your laptop speakers without taking up too much room in your bag, these are ideal and won't break the bank in doing so."
Xtreme Computing
"The first thing we noticed was the definite clarity of the speakers with the vocals and a well-balanced bass. The S111 did a solid job of accurately reproducing the low frequencies. When we turned the volume up to about 50%, it was... [more]
Tech Reaction
"Surprisingly, the S111 has very good sound! I was surprised to know the price too as it's too cheap for a set of speakers with very good sound! The frequencies are balanced, and there's no wheezing noise which you will find... [more]
The ARCTIC SOUND S111 is a nice set of mobile speakers. They are a good support for all laptops and even media players with their small speakers. The sound quality and volume was surprisingly good for the small size of speakers.
Given the small dimensions of the ARCTIC SOUND S111, it brings surprisingly good sound. These little guys can simply replace the built-in speakers in notebooks. The speakers are just ideal for small parties or watching movies.
"It's also important to point out that even at maximal volume, the sound does not becomes distorted. This means that in noisy environment you can put this speakers to a good use, for instance if you want to create a small party on... [more]
"The S111 speakers offer a nice balanced sound in a small, portable package. I'm truly impressed by the decent sound these speakers can produce. They can get nice and loud with little to no distortion. They would make a great... [more]
Bonafide Reviews
"The S111 speakers are stylish looking, it's quick and easy to setup. They are so light weighted and compact that I can put them in my laptop bag without even noticing that they are there. The sound is clear even at higher volumes... [more]
"I'd recommend you guys to buy the S111 as this is perfect for outside for summertime."

"I was pretty surprised with the S111 speakers as... [more]
"Since its only two small speakers, I didn't expect higher performance. I was amazed at the performance the speakers gave me anyway."
Best PC Reviews
"I love both units, they have become a part of my daily life. They are lightweight, easy to carry around, not lots of cables to tangle around. And with their price point, they are great accessories for any Smartphone user. Highly... [more]
Best PC Reviews
"Amazed at the performance"
"The performance of the speakers, in fact, are quite good. By far it's better than those ultra-compact 2.0 systems."

"Overall, it performs... [more]
"The bass is passable, not the deep and thumping sort I crave for games and movies, but good enough for most fans. The overall sound is well balanced with more focus on mid and high range sounds. Vocals can clearly be heard and the... [more]


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