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S111 BT

Mobile Bluetooth Sound-System

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: USD 34.99

Special Price: USD 9.99

Regular Price: USD 34.99

Special Price: USD 9.99

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Regular Price: USD 34.99

Special Price: USD 9.99

"I really appreciated that I could reposition the two speakers any way I wanted to get the best possible stereo effect."
"Users will love the S111 BT! The set of speakers have a stylish and practical design and an easy handling. They feature a great, crystal clear sound. The device has a hard case and even a two-year warranty. Nowthat's a good deal!"
"In short, if you are looking for a perfect companion for your trip or you want to improve your laptop or tablet speaker, the S111 BT is one of the best decisions that we find on the market."
Be accompanied by your music
Portability is key with the S111 BT. The mobile sound-system with its large rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery is the ideal companion for your smartphone, tablet or laptop. For optimal protection a hard case is included.
Available Colors:
Black Blue Lime Pink White
Experience little Sound Wonders
The wow effect is guaranteed! With unexpected powerful sound quality, the cube duo does not only outdo any conventional laptop speakers but also guarantees full sound enjoyment on the go. Thanks to a 80cm cable even a true stereo experience is possible.
Gone out flat? Never again
Flat batteries are a problem of the past. With the battery level indicator you always know how much juice you have left in your battery.
Get independent
Eliminate all troublesome wires and enjoy stable and lossless streaming by Bluetooth v4.0. The Line-In was integrated to connect a second source of music by a cable while a Bluetooth connection is established. This allows to stay connected to the primary phone while listening to a song from another source.
Forget about Time

With a 12 hour battery life, you will have plenty of time to love the S111 BT. You can get a refill with just 4 hours hooked to a USB port.

Demonstrate Style
Take the S111 BT out in style to any party or just keep in your living room. Thanks to the fun color choices of these speakers you can make a fashion statement everywhere you take them.
50% Higher Range
The S111 BT comes with a built in high gain antenna which enables a significantly extended range compared to standard Bluetooth devices. In combination with a Smartphone a typical Bluetooth module achieves a theoretical range of 10 m which, due to obstacles, can in praxis drop to below one meter. The S111 BT allows a stable connection even at a weak signal and offers thus a significantly extended range of about 50%.
Size & Weight

Technical Specification
4 Ω
Power Input:
DC 5V, 1A, Micro USB
Output Power:
4W (2W x 2) RMS
Charging Time:
4 - 5 hours
Battery Life:
Playing : 12 hours
Battery Type:
Rechargeable 2000mAh Lithium-ion Polymer
Audio Input
3.5mm Stereo Jack on cable
Bluetooth Version

Packaging & Box Content

Shipping Information
Item Number:

"Nice little sound system"
The Arctic S111 BT speakers can meet the need of those seeking a simple sound speakers to give power to your smartphone, tablet or mp3 player, but are equally valid for use in the PC and switch with other wireless sources.
In short, if your are looking for a perfect companion for your trip or you want to improve your laptop or tablet speaker, the S111 BT is one of the best decisions that we find on the market.
Profesional Review
The ARCTIC S111 BT speakers are ideal for upgrading our music from smartphone or tablet, because the sound power is much higher and the sound quality is correct.
Portable Bluetooth speaker with a battery life of up to 12 hours and a sonorous stereo sound. Compared to all the competitors in this price range they are very good.
Great battery: Even with max volume the battery ensure a play time far superior than the declared value. Very high volume. Very Lightweight. Easy to carry with the provided "box".
All in all a super nice product, it delivers the sound in a safe manner, and sounds really good. The speakers look really good, they are not too flashy and not too subtle, just right.
Good sound quality with a great hard case for the go.
In conclusion, these speakers are the best in terms of price/performance that the market has to offer.
NLGt3am | Nikihd
I will say overall I am impressed with the Arctic S111 BT and most of all with the battery life of being able to stream 12 hours between recharging. Arctic stats flat batteries are a problem of the past now and with the battery level... [more]
Mom Blog Society
The ARCTIC S111 BT is a speaker set that can improve the sound of both your laptop and your smartdevices. The sound quality is very good and its battery life and Bluetooth range can ensure enjoying your favorite music for many hours without... [more]
The ARCTIC S111 BT impressed and can be compared with more expensive products. The sound is impressive and clear and not lose quality, even if they are made louder.
The S111 BT looks great and is easy to setup. The sound is good when you want some speakers for outside while camping or traveling and wishing to watch movies on a tablet or laptop. These are a lot better than the default speakers.more]
Dragon Blogger
The ARCTIC S111BT are lightweight speakers at an inexpensive price that come with a handy zippered semi-rigid case and a good sound. I really appreciated that I could reposition the two speakers any way I wanted to get the best possible... [more]
The Gadgeteer
We all like listening music but the speakers of the smartphones are just too quiet. ARCTIC S111 Bluetooth speaker are the perfect solution for this problem. Not only the great design but also the stereo effect convincing. The sound quality... [more]
Compared to other mobile speakers, the S111 BT offers stereo sound, using the 50 cm long cable. The battery life of 40 hours is excellent, this is one of the most important S111 BT feature. Another one is the price-performance ratio, which... [more]
PC Format
If you all you want to do is be able to hear your music in a public place with sound better than what you get out of your phone or laptop speakers, the S111 BT will get the job done. These speakers deliver on the promise of wireless... [more]
If you need great sounding speakers, but are low on space or are traveling, the Arctic S111 Bluetooth speakers are perfect for you. These amazing little gems are avaiable in different nice colors to match your style and come in their own... [more]
The Nap Time Reviewer
The Arctic S111 BT is an affordable stereo bluetooth speaker that comes in a range of colours and a really nice carry case, which is usually missing on low cost speakers, as well as the premium ones. I’m impressed with the quality of... [more]
We love how these speakers deliver a crisp and sharp sound that is incredible for travel. The portable sound system is great for smartphones, tablets and laptops.
Mom Trends
Arctic offers such a compact and portable design with impressive battery life that is still capable of good sound quality. These speakers are great for users that want the best bang for buck.
Pocket Insider
ARCTIC's S111 BT is a compact companion for musical entertainment on the go. It sounds loud and rich in detail, but has to pass at a stronger bass response due to the design and does not sound as voluminous as some may would like it... [more]
Technic 3D
Alone the color selection is fun and can stand out the ARCTIC S111 from the competition. Sure, this small speaker system will not replace any big, expensive and heavy bass speakers, which is already visible when you look at the price. Those... [more]
It is the purpose which defines these speakers - especially the compact dimensions and the long battery life make them attractive for evenings in the tent & co.
Pimarily you have to keep the price in mind. In this price range you wouldn't find anything that is so good. Moreover ARCTIC just started with the distribution of speakers and should definitely be kept in mind in the future. I give a... [more]
PENTA Sports
The new ARCTIC S111BT goes a step further than his predecessors. The speaker not only includes a mini jack for connection and a long-life battery to be independent from the USB port, but also bluetooth.
The speakers sound Arctic S111 BT performed well, producing the sound quality with accurate and balanced voice ... portability pregnant will help to take with you to plug into your laptop, portable music player or other portable media... [more]
The ARCTIC S111 BT have a good value, considering the decent battery life, unique design and reasonable sound quality.
Incredible sound quality at an affordable price. This speaker has a very pleasant sound with Bluetooth 4.0 connection.
TechXPortugal & Rafel Azevedo
Very easy to setup, you'll be dancing around the room in a couple of minutes and when it's time to go the travel case is a great bonus to a good set of speakers.
The S111 BT are great speakers with an excellent sound quality. Whether wireless or wired connection offers a good performance, even in big rooms. With the included hard case you can transport them very easy and safe.
PC Ekspert
ARCTIC S111 BT sound system is ideal to play music from smartphones or tablets. The speaker have a very nice design and the handling is very simple. The price-performance ratio convinced me completely. The S111 BT speaker get all five stars from us!
The S111 BT speakers are a perfect solution to enjoy your music at home or on the go. Connecting with your smartphone or tablet is easily and quickly thanks to the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It is light, compact and you can take it... [more]
The small and stylish portable speakers give you the freedom to enjoy a great sound wherever you are. For a reasonable price you get a perfect pair of handy bluetooth speakers that you can use at home, at a picnic or at the beach. Highly... [more]
Long battery life, mobility, robust design and the price-performance ratio, these are the properties of the S111 BT from ARCTIC. Connecting to the smartphone works quick and easy, so you can enjoy your music always and everywhere.
HD Televizija
The ARCTIC S111 BT mini speakers are ideal on the go. With the supplied bag it is easy and safe at the same time to transport them. The mini speakers are simple to use and the sound is powerful and clean. Highly recommended!
The S111 BT mini sound system offers much better sound quality than comparable models. It is really easy to connect it with the smartphone. The price performance ratio is absolutely appropriate. A must-have for every music lover. We... [more]
PC Foster
The S111 BT speakers are available in five different colors: white, black, blue, lime and pink, so here is something for everyone. The operation is very easy and with the hard case it is also perfect on the go.
Vidi Magazine
The S111 BT mini boxes from ARCTIC are perfect for improve the volume of your favorite songs, compared to smartphone or laptop. Thanks to the included bag it is also great for traveling. The design is stylish and robust and with the five... [more]
The S111 BT mini speakers from ARCTIC are perfect for on the go. With the Bluetooth 4.0 it is quick and easy to connect them with your smartphone. The speakers are very load for the size and the sound quality is excellent.
The S111 BT speakers have a stylish and robust design. Despite its small size, the sound quality is excellent. But the best feature of the speakers is the battery life of up to 12 hours. A great combination of performance, design and fair price.
When you think of portable speakers, these certainly wouldn't be the first to pop in your mind, this is because most of them come as a solo unit. But with two speakers, this means bigger sound as well... [more]
Despite their size, these speakers actually produces some really good quality sound and a decent price with lots of colour options.
The Arctic S111 BT speakers are a ideal choice for going outdoors due to the 12 hours battery life, the exceptional sound quality & the minimalistic design characteristic of Arctic and last but not least because of the fair price of 29,99 EUR.
Bluetooth Speaker with high volume, high coverage and an attractive stereo sound. A Must-Have for all who wish to use movies and games on their tablet.
The ARCTIC S111 BT offers a reasonable quality / price ratio , plus you'll have the choice of colors and a small bonus which is not negligible, it is the presence of a rather convenient storage case.
59 Hardware
We especially like the price-performance ratio of this sound system. For little money you get a great sounding stereo sound system. Thanks to the many available colors there should be something for everyone. Therefore this system deserves... [more]
Igel ice
The two ARCTIC S111 models left a consistently positive impression. Especially the battery life and the comparatively great price are striking. In addition, the glossy look is very chic. Everyone who is searching for small mobile boxes with... [more]
The ARCTIC S111 BT doesn't want to keep up with its larger and more expensive big brothers, instead focus was the mobile use on the go, for example, in the woods, at the lake or somewhere else. And in this point the S111 BT can outo... [more]
Blog to go
Sound to go: No problem with the wireless speakers from ARCTIC! The lithium polymer battery makes the mobile sound system to the ideal companion for smartphone, tablet and laptop.
Users will love the ARCTIC S111 BT! The set of speakers have a stylish and practical design and an easy handling. They feature a great, crystal clear sound. The device has a hard case and even a two-year warranty. Now that's a good deal!
BioGamer Girl Magazine
An interesting product from Arctic which would be ideal for use with a laptop. Finally, we are fairly impressed with the battery life of the unit.


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Speaker switches off after 5 minutes

The S111 BT switches off after 5 minutes if not connected to a Bluetooth device. The Line-In was integrated to connect a second source of music by a cable while a Bluetooth connection is established. This allows to stay connected to the primary phone while listening to a song from another source. If your device does not come with Bluetooth, the S111 M is the right choice for you.

Music Stutters?

I connected my iOS device and I have no music, what to do?

Please check that your device is set to stream the music to S111 BT. If there is no S111 BT in the list, you are not connected. In this case please follow the instructions of our manual Link.


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